… Into The Void

… Into The Void You know it’s a difficult time when “The Void” becomes a place of refuge. But today, … More

What Just Happened—1/13/13?

From my perspective, as facilitator, I know that thirteen souls came together to celebrate the opening of a portal into greater awakening. … More

What About Animals

A friend from Monroe, who’s reading the book, asked me the following question on Facebook. I should finish book before … More


Undivided    by Robert Conscious Evolution puts a premium on individuality, for its purposes. …  As long as one is not awakened into … More


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Consciousness Trap

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Nuclear Clarity

What’s unclear about nuclear is our misunderstanding of Source. The nucleus of our being lies hidden from most humans most … More

Our Dear Friend Neptune

It seems that with all the hard work started in the 60’s, for human consciousness transformation, the way forward has … More