Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Thanks to Forrest Gump we’ve been given a word meme that meets just about every situation. But why is humanity so doggone stupid? Oh yes, I know, we’ve gone through all the halls of higher learning, received all the degrees to satisfy the world of the climbing ladder, but deep down inside there’s an ignorance that we all just can’t manage to erase. Maybe the time just isn’t right for us to climb out of our cocoons. The cycle that leads to enlightenment is not around the corner. Of course, this explaination is just mythology, but it seems pretty well suited for our present moment.


  1. When reading these books I feel sparks of truth meeting my inner knowing. Something in these books (I’m only on book 2) rings so true for me down to my inner core. I’ve gifted many of my friends several volumes of this series and so many of them are also taken by the messages.
    Thank you Robert Potter and Stefan Bright for bringing this message to the world. It brings both clarity as to why the human species is in the state it’s in and gives some glimmer of hope that there’s a divine plan unfolding.
    Much love and appreciation.


    1. Thank you, Lara. You have felt the connection deep within, and that’s all we ask. The message here is one that divines all love and oneness. That is really all we need to find the peace all of us are seeking.


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