… Into The Void

You know it’s a difficult time when “The Void” becomes a place of refuge. But today, there’s so much psychic turmoil and pollution—in politics and religion, in government and in people—that we just want to escape into emptiness.

But what is the Void? Is it ‘dark matter, dark energy’? Is it where we all go when nothing is left for us, when we’ve finished our lives, our battles , our civilizations? Is it a place at all, a state of mind, or spirit? Or is it the negation of all things, including mind and spirit? Is it oblivion? Is it just what happens when we mess the world up so totally there is nowhere else to turn. Is it the end of our awareness and all of creation?

My answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes! It is the end of all things!’ But wait. There’s more to the Emptiness than just negation. There is an endless fullness, as well. My experience is that the Void is a source of profound beginning, inspiration and nurturing. By virtue of its ‘no thingness’, it can embrace and fulfill all ‘things’.

Why is this important? Because our world civilization is collapsing. It is reaching the end of its grand cycle. “All things must pass”, George Harrison reminded us. We are passing—into a new epoch and a new world, a new species if you will. Before we can fully pass, however, the old world must crumble and disintegrate. I refer you to Peter Kingsley’s work on this subject. A few years ago, he wrote a most profound tome called, “Reality”. His latest audio presentation is entitled, “The Elders”. In these works he implores us to acknowledge and fully honor the ending of the cycle.

With the end of civilization in mind, all the tumult, divisiveness and irrationality actually starts to make sense. This is the end of the ego period of our species. It stands to reason that the collective ego would resist with every bit of fire it can muster. Ego has always been an irrational beast. We are fully engaged in “Beast Mode” right now, all around the world. (I mean no offense to Marshawn Lynch.)

Ego has done a fair job of pretending to be rational, but in the end—as in the end of civilization—all pretense is dropping away. Ego is using whatever means it still has, to try and put a halt to the awakening of our species. Naturally, it is turning to irrational ranting and ravaging; this is what it perceives as the opposite of enlightenment.

But the awakening presence has some tricks up its sleeve that ego doesn’t understand: The emerging consciousness is all-embracing. There are no separated opposites—only ‘poles apart’ along a unified axis of wholeness. In order for our awareness to merge with its Source—consciousness—and come into an awakened state, all opposites must meet and fuse together, especially the yin and yang, feminine and masculine. Ego is presenting us with its hardest, harshest opposite and thus, unwittingly, contributing to the greater fusion that is surely coming.

The world must fall apart. Ego must use up all its invective and finally crash. What this actually looks like in the end is anybody’s guess. My feeling is that there is a simultaneous collapse and rebirth happening right now within us and all over the planet. We do not have to experience a full Doomsday in order to honor the passing of the old civilization. Look at the countless books and films, internet discussions and news accounts of the end approaching—the post-apocalyptic visions of a destroyed world. Through these, we see and feel what Doomsday might be like. The magic of such stories—largely unbeknownst to the audiences—is that they expiate the worst scenarios; we do not have to go there fully once we have seen the possibility of them.

Through the destruction of our old world, we are moving into the creation of a new one. As our species anxiously dies to its ego-self, it is generating a new character and a new vision of the way of the waking world. The two, seemingly opposing courses, are working together, fusing the shadows and the light into a full soul trajectory of love and communion. Look for the signs of simultaneous falling and rising around you. And you will have hope.

From my perspective, as facilitator, I know that thirteen souls came together to celebrate the opening of a portal into greater awakening. It was not exactly smooth sailing at all times during the seminar, yet we persevered. In general, we finished with smiles on our faces and a sense of accomplishment.

For this report, I will now adopt the approach I used in writing each of the books. That is to say, I will invoke the muses and ask Orange a series of questions, translating and recording the responses I get.

R: “O, please tune in with us for this debriefing conversation. And many thanks for your help at the recent seminar.”

O: “You’re welcome, dear friend. It was a joy to participate with you all.”

R: “So, from your perspective, O, what just happened?”

O: (smiling) “In a word, we ‘opened’. Let me expand on that word now. By ‘opening’, I mean that we, as a group, embraced ourselves in an expanded state that transcends the limits of strict timekeeping. The thirteen individuals in the seminar were called together, specifically, by their soul presence to participate in the ritual we named ‘portal opening’.

R: “What do you mean by a portal?”

O: “Specific to this event, a portal is a doorway or passage for energies and information to flow in two directions—into the ‘enlightened’ state and back from it, into your ‘awakening’ state. The opening is an intentional sharing of two worlds, or two universes, if you will. We need not dwell on the physics or mechanics of how this works. Suffice it to say that we focused an intention from my world into yours and you reciprocated with a matching intention. We opened an energeticopportunity amongst ourselves.

“The number thirteen is curious in this situation. Commonly regarded as an ‘unlucky’ number by some humans, it is by no means limited to that interpretation. Symbolically, it is the number that transcends time—and the clock—since it is ‘twelve plus one’. The thirteen participants in Asheville, on Judy’s farm, carried this symbolism into manifestation, into a timeless sub-dimension.

“The group, led by your voice (from the stillness), rose up through a grand, shared breathing exercise. We visualized ourselves on the threshold to the Void, the place and home of Source. There, we took inspiration towards the Oneness, lying at the heart of all groups of sincere souls. As we joined forces and intentions, the intensity of presence rose up within us and around us. We acted as one in the opening.”

R: “Let me interrupt for a moment, O. I felt that the chakra meditation Stefan introduced—from Jonathan Goldman (theChakra Tuner App for iPhone and iPad) was special. It really put us in the right space.”

O: “Yes, indeed. Book-ending the seminar with this alignment exercise was enlightened, to say the least! It brought the group into itself from both directions. Of course, Stefan had help with that inspiration—from Green.”

R: “Good. Now for the other part of the seminar: After lunch. Things seemed to change a bit then. I was aware we were entering some difficult waters as soon as I got the impression to look at some personal issues—resistances we each might have, blocking our approach to awakening. I told the group that our energies would likely spiral ‘down’ as we entered that area. Did I go too far with it? Too long? It seems that many in the group felt a real drop in the field after that. From my personal perspective, it seemed that my voice went on interminably during the guided meditation.”

O: “It was necessary, we felt, to push you to do that. It was by no means an error on your part. Going deep meant that you could subsequently rise up higher on the other side. Not all of you were fully aware, individually, of the use of this creative tension. I believe you felt it, and that’s why you continued in the exercise—even when you noticed people beginning to squirm.

“Obviously, we did not reveal to you all of our intentions for the ceremony beforehand, because we did not want you to build expectations or concerns. Thus you were flying blind, so to speak. For opening the portal, we felt this was the best way to proceed. In darkness lies the more perfect light.

“During the guided exercise you refer to, you brought the group to the edge of the Void again. Only this time, each of you carried a kind of ‘anchor’ that rooted you to your own appreciation of the Void space, your own personal darkness. It locked you into its field and seemed to threaten the ‘high’ you collectively felt in the morning. But the soul of each of you, and of the collective thirteen came to the rescue.

“You placed your resistance in the bosom of the soul and revealed that resistance to be without true substance. Any form held up before the pure formlessness of the Void becomes transparent and empty. This exercise, performed with care, can be repeated to great advantage in future seminars. The threshold to the Void is a most creative environment for transformation. It is the very brink of creation and dissolution. The old passes away into it; the new emerges out of it. The threshold is truly the Shores of Shiva.”

R: “I like that. It certainly feels that way to me. But it also has some psychological risks, I feel.”

O: “Yes. But those risks are only felt in the orb of ego separateness. As you stand with your soul, in the field of awakened being, there is no harm—only opening and expansion.

“What happened at the end of the seminar, in the final exercise and guided meditation, was a spiritual infusion of fire and light. The flame of the Void (threshold) folded upward into the sign of infinity and the vesica piscis. The vesica is the most intimate and ultimate portal between worlds of duality and Oneness. Your chairs were set in this pointed oval, of course.

“As your voice directed the group’s imagination into our domain, each member of my group stood behind the chair of one member of yours. We placed our hands on your shoulders. You have wondered at the difference in numbers—thirteen in your group, twelve in mine. One of your members represented the emptiness and, therefore, had no partner in my world. This, too, was by design. Emptiness is a necessary element of any portal.”

R: “OK. That makes some sense. So, O, at the end I think we all felt a lack of closure to the seminar, like we were kind of left hanging. Was that your intention too?”

O: “Yes. The portal was left open—as it shall remain for the foreseeable future. You might have handled that a little differently from what you did, but we understood that you were exhausted at the end. Your task of facilitating the opening of a thirteen-soul portal was significantly taxing. Do not feel that any error was made. The group matured through the course of the seminar and was more than capable of adjusting to the ‘spacey’ feelings that abounded. For other, future seminars, I’m sure you will pay more attention, at the end, to the necessary grounding.”

R: “Finally, will you please tell us again why it was important to open the portal?”

“All across your planet, portals are opening. Each has its own form and its own portion of formlessness embedded within it. Each is an evolutionary step for your species beyond itself—into the unknown, and into the state beyond human, beyond ego.

“Portals are always passages. Some are only one-way thresholds, but these that we create allow movement between worlds in both directions. That is, by using them you may know both the awakened state and the ego state simultaneously in your human lives. You may have one foot in each universe—performing a bridging function for yourself and others. As you avail yourselves of this opportunity, increasingly in coming years, your choice will grow much clearer—to live under the domination of ego, or to live within the freedom of open appreciation. There is no doubt which choice you will make.”

R: “Thank you, O, for coming through yet again to guide me and all of us. Thanks for the seminar and the portal.”

Dear Friends,

I find this to be a most compassionate film.  It’s 11 minutes long. You don’t have to believe any of it. That doesn’t matter. I invite you to just feel the good vibes, if you choose to watch.

Please receive this in the spirit of wellbeing for humanity and for the Earth during this week at the end of the Mayan calendar.

In the words of neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander (NW Times best-selling author), when he returned from his recent 7-day near-death experience, “All is well.”

A friend from Monroe, who’s reading the book, asked me the following question on Facebook.

I should finish book before I ask..but every book I have read about this sort of thing…I am always left wondering about why animals are never mentioned. i.e what happens to them, reincarnation to or from animal form possible, what role they play other than food and the feelings on that from those 500 years ahead. When I do find information, it always seems to be skimmed over or very vague or dismissed. Any insight in your experiences?

Hi Cindy,

I think that’s a very interesting question. Just like many other books, “Letters” does not address the animal kingdom in a really focused way. But it does refer to animal consciousness in some passages. Bear in mind, no book can address all topics in depth (within 300 pages).

The “Letters” project is directed at the human species, specifically, because we are the ones causing so much trouble for the planet right now. Nevertheless, I just did a quick search for quotes about animals in the book and came up with a few. (See below)

I think this question and its response would be good to post on our web blog. Would you mind if I used your question and your first name on the blog?

These references will probably not address your question thoroughly. I think you are asking about animals’ role in evolution and the place of animal consciousness in “awakening”, as it were. My own view is that animal consciousness, and instinct, is an essential building block and portal to Conscious Evolution—the platform on which human and vigilan consciousness is constructed.

Another thing that could be said, from the grand overview, is that Consciousness is One. It manifests into various (infinite) forms, through incarnation and re-incarnation. The animal kingdom is one of those forms. Each form has its unique function and destiny. No form is lesser or greater than any other form. Each one has its unique time and place within the space of Now.

The cyclic and spiral nature of evolution and of conscious tells me that we all cycle through many different forms ourselves, since we are essentially one with all Consciousness. Our One Self is that which incarnates wherever and whenever, whether human, animal, vigilan or angelan.

Here are the passages that have some relevance to the animal kingdom:

References to “animals” in Letters from 500.

The quickest way to tell you about it is to say that we recognize ourselves and each other, much more directly and intimately than naming can afford. Imagine the way the animals and birds around you identify one another.

Yes, there are examples of ego in other primates and animals, but by comparison to the human ego, they are as nothing. One might even say that the ego invented you, or at least it was the chief characteristic in developing your full potential.

The defensive nature of the ego came to define its relation to the world around it. Its job was self-protection, which led to greed and aggression. This sense of self could also include family, tribe or nation. Animal instinct transformed into intellect in the human mind and thus triggered a powerful expansion of territorial imperative.

The progression from instinct through intellect into intuition is an evolving principle here as well. The appreciative faculty that my species enjoys is an intuitive awareness, transcending yet including intellect. In early homo sapiens, instinct had jumped to intellect. Intellect, however, by necessity was largely cut off from its former instinctual basis. When the next species arrived, intellect made a similar leap to the intuitive state and recaptured its linkage to instinct. Said another way, intuition is instinct made conscious through intellect.

“What happens to the soul of the animal when its species goes extinct?”
The soul is itself a unit within a greater whole. That soul, for example, the soul of the saber-toothed tiger, merges with the greater soul of felines in general. What was the essence of that ancient tiger lives on in the gene pool and in the soul realm. It is available if and when needed for some other form. Evolution never loses any information or point of consciousness. The form takes its experience back into the formless pool of evolving awareness.

Without death there would be no physical form as we know it, no human beings, no animals or plants, no Earth or universe. Death is difficult to face for the finite mind and ego. It threatens identity and the continuity of self. From the personal perspective, it seems to deny us everything we hold dear. It is the Grim Reaper. Yet from a deeper awareness, it is the Great Redeemer. When it closes in upon us, we open up to true being; when death descends, we rise up in consciousness. All creations rise on the shoulders of Death.

Another source of your troubled feelings during this transition will be the new transparency toward other humans and other creatures on your planet. The surfacing of oneness may actually feel like an attack upon your senses, given your unfamiliarity with it. You will begin to sense the anguish of billions of humans, previously hidden from you by the defense body of ego. The instinctual fears of the animal and insect kingdoms will affect you as well.
In the same vein, you will also feel other emotions from the vast body of Life. This comes at you from all directions, so that you feel as if it is your own. It is the budding of pure empathy. At first you have no way of processing this onslaught of feelings. You will be overwhelmed at times, and pulled back and forth. You will lose your balance and may even seem to be losing your sanity. These conditions will force you more and more to focus only on the present moment, the Now, and to look within yourself for understanding. The present represents the presence. There you will begin to find the answers.

Human fear, of course, evolved out of animal, instinctual fear, which derived out of the early manifestations of the survival instinct. These are all stages that evolution needs to experience in order to arrive at its awakening. When the awakened state at last comes, it knows in its heart that oneness is all there is. It realizes its power of choice. All the struggles and labor of the millennia have paid off wonderfully.

All of creation is manifesting appreciation continuously. The forms it takes vary immensely. A tree, for example, appreciates its place in the universe through its roots, through its acceptance of sunlight, the greening leaves and ripening fruit. It absorbs the appreciation of any animal, human or vigilan who touches it and uses it for shelter, sustenance or splendor. A quartz crystal appreciates its essence through the nourishment it receives among the minerals and energies that give it birth. When it emerges into the lighted world, a new appreciation dawns for it through its exposure to illumination. An electron appreciates its place within an atom, relative to the forces that measure its form. Only the human intellect is capable of shutting out this deep connection with oneness, with its innate appreciative sense.

[The old man chuckles.] “That is a naïve question, my son. As long as there have been bodies, there have been continuous adjustments at these levels. As an example, even before the transition, when many people and animals succumbed to deadly viruses, there were always those who survived. Wouldn’t you say that their bodies were adjusting to the environmental changes? Your species also possessed the so-called placebo effect, and so-called ‘spontaneous remissions’. This was nothing more than instinctual realignment with the Life force.”

“The galaxy is alive? The whole thing?”
Certainly. Most humans did not conceive of it that way, I know. You also did not think the Earth was alive. For vigilans, such distorted thinking seems preposterous. Of course it’s all alive—not just humans, plants and animals. The whole Cosmos is alive—every atom!

Yes, there were always some who could see through. Any human could, at times. However, the Veil affected everyone to some extent, even great avatars and prophets. They too sometimes felt abandoned by the Cosmos. Look at Jesus with his plea during the crucifixion, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” But the Veil was in constant flux. It was denser in some places and times than others. It was initially designed to be rather porous and transparent. But it became more hardened and brittle as ego and mental dominance took over. For instinctual animals and plants, no Veil ever existed.


O points out that the Latin root for ‘competition’ is com + petere, meaning ‘seek together’. Of course this is just the opposite of how we see it in our modern world. For us, it is more like adversarial self-interest. The word has come a long way. It’s a paradox. What if we took the ancient and modern meanings and melded the two into one, shared understanding? It might be a portal into deeper awareness?

It makes me recall an event from high school. I was an athlete then. I ran track—various sprint races and high hurdles. At one particular meet, I was slated to run the last leg of an 880-yard relay against the fastest sprinter in the country at that time. His name was Charlie Greene. He went on to break the world record for the hundred-meter dash in 1968.

I knew well Charlie Greene’s reputation and had already witnessed his blistering speed in the hundred-yard dash earlier that day. I stood next to him on the track, in the hand-off zone, fidgeting. I was getting very nervous as we watched the runners round the curve. My team had been leading for the first two legs of the race, and I imagined the humiliating task of taking the baton before Greene and then seeing him flash past me from behind.

As it unfolded, my teammate lost the front position at that moment. When the runners turned the corner toward us, my team was in second place. This was the only time in my track career when I actually wanted to be second. Greene and I switched lanes accordingly, and leaned forward with our open hands thrust back to receive the batons. This meant he would start out ahead, and I would be spared. The runners rushed upon us.

We charged out of the exchange zone onto the final leg of the race, the hollow rods firmly clenched in our fists. It can be lonely out there on the track, with wind whistling in your ears. You’re in your own little world, far from the spectators or coaches. The thud and crunch of footfalls on cinders, sound loud. In a few strides we were at full speed.

I personally was not a slow runner. I had won many races in my time, and I was prepared to give this one my best. I knew from the start, however, that Greene was far faster than me. His speed was astounding.

I started close on his heals, cinders from his shoes spattering up in my face. But slowly, relentlessly, he moved away—two yards, three yards, five, ten. I was running as fast as I could, maybe the fastest I ever ran. Yet he kept increasing the gap between us. The silence rose up around me as he hurtled away. I might as well have been standing still. It was a zone of a different sort suddenly. It made me begin to wonder. I became an observer of myself, and the whole scene.

There I was; there we were—Greene and I and all the other runners on the track. We were participating in this one event, as one assembly, united in a common purpose. It became suddenly apparent that my loss in the race was playing an important role. In fact, it was destined. Someone would win; others would lose; and all of us together were making the whole experience happen. We were seeking together.

As Charlie Greene crossed the finish line and I was chasing down the final stretch behind him, I was with him. We were sharing in a common victory, a common defeat and a common space. The competition was not pulling us apart, as some might perceive. For those with eyes to see, it was pulling us together, into a new expression of who we collectively were. The tension of separation was just a way of initiating the compression of our union. As all the other runners trailed in panting, each breathed the same air, shared the same finish line, created the culmination of our unified performance.

To relate this back to the Letters, I see that we do have the means of moving out of our modern concept of competition, out of ego domination. The path comes right out of the ego experience itself. “That which stands in the way is the way.” The separative competition was what most observers saw in that track meet. But coexisting alongside it, at a subtler level, was the opening for a unified perspective. This can be applied to any ego event, I’m beginning to see. Ego is just the placeholder for a deeper appreciation of self and the individuality archetype. This is also a way of comprehending the merger of all light and dark aspects of our being. Light does not have to vanquish darkness. It cannot, in any case. We only have to allow it to carry us through to the full realization of wholeness.

R. Potter


by Robert

Conscious Evolution puts a premium on individuality, for its purposes. …  As long as one is not awakened into using the appreciative faculty, the individual perspective makes it seem like the thresholds are actually boundaries.

page 236, Letters from 500, Book 1.

We humans have been mistaken about what individuality means. In-dividual means ‘un-divided’. That means unified, not separated, whole, at one. To practice archetypal individuality is to realize we are a face of oneness, an archetype of oneness manifested in the duality world. Behind this, though, oneness is all there really is, especially in the domain of consciousness. It is bound up within the universal presence—no boundaries, conditions or separations. No time. No form. This is who we really are.

We—the royal, collective we—are here experiencing all this duality-rooted complexity, in order to discover the treasure we have hidden in plain view. We think, and are taught to believe, that to be an individual we need to make ourselves independent and different, cut ourselves out from the undifferentiated herd, like a calf being singled out for branding.

Our misapprehension is that we think we’re singling ourselves out. But in the end, we find ourselves branded with the emblem of the whole. And this is a good thing. Our oneness is the Mover through this space of complexity and separation, learning the language of mirrors and paradox. What often seems to be, is not; what seems not to be isThis is the world of experience, existence and differentiation. It is the world that is now awakening from it’s erstwhile dream.


by Robert

For fear to exist,

it must be maintained.

What would happen if we stopped maintaining it?

What if we stopped feeding it?

Would it die of malnutrition?

For ego to exist,

it must be maintained.

What would happen if we stopped maintaining it?

What if we stopped feeding it?

Would it die of malnutrition?

Source maintains itself.

What would happen if we maintained it?

What if we fed it?

Would it be nourished?

What if Source were Love, were Life,

were All?


The big word these days is ‘consciousness’, as most of us know. It’s on all our minds. But, if we take Eckhart Tolle’s view, the ‘mind’ is largely unconscious. He points out that consciousness goes unconscious when we are absorbed in thinking. But why is that? Why does consciousness get trapped in unconscious states? How is it that awareness becomes unaware? I don’t know. So, I decided to ask O that question. Here is the answer that came:

“Consciousness is our link with Source. It is the flowing tide of Life, streaming out from the Absolute center into all creation, into all the Cosmos. It radiates out in all directions, in all dimensions. As it does so, it immerses itself in form. Awareness, of course, is formless. But it takes on forms in its outward path from Source.

“Awareness enters states of mind, emotion, intuition, sensation. Upon entering these and other states, it clothes itself in their forms. Some of these states are high and vital, clear as the day. Others are dark, gloomy, obscure. To be truly aware of obscurity, for instance, means to take it on as clothing, to have your awareness obscured. The central spark or ray, proceeding out from Source, is a projection, an image, a shadow on the wall of Plato’s cave.

“The projection—the ray of consciousness—passes through all states of comprehension in the outer, manifested world. It registers, appreciates and then moves on. It is never static, never ‘trapped’ as you suggest. It is, yes, immersed at times in unconsciousness. This means that it takes on the trappings of dark and separative states. It takes on the appearance of mind and matter. But it only does this within the confines of the time dimension.

“From the timeless perspective, consciousness is simply out gathering data. It says to itself, ‘What is there here to behold? What may we experience in this state? Unconsciousness! Ah! That is what it is like to be blind!’ Then, having gathered enough intelligence within the time-bound immersion, it moves on. It never stops.


“Now, to return to your question, consciousness does not become unconscious. It only takes on that projection for a ‘time’. It absorbs and appreciates the dimensions of what is there to be examined. It never loses itself or becomes damaged by its experience. It only and always profits. Source profits from these immersions. There is only gain—even while falling through unconsciousness. Especially so, in fact, for that is the whole story of human evolution.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

What’s unclear about nuclear is our misunderstanding of Source. The nucleus of our being lies hidden from most humans most of the time. Many of us don’t even believe we have a Source or center to our being. This is not a condemnation, but a statement of our nature. We are here, immersed in the illusion of separateness, under the Veil of Forgetfulness. Nevertheless, our lack of clarity is a great opportunity to move in the direction of clearing. What is not can be an invitation to move toward what is.

My observation of the nuclear disaster in Japan is that it may be a huge blessing in disguise, a wake-up call of grand proportion. It is time for humanity to realize what kind of energies we’re unleashing. We’re like children in a sandbox, playing with hand grenades. Yes the ‘safeties’ are on, but no form of protection can alter what’s really at stake. The risks are so high that to comprehend them we need to step beyond mere mental calculations and safeguards. We need real wisdom. Where does that come from other than Source?

The fact that the awakening world has been made alert to the ‘grenade in the sandbox’ is most significant at this time of transformation. We could see it as a call to look into our own Nucleus of being. Or perhaps, the other way around, our Source could be looking more clearly out through us. The most dangerous of all humankind’s creations—nuclear fission—could become a window into our ultimate safety and peace. What may we see through that lens? Can we learn from this emergency, the old Chinese wisdom that crisis is a merger of ‘danger and opportunity’?

After Robert sent this to me today I realized  how apropos this is in light of the incredible sandbox play of our legislators this week. There is absolutely no consideration for what is good for the betterment of our civilization, we humans are simply an after thought in this ego drama that drives the circus arena posing as our leadership. If we really cared for each other and could rise to the level of human spirit that our Source has made a part of our DNA we would become Masters of the Universe.

It seems that with all the hard work started in the 60’s, for human consciousness transformation, the way forward has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Exciting peaks of possibilities and hair raising dives into valleys of confusion. There are those who believe that life is what you make it and nothing external to our world has any influence over the outcome. To some degree this is so. We are the masters of our immediate situations and face daily choices that can send us down different roads of experience. On a larger scale there are those external influences that vibrate a particular consciousness into the world around us and create subtle influences to the core structure of our awareness.

This message was passed on to Robert from Suchitra Davenport of the Soul Source Center. She is a well-respected soul-based counselor and healer in the Media/Rose Valley/Swarthmore area of Pennsylvania.

by cosmicobserver

Neptune’s ingress into Pisces last night has opened another door into a new world that is gradually unfolding before our eyes. Along with all of the other planetary shifts into new signs this year, Neptune’s passage into Pisces (the sign of its rulership) for the first time in 172 years sets the stage for a new collective story or mythology to unfold that will change the way we see the world and how we approach the healing of planet Earth.

Neptune in Capricorn, which began in the mid-1980s, was an era in which money (Capricorn) became fashionable (Neptune). Neptune in Aquarius, which began in the late 1990s, began the Internet Age: Aquarius is computers and Neptune is the interconnectedness of the web. Over the next decade it will become increasingly ‘fashionable’ to have a spiritual practice, to choose peaceful co-existence, and to change the world from the inside out.

This new story will demonstrate the power of the collective imagination to heal the seemingly horrendous conditions on Earth that we are bombarded with daily. Through a rise in spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, etc.) the veil between heaven and Earth will thin and we will begin to truly experience, see, and express: compassion, love without conditions, and the joy and the bliss of our truest nature.

You may want to ask yourself: What is loving-kindness? What is compassion? How is real compassion expressed? How do we honor the precious element of Water in our daily life? What small contribution can we make to not pollute or overuse but rather conserve the waters of the world?

This will be a marvelous opportunity to shift the paradigm and recreate our collective story. Let us begin now to dream the possible dream of a better and more cohesive world together!