The Puzzle

Shrouded in the lie of spiritual enlightenment
hubris dances atop the tragic mountain of deception
always striving for betterment but at what cost
still personally encased in the framed human that can’t escape
A human with all the tendrils of an anxious child
Reaching out for confirmation of success
Impossible to see, impossible to feel, impossible to know
The fool hiding under all these trappings of Peace and light
best be off this mindset for it’s only in the mind that it’s set
The heart pretends to help the growth but takes a left turn at *Gate 26 
And walks well past surrender selling stories of fortune
a game offering players a status a recognition
A blasé truth that recognizes only what eases the pain
For now can only live the puzzle though may never solve its plan…
Except for Love and Fire that brings us back to earth.

© 2022 Stefan Bright

*(Human Design)

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