In 2009, at a dinner party in Philadelphia, PA., I was introduced to the manuscript for the first book of "Letters from 500." My dear friend, Robert Potter, had an amazing five months of download from a Being 500 years in our future, and I was among the first to hear of this wonderful adventure story that has provided me with resonance to a new level of knowing. After two days, in complete absorption with the book, I promised Robert that I would help make this story known. Since then I have helped design and publish all three of these amazing books. This blog is my sincere offering to the universe and to those wonderful Vigilans who, I have discovered, are our future selves. To them, I bow with my Soul's gratitude, for it is through their sublime words that I now direct my life and with their guidance share with those who resonate as deeply as I did. With love...cosmicobserver

A continuation of the post of October 31, 2009.

…As you improve your capacity to actively notice what you are feeling and thinking, and what is happening around you, turn that noticing into the expansion of awareness. Invite into your being a new openness and allowing that will begin to dissolve barriers around the little self. The focus of this is the release of your identity with form, and that which is separate from the Cosmos.

You may use noticing as a technique within your meditations. Observe, for instance as you sit still, that there are holes within the fabric of your thinking. There are occasional brief pauses in the streams of thought. There are openings between all the streams as well, loopholes if you will.

Use your imagination to zoom down to microscopic levels in these holes. There, if you are patient, you will recognize what we call points of peace. Now apply your awareness to these points. Center in on them. Relax into their spaciousness. They feel enormously peaceful. When you enter their orbits, you feel blanketed by the most refreshing and calming influence. If you do this, you will find that they are not only supremely serene, but they are also internal power generators of great strength.

Peace points are always within your reach; they are built into every conscious inner being. Normally, in humans, they’re layered over by the jumble of thoughts, emotions and physical vibrations. The belief that you are an isolated individuality reinforces these distractions in your head. The point here is to make conscious what already exists. You do not have to go searching for peace. That would be a mental activity, and it would only cover the points over with another layer of mind stuff. This is what spiritual seeking does, by the way. It layers over the very thing you think you are looking for, and leaves it perpetually hidden. Seeking does not reveal what is sought; only that which is sought can reveal itself. Instead of seeking, allow yourself to be patient, and notice.

“But that sounds like it would take an eternity. And besides, I have found many things in my life by searching for them.”

What you have found is not what you sought, my friend. It is a mental facsimile of that. Searching for things only creates more things in your life. If you are seeking the spirit, the soul, you will never find it in the mind.

“Hmm. I guess I always knew that somehow.”

To resume: The loopholes in thought will inevitably slide by, entirely unnoticed by the mind. As strange as it might sound to your ears, noticing is not a mental function; it is actually the way out of mind. It does not take long for the openings to appear. A few minutes is often enough to observe one of these peace points. Most likely you will feel it rather than see it, but every person senses them in a unique way. You know when you’ve found one because it feels like you are being drawn into a vacuum of stillness. Bear in mind, this is subtle. Many humans have trained themselves to enter these points without knowing exactly what they are. People who meditate regularly are bound to be acquainted with the feeling of them.

What I recommend is to not let them pass out of your awareness. This is difficult to express in words and thoughts, so please bear with me. There is an essential paradox here. You are focusing your awareness indeed. But awareness also is focusing you! Awareness actually arises out of these points; it arises out of peace and bliss, and so do you. It is the background oneness for all activity in the physical universe. Even the word ‘arise’ is misleading. Nothing arises really, because this peace already exists. It has forever existed within the within…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

It always seems there is some crisis of sorts going on this time of year when thoughts of giving to those more needy should be the way. We pass by department store Santas with bells-a-ringing and kettles-a-yearning for contributions to our favorite Christmas time charities, Volunteers of America and The Salvation Army. According to news reports, this year the sidewalk Santa will be missing due to economic hard times. The Salvation Army will still be placing 25,000 volunteers around the country.

With our inability to give monetarily, as before, there is still a way to enhance the lives of all around the globe. There is an internal way to spread light and joy to others and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Imagine a web, a golden web, emanating from your being and stretching to every human being on the planet. Visualize this, see it in your minds eye. It will start at your heart center and branch out to the rest of the globe. Imagine that this web carries  electromagnetic energy and can travel to all corners of the earth to each and every person on the planet. Feel the sensation of giving, allow it to imbue you with golden light. As you surrender to this field of light push it out from your heart center into the matrix of the golden web. If you are sincere in your heart and mind the web will carry blessings and goodness to all humankind. Ask your friends to help with this mission. It will give you great feelings of joy and bring you closer to the divine essence that is in you. This is Oneness with the Cosmos.

What better gift could you give in this holiday season!

“The energy in your words nearly knocked me off my feet!. Wow! Thank you, for sharing the beauty in your soul!”

“This is exactly what I need to hear or ‘remember’ at this very moment for the battle I am waging at this time… yes this does make sense to me and it will help me with what I am struggling with.”

“This is amazing writing and I needed to hear these thoughts.”

With all the complex issues facing humanity now, and the push and pull from our egoic mind, I think it is important to slow down a bit and contemplate what it means to Appreciate. Not in the sense of giving and taking, but in the larger view of understanding our existence and appreciating from the core. We can change our destiny and become an enlightened species.

“You told me at the beginning that appreciation, more than
anything else, set you apart from humans. Why is that quality so
much more important than any others you might have named?”

I will answer this by way of summary. Appreciation is our core
connection with Source. It was yours too, in its incipient way. Even
mental analysis and reductionism were primitive forms of apprecia-
tion. Ego took the reigns in humans and used these functions to
bolster separation, even in the midst of the appreciative process.

We say appreciation is our most distinguishing characteristic,
because of the leap that evolution took in us. It returned individu-
ated awareness back to its one root, its undivided Source. Humans
had multitudes of roots, tendrils and tentacles, reaching every which
way. Vigilans have the same, with one important added distinction:
a taproot to Source. Our innate awareness of that connection, is truly
all that differentiates our two species. That taproot was the death of

We are no smarter or inventive than humans were. We are only
more appreciative, more connected to our foundational awareness.
That’s all. This means, of course, a whole host of things, as it plays
out. We have more compassion and inspiration, more trust and in-
tegration and sharing. All the beauty, joy, and unconditional open-
ness we experience owes to this taproot to Source.

Appreciative capacity is your destiny. With it, you will no longer
feel isolated in the Cosmos. You will open your direct channel to
creation and caring, born of the reality that lies within Source. The
reality of a caring and beneficent Source becomes obvious the more
you appreciate.

Ponder this: What universal creator would not thusly be con-
stituted? Only a self-destructive, egoistical one—made in human-
ity’s image—would be uncaring of its creations. But if that were the
universal case, such a creator would have long since destroyed you,
me, and itself. The guarantee of the beneficence of the Cosmos is
that we are still here now, in this moment, evolving consciously.

Bear in mind, however, that the Source is beneficent in its
unique, particular way—a way of complete allowing and free will.
This beneficence is not a human or vigilan form, not a personal or
incarnate sense of niceness! This divine caring is the truest from of
appreciation—for the entirety of creation itself, in all its destined
forms, good and bad, light and shadow, shallow and deep. Source is
the great giver, providing everything that exists—for better and for
worse. And it allows us to choose the way we will live within that.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter
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Besides posting on this blog I have been participating in online forums that deal with “Awakening,” “Consciousness”and other topics within the spiritual online community. I have been posting some of these blog posts on these forums and have have been getting interesting feedback. After my post on “Resistance” I received a comment and then I responded. I have included the comment, my response and the excerpt from Letter Twenty “Appreciation:”


I think that one of the problems is that we are so used to thinking about our future, and past, most people dont know how to think in the “now”. The mayans were great at being in the now. They used their calender, and the stars, and math to calculate what they should be doing today, in the now.

The only thing that I dont understand about “being in the now”, is how can you learn from your mistakes if you dont look to the past and use that information to make “the now” a better “now”?

I can see how thinking too far ahead can cause problems because whether people are aware of it or not, people tend to worry about their future ( I know I do, and lots of people I know do as well.) But worrying about it will cause those problems to matirialize in your future.

My response and excerpt from “Appreciation”

Yes it is difficult for humans to consciously live in the moment when the egoic mind needs to grope through endless thoughts of past and future. These time elements add to strengthening the false sense of security the ego has in store for us. Time is food for the ego. The present moment frees the mind from this stranglehold. The mind is forced out of the time zone and into the living flow. It is the natural way, but we have not evolved to that space of sensing rather than thinking. It is what all yogis strive for in their quest for realization. It is a state of Poise. This deep state of Knowing that brings an inner confidence and outer glow. As hard as it is to attain, in this less evolved species of ours, we are making progress. Remember it’s the journey, not the destination.

The following excerpt from Letters from 500 – Letter Twenty “Appreciation” elaborates on the essence of Appreciation and the value it plays in the future species. If we can take an iota of this message and bathe our psyche in its waters we will start to be free.

Appreciation connotes presence. In this sense it is a living entity, like faith. In this presence, the truth is known; the oneness is known. It is a tool unlike any other. It not only establishes reality within the awareness, it leverages its own contribution to that reality; that is, it provides a feedback loop of enhanced attention. It generates consciousness and consciousness generates it. Out of it comes allowing, gratitude and grace. Out of these qualities comes more appreciation. But humanity was disconnected from its own presence, its own native qualities—thus the breakdown in appreciative presence.

“I see what you’re saying. We humans are our own worst enemies, because we don’t know who we really are. We don’t know our own presence. But you do. You have evolved to know your presence. This must be remarkable for you.”

It is.

“How have you used appreciation in your world? What effects does it produce that are different from the human world?”

First, it guarantees our living in the Now. The appreciative faculty lives in our conscious awareness at all times. Going inward is not something we have to practice as the human species did. We live inwardly a priori. We come out from there—the reverse of your orientation. In fact, your destined path was to go in; ours is to go out. We are manifesters of spirit; you were seekers of spirit. I spoke earlier of the human mind as always looking to the outer world for validation. This is the illusion again—counter to true human destiny. True validation, for you and for all creation, comes only from within.

Second, the appreciative faculty gives us the ability to regulate ourselves with a natural sense. The benign anarchy of our world is founded on this. We know viscerally the effects of our actions on those around us. There are no environmental crises, as you often had, because we see our actions from the perspective of the environment itself. We have no fear, envy or hatred of one another, because we are the other; we cannot escape knowing this. It is no euphemism, but a living moment-by-moment experience for us. It applies to individuals, as well as nations and the whole global population.

Third, appreciation allows us to find natural balance in all our relationships. Our children and parents, lovers and friends, are recognized as aspects of the one Self, manifesting its own appreciation into the world of form. We are outposts of the one Self, applying its universal embrace and beneficence to everything we do in the world. As I said before, this renders morality obsolete.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“I know you don’t mean it this way—and I also recognize it’s my ego asking—but the way you refer to yourselves as ego-free sounds almost proud to my ears, speaking for a human of the 21st Century. It sounds a bit preachy. I just thought I should put that out on the table.”

Yes. I understand. Please accept that I speak as objectively as I can. It is a fact that we are largely egoless beings. But all things are relative. We have by no means reached an end point of awakening; there is no perfection in our outer countenance. There are varying degrees to all abilities in a duality world. The distinctions that are important to see here are the ones that are driving the evolutionary change in your time, the Great Storm. The ego and the relative unconsciousness of humanity are those driving factors.

“I keep coming back to the… well, I guess it’s a fear of mine… that this awakening could never happen in reality. On the one hand it sounds like wishful thinking. On the other, it sounds like an avoidance fantasy for the psyche. I know we’ve covered this before. But I still feel it. I’m sure others of my kind would too, again and again.”

Again and again, I assure you that you are moving into a realm in which all things are changing dramatically, fundamentally and thoroughly. You all can feel this in acute ways. You do not know where it is leading, but you do know that the world will not ever be the same again. Many of you feel that it is getting worse by the minute, and that it will result in complete meltdown and disaster at some point. Evidence in your news every day seems to confirm the worst fears. All of this adds up to the greatest fear, collectively, that humanity has ever faced. This you all can observe. This you know.

“What is that greatest fear?”

It is the ultimate loss of control, death of your species, destruction of all you hold dear upon the Earth. That is what you fear. It is a well-founded fear. Your egos are reading the future. They don’t know how this information is coming to them, but it is. It is the impending doom of mankind. The stakes are enormous: it’s all hell breaking loose, going for broke, the last showdown. Whether people can articulate it to themselves or not, or whether they are willing to admit it or not, this is what they are feeling, every man, woman and child on Earth!

What I am here to tell you is that there is more to the story than you can see. I see it because I am looking back at it from 500 years. I know what happens. There is truly only one thing that can happen: It is evolution. The tensions and pressures are so high in you right now that nothing is going to stop your destiny. That destiny is to awaken, to become like us, to indeed become us!…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

Note on Chapter Changes: In preparing the book for press there has been some condensing of the chapters, hence chapter numbers have changed in some cases. Letter Fourteen was ‘The House With No Roof’ and  is now ‘Sides of Oneness’.

…I’ve mentioned the term evolution a number of times, and for good reason. If there is a God in the universe, it is Evolution, Conscious Evolution. And why shouldn’t there be a God? There is plenty of room for everything in All That Is.

Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.

“This is rather boggling my mind. Maybe the mind is supposed to be boggled by all this! You’re saying, We are the Cosmos?”

Don’t worry! It is a simple matter. What else would we be, if we weren’t the Cosmos?

“I can see being a part of the Cosmos, of course. But not the whole thing.”

The Cosmos is wholeness; if you’re part of it, you’re all of it. In essence, it is not really a thing. You are not a thing either. You and the Cosmos are the consciousness inhabiting things, like a galaxy, or like your mind and body. You are the essence of creation, existing beyond and behind forms, beyond dimensions, beyond concepts, yet also inhabiting a small, seemingly insignificant form. The true you, the consciousness that has no boundaries, is limitless.

“All right, I’ll work on that! The biggest question, right now for me, is what do you mean we are not the same species? What happened to humanity? Where did we go? Where did you come from? How did it come about?”

This is a large story, the underlying purpose of this whole communication. I would prefer to wait until Letter Three to begin it. Suffice it to say, for now, that my species evolved out of yours. The transition was tumultuous for a while. The old ways usually do not pass away without a fight. This was a classic struggle for supremacy, but not in the way the world had ever seen before. The new species was emerging from within the old, into a truly conscious being. The ego-mind was being turned inside out, even as it fought to survive and maintain its structure. Ultimately, it was a battle for who would appreciate reality more…


Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

Take a moment. Close your eyes and imagine a world where there is harmony and oneness amongst all beings. Send that feeling down to the center of your heart. Now let it expand outward beyond the boundaries of this earth, into the deepest parts of space. This is our dream, whatever we dream is possible . Happy Thanksgiving.

The journey that the author and O have taken could be an allegory for our continued advancement in our present species and the next. The truth behind this story is the truth in all consciousness – ever expanding, ever re-creating, ever evolving. The Source from which this truth emanates offers gratitude to our warrior souls for their effort and persistence. We must take this challenge of life, face it square and stride forward.

excerpt from Letter Thirty “Finishing”

…The Cosmos is remaking itself in us. We are being born here as a
new universe.

We are merging with the future. The future is merging with us,
in this eternal moment. Awareness of it will grow within each and
every being on the planet. You and I have only been one set of its
messengers—a couple of seed planters. From now on, every being
is her or his own messenger. Every being is one being at the Source,
filling up with inspiration and appreciation, and carrying those mes-
sages out into the thirsty, waiting world. This is where it’s coming
from, and where it’s going to.

The message is emerging out of the center of each conscious
being. That is where it’s returning, renewed and exalted. There are
as many different forms of this message as there are individuals.
Our letters have been just one of these messages—forming, re-
forming, shifting in the wind, opening a window on the wonders we

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter