What is the purpose of your life’s path?

Aside from all the “blarney’ that agitates within the new-age speak there is one common thread that shows a clear sign of resilience. Consciousness manifests through creative alliances and sails on life-paths that lead to infinite exploration. So, do you know what is the purpose of your life’s path? As you settle into the quest for this question you might set aside the mind noise and concentrate deeply into the far reaches of your meditative being. There is a place deep down, in the center of your heart, that holds the key. Beyond the cellular frame of tissue and fluid is an energetic resonance that ties your human form to your soul’s guidance. Similarly, an energetic veil has been placed in the psyche of human consciousness to allow experiences to unfold without prior knowledge of the outcome. Yet, there is resonance that can be sensed. In deep contemplation you access this resonance and follow it through the portal, leading you to the Source of all that is you. At that Source is the answer to your life’s purpose. It is, of course, of a Divine Nature. One of Grace. It can be no other way.

“In my waking breath I start, and start again, this day’s long pace.

I have a choice to walk it right or throw the day to waste?

Can stay captive to the mind-noise that yesterday I fought,

or carry forth the truth set in unencumbered thought.

I can busy me, MY SELF, in the ego-sea of ME,

or journey to a world of those around who’ve been set free.

I can nod to no importance, ignore beauty through my eyes,

or linger in the peacefulness, seeing splendor beyond the skies.

If my heart is beyond shallow I won’t hear the crying sound,

I’m destined to the sadness of a horrid day gone down.

And patterns that have made me ME;

repeating, reseeding, a lost strategy.

This thing we’re all built on, truth and love and willing,

it’s time to set a new stride and keep the dark from killing.

It’s time to offer Gratitude and Loving arms embrace,

it’s time to see our lives are just a wasteland ‘cept for Grace.”

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