Love The Life You Live

Love the life you live. It’s a gift to you. 

Knowing bears the fruit of extraordinary revelation. 

Sowing bears the fruit of extraordinary realization.

An excerpt from Robert’s new book: VOICE OF SILENCE – Dialogues with the Soul

“AS: In the so-called ‘fleeting’ moments, we are connected to the eternal Moment that never passes away. It is the paradox of time and transcendence. By virtue of their ephemeral nature, their apparent impermanence, they embody the transparency and precision of conscious experience—the ‘punctuation’ of evolution. That which is fleeting is fast—and steadfast. It touches us—to the quick—with spiritual presence. If we are alert, we can catch it before it disappears. This is the art of appreciation and revelation.”


  1. Thank you Stefan for this reminder. Just as I was getting a little caught in the dark web of the 3D world your message brought me back to the bigger truth. Thank you..

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    1. Thank you, Lara. I hear so many of us moaning about the state of things. About their state in this state of things. Firstly, we’re fortunate enough to be alive and in this experience of “the state of things.” Secondly, there is always someone less fortunate, who can make your own life appear…well, not so bad after all. I like to think in those terms. Recently, I had a transforming energetic shift. It occurred to me that everything is just as it should be. You’ve heard the expression “You can be Bitter or Better.” Which one we choose will give our life meaning or keep us in the “pity party” of despair. Why are so many people so angry with life? This is such a waste of the glorious energy that is surrounding us and purposely sent in our direction all the time. It’s a lot better to sit in laughter and joy then to wring our hands until they are dry to the bone. Lara, have a laughing kinda day.


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