In 2009, at a dinner party in Philadelphia, PA., I was introduced to the manuscript for the first book of "Letters from 500." My dear friend, Robert Potter, had an amazing five months of download from a Being 500 years in our future, and I was among the first to hear of this wonderful adventure story that has provided me with resonance to a new level of knowing. After two days, in complete absorption with the book, I promised Robert that I would help make this story known. Since then I have helped design and publish all three of these amazing books. This blog is my sincere offering to the universe and to those wonderful Vigilans who, I have discovered, are our future selves. To them, I bow with my Soul's gratitude, for it is through their sublime words that I now direct my life and with their guidance share with those who resonate as deeply as I did. With love...cosmicobserver

The seventh and final book, in the Letters from 500 story, is about to be published. In 2009 the story began, and the thread of life’s harmonious potential grew and grew. In many ways, the idea of a perfect world, where we experience our oneness and our planet’s magnanimous embrace of our survival, can be a reality. 

Thank you to all who have joined our merry band of believers. 


Author’s Note – Assist the Transition

Imagine … “You are sitting on a grassy bank beside a stream. Put your hand in the water and feel it swirling around your fingers. Put your gaze into the stream and the rippling flow. The flow is moving from some unknown source toward some unknown destination. Stretch your feelings out toward the unknown in both directions. Embrace the totality of this moment and movement; it rests within the center of the unknown.”

—Orange, Letters from 500

I write these letters in the ‘second person’ when I’m addressing my friend from the future, Orange. I know it may be confusing to the reader. I’ve tried putting it other ways during editing. But that hasn’t worked for me. From the beginning, these Letters have been a bizarre form of correspondence between O and me. I ask, therefore, that you indulge us in this. When I say ‘you’ in the dialogues, I am speaking directly to Orange, as though writing her a letter. (more…)

‘Letters from 500’ is not only a series of books but an idea that is taking shape in moving the future of our species into a more enlightened way of living. We find it necessary to bring to life anything or anyone that promotes healing from our destructive ways and awakening of our sleeping consciousness. There are so many incredible minds and hearts on this planet, with imaginative ideas for change, but our eyes are sometimes blind to the immenseness of the message.

Nothing challenges one’s sense of inner peace more than the fear of being accosted. Whether it’s a mental attack or one with severe physical consequences, the idea of being accosted sends the nervous system into a torrent. A torrent of fear, of anger, of confusion and of shame. It seems that out of weakness one will accost another to achieve control. Lacking a feeling of worth, this control gives the predator the satisfaction of over-lording its victim and stealing away the self-worth that allows one to move through life with a feeling of grace and poise. There is no excuse for this behavior, and in an enlightened species, this behavior will be eradicated. In the meantime, we have it in our lives.

With all the attention to ‘rights and wrongs’ these days there is an energy among us to bring these corrupt behaviors into the light of day. “The Women’s March,” “The March for Our Lives,”  “Black Lives Matter,” “The Teachers March,” all these demonstrate the ability to confront a Patriarchal society bent on the destruction of the human spirit. The idea that greed is the foremost driving force in surviving this world is a sad testimony to our ability to transcend the brutal egoic nature of man, and move ahead into an enlightened body where the one tenet that should be primary in our life is “do unto me as you would have me do unto you.” This simple thought could turn a caustic existence into one of peace and harmony.

The Meta Theater Company have taken their talents and their art to another level of human awareness. Working with women who have been incarcerated, they are helping them regain self-respect and the respect of others. Beginning with ‘The Vagina Monologues,” and moving into a theatrical presentation surrounding female abuse, “What Were You Wearing,” they have brought to the stage a passionate cry for busting loose from the shackles of patriarchal society. These performances, these daring vignettes of rage and shame, show a malignant mindset, initiated by miscreant behavior. It’s time for a change, for all of us. It starts now. (more…)

What’s this darkness I perceive, though my eyes are opened wide and the light of day yet lingers?
What’s this darkness creeping through, like the herd approaching in thunderous waves?
This dull blurred form, I’m trying to understand, crying to understand.

This dulled blurred form wrapped in the tatters of gullibility. Guiding me to follow, leading me to unbelievable places. To places where truth is just a four-letter word. Guiding me to bend my mind in so many twists and turns. Like a coaster off its rails.

Follow it into the crannies where confusion reigns. It informs my mind, my eyes so blind. It’s here to satisfy my fearful thoughts and direct me in ways I cannot imagine. It is the ruler of misinformed constituents.

Fear me, it says, even as it allays my fears. It is pushing another story, something it wants to share, something skewed away from the reality of life. Something beyond compare, it promises, something beyond compare? I stare at it, beware I stare. For the eyes have spied the lies inside.

© 2018 Stefan Bright

On June 5, 2012, Robert was the guest speaker at the Association for Higher Awareness in Morristown, NJ. The video from that dialogue has been converted into four parts. It will bring you closer to the information with a more personal touch from Robert. In a time of great concern, we need to explore all aspects of evolving to a more enlightened world and the possibility is right before our very eyes. Enjoy!

Click the image below to access talk.



Maybe we are all just doing exactly what we are supposed to do. But, in the struggle to believe that we should dress for success, reach for success and die for the success we succumb to the great lie of our time. Success is in the eye of the beholder. I love the word ‘mediocrity.’ It’s so demeaning. Isn’t there a place in life that’s just this and just that and no need for anything greater? Here’s how I see it.

How do you see a life of mediocrity?

You walk to the edge of life, looking at those masterful minds, monsterful successes, lives hell-bent.
At the edge, you see me and you and those whose lives have shown least for their hellish bending.
What went wrong? That voice resounding, nothing wrong, ever so strong, ever strong. No sad song.

Life metes out the balance on one foot and then the other.
Teetering, almost balanced, teetering, finding balance, You land it, you accept it.
Arms outstretched, eyes closed, we dive into the realm of possibilities and come up with equal chance, equal choice, all possibilities destined for greatness in its own right. Nothing wrong.

Success is to live a life at best, no matter what.
What matters is how we see the life we offer up.
Respect our life, respect our plan, there is no other plan, man.

How do you see a life of mediocrity?

Climbing ladders to the stars, missing moments.
Grabbing, clutching, opportunities whizzing by like meteors far away.
Sadness all around, this lack of understanding.
It’s not what you get, it’s what you get, understand?
Realize who you are and aren’t.
There’s the place to start. Balancing your art.
Your craft is you, your self, your being.
Balancing, rebalancing and bouncing back again.

Societal norms aren’t normal, they’re elusive, inconclusive.
Societal norms are victimizing, sanitizing, ever binding, fault reminding.
Societal norms aren’t normal, they’re berating, self-degrading, thin skin chafing.
That’s not right, not right, you see mediocrity is a spoof. A nowhere land, a goof.

How do you see a life of mediocrity?

Do you see the dream of this land, do you see?
The land of dreams, it’s not.
So if you are here, on earth, in this land, this land where mediocrity is slammed,
Then you are along with the crowd, and the crowd is loud.
If you are here and pleased with your mediocrity, then you are real, and real is the deal.

How do you see a life of mediocrity?
Not seeing it at all, that’s the call.

© 2018 Stefan Bright


Graphic for The Minuscule Being(720px)


How small we are in this thing of dreams, no Wonder to enthrall,

How minuscule, how thinly masked, that grit that makes us tall.

We tower in our minds alone and revel in our ploys,

We think us greater than all else, and yet we play, as toys.

No deep thoughts linger to move the world, no depth in our perception,

We travel in a mindscape vision, mighty lost in the wrong perfection.

Towards end a light awakens me, the fog of thought now tiring,

How silly, was there all along, just lost in my self ‘miring.

The magic of life is simple and plain, it waits with patient breath,

The magic of life so willing, so game, to love us beyond cosmic death.


© 02/04/18 Stefan Bright


In my last post, I said we would bring Light to the scene in 2018. Believe or not, there are a myriad of candles blazing brightly out there.

A FaceBook friend (thank you Steve J.) posted this recently and I found this a grand idea and a way to bring harmony into our lives. Imagine putting yourself into a choir, a random choir, singing not just for the fun of it, but as a way to spread that harmonious feeling amongst each other. There are so many possibilities. Not only does singing in a group bring joy into the heart, but it can clear out the cobwebs and make fresh for new ideas.

So, whether you’re great of voice or tone-deaf, try it out. Even in this alone time, sitting here in front of the screen. Turn up the volume or put on the headphones and hum along. I promise you will feel better for it.

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It is time for a new face for Letters. Since its inception, it has brought information out of the darkness, trying to reveal those ideas that have been hidden in the shadows of unknowing. Now we are reaching into the Light for our information. Illumining the pathway with sparks of assurance that The Way is within our grasp. The truth in these many days past has taken on numerous faces, proclaimed by numerous people. Once the light has shed its grace on us the truth lays bares its undeniable self. There is no question then, only freedom. Welcome to the Light.

Life seems muddled. Filled with falsities, persuasions, unfulfilling promises and distortions of all types. The mind, as it stands, cannot decipher the glyphs of living without skewing them to meet its needs, its biases. There seems to be a milky film running through the mind-veins, secreted by the all too disrespectful ME-ness. To disrespect the true nature of life is an affront to our divine heritage. To walk life’s path with honor is a challenge for the present human race. The evidence is too obvious. Perhaps simplicity is calling to us and we are too deaf to hear it.

In this second round “Three More Suggestions,” there is a call to clarity. If we could only bring the natural walk of life back to this sublime simplicity we would be destined for greater things. 

1) As you improve your capacity to actively notice what you are feeling and thinking, and what is happening around you, turn that noticing into the expansion of awareness. Invite into your being a new openness and allowing that will begin to dissolve barriers around the little self. The focus of this is the release of your identity with form, and that which is separate from the Cosmos. (more…)