…“So, why of all places, did you bring me to Jerusalem?”

Because this region, this city, more than any other, was in the eye of the Great Storm. Now it has become the center of our great sense of peace, both inner and outer. Why don’t we walk around a little more, and see some sites. Finish your drink and come with me.

[I take a last sip of the biting, anise liquid. Then I gulp some water and put down the small glass. You take my hand again, and I am a little apprehensive. Every time you do that, something hap-pens. Sure enough, as we touch, I feel a new kind of opening take hold of me. I’m being drawn into your psyche somehow. I feel my-self inside you, personally and intimately, like we are ancient friends, brother and sister, or even closer. I feel you opening to me.]

“What is this?” [I ask.] “What are you doing?”

I’m not doing anything at all, only holding your hand. [You say innocently.]

“But I’m feeling like I know you in a new way, and a very an-cient way at the same time.”

[You smile. The feeling is still there; and it is in motion, pulling me in deeper. I can hardly stand up. I stumble into you, and you offer me support. Now we’re off the square, moving down a nar-row, winding, side street. I regain my composure a bit, and survey the alley. My eyes are reluctant to focus, but I’m sensing that deep peace again. This place looks much like it has for several thousand years, I imagine. Pitted stone walls rise up closely on both sides, with small windows, adorned by flower boxes. The blossoms are colorful and cheery, even in the fading light. They revive me. Down the way is a crowded market area, with a jumble of wares hanging under awnings and piled on tables along the street. I’m still feeling myself drawn into you as you clutch my hand. I look at your face and your bright silver eyes with wonder. You stare back quizzi-cally.]

I don’t know exactly why you’re having this feeling, but it ob-viously has to do with our connection—as friends and long-time soul mates. It may be your visit to the threshold with Black, or part of your own awakening. That is something that will be accelerating in the near future, I assure you. It also may indicate that I am a kind of conduit for your soul, drawing you into your own destiny.

“Yes. That’s very much what it feels like. It just occurred to me that it also must have to do with this place. Doesn’t Jerusalem mean the ‘place of peace’ or something?”

It means many things to many people. You’re close. Shalom means ‘peace’, of course. But that is not the root word for the name of the city. The Hebrew word, Shalem, means ‘wholeness’; Jeru, means ‘legacy’. In the last 500 years, Jerusalem has come to be called ‘the city of wholeness’. But it is also appropriate to think about peace here. Jerusalem has become a place of profound peace today, after thousands of years of war.

In your days, it was the foremost center of contention on the planet. Jews, Christians and Muslims clashed over the city and the lands around it endlessly, each viewing the holy sites as their own in an intensely separative sense. The discord spread out in psychic waves from this center, and became the rationale for much friction around the globe.

“Jews and Christians clashed? I thought they were on the same side.”

As long as egos ruled, it was every side against the other. It might appear that the Christians were supporting the Jewish cause in Israel, but they were only doing so to justify their own beliefs and designs. This was, after all, the way of humans. It would not be any other way as long as you were humans.

Many great leaders struggled to resolve the conflicts over long periods of time, but they each represented sovereign perspectives on what a solutions might be. Try as they might, they could never reach accord among their core beliefs. Truly, there was no resolu-tion that would have satisfied the core beliefs of all the factions in-volved. This is the nature of ego-based psychology. Each side’s emotional attachments, religious certainties and refusal to yield, guaranteed in the Middle East that no one would ever achieve what they wanted.

The Jews and Muslims, as you know, went to war trying to ex-terminate each other’s beliefs as one solution. Another solution that was promoted over decades was a continuous cycle of attack, revenge, assassination and terrorism. Each of the religions, for in-stance, at the core of their dearest prophecies and doctrines, be-lieved contradictory destinies for the city we now stand in. This in-tractable state of affairs endured for many decades leading up to and through the Great Storm.

Most Islamic peoples felt that the Christian and Jewish behav-ior toward them was causing the problems and leading toward an-other world war. The Jews and Christians tended to feel it was all the fault of Islam. Each camp pointed to prophecies that foretold a cataclysm. Some Christians claimed to desire an ultimate war—Armageddon—because they believed it would hasten their religious objectives. Never mind that such a war would have de-stroyed the whole of world civilization.

“I had a vision of those clashes here, earlier. I can still see vivid images of fighting in these same streets we’re walking on.”

Passions rose to explosive proportions. There was great gnashing of teeth and spitting fire and brimstone from religious leaders and politicians. Mobs were raised, following the rhetoric of condemnation in many nations. Hatred, fear and irrationality swirled in the collective mind of man like never before in its history. It seemed there would be no stopping it! Every conflict in the world was either triggered or inflamed by what was occurring right here.

Yet there were events afoot, behind the scenes that finally manifested on the world stage. Leaders began to emerge in unlikely places, in unlikely ways. Subtle shifts happened that rippled out with enormous effect. Finally, here, something unprecedented happened. This holy city, in this sacred and magical land, gave birth to yet another one of its historic miracles. Here at the very center of the controversy, not far from where we are standing at this moment, a simple molecular adjustment began to unfold, way down at the tiniest levels of the human constitution, silently, unseen, shifting the balance in a totally new direction.

“Are you saying this is where the genetic mutation began? My vision, from before, showed me a state of profound peace de-scending on people here…”

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“How do I find the Void?”

You find it, curiously, by not finding it, by looking where it shouldn’t be. It is revealed when all else is a-voided. I speak paradoxi-cally here, to loosen your mental grip. This need not be an exhaus-tive process. All you need is a firm and embodied intention.

“What’s that?”

An embodied intention is a desire that is embedded in your cellular being. You do this by directly sensing the tissues in your body. Once you find the Void, you will know it by its absence. You will feel like there is a very, very still space—a place of utter peace. It is electrifying, however. It defies understanding. It exudes a sense of bliss and profound energy, but it does not contain these things. It contains nothing at all. You cannot delineate the Void, or perceive it in any way. But you can identify with it. This is a fundamental paradox of the Cosmos—being without perception.

From there you simply allow, and infuse yourself with the magical stillness. Allow silence to come alive in you—she is a living being. For those who become accustomed to the practice, it only takes an instant to begin feeling the joy and the ticklish energy. Laughing and giggling at this point are the most natural reactions you can have. It is enhanced in the presence of others; there is an echo effect. Once the tiny spark ignites it will undulate upward and outward, through your body into the aura and air. It is like taking a warm shower of joy from the inside of your being.

“You’ve convinced me to try it. Thanks. By the way, a friend of mine has asked me to ask you a question.””

You are telling people about me?

“Yes. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

No problem. I just thought you would wait until we were fin-ished. But feel free to go ahead and talk. This message is intended for every human, eventually.

“Well, I have my doubts about whether every human will get this message.”

On the contrary, every human will get this message. Not from me and you necessarily. But every human is craving to know this message. You will hear it, most significantly, from within your own genes, as they mutate. This is, of course, the only place messages of truth can arise. This truth will help ease your transmutation. So, what is your friend’s question?

“She wants to know what your future looks like, from the time you’re living in? How do you relate to it? Have you tried to com-municate with it, like you have with the past? In other words, have you looked ahead as well as behind?”

This question is inevitable. The time project has indeed allowed us to look and speak into both directions. I cannot spend a lot of time right now relating an answer to this question, however, since it might distract us too much from my mission. Looking into the future has always been less clear than looking into the past, even before we created the time technology. This is because the past already has a layer of experiencing to it that the future does not. It has formal patterns that we can trace through the Now. The future, on the other hand, only has patterns of the unknown. But it too lies within the Now, and therefore, it can be traced.

In the case of this letter, I am moving into the past, even though I am coming from your future. I have you as a destination point to guide my trajectory.

Looking into the future does not relate to my project. Having said this, nevertheless we have made some tentative contacts with our year 1000.

“What have you found?”

Change continues to accelerate. Vigilans have, by no means, reached a final condition in the year 500. No age ever does, of course. Evolution is all about continuous and accelerating change. The beings of the year 1000 AI seem to have very little concern about us. We are just a given to them. They know we exist and that seems to be all they need to know.

These people are dwelling in the immediacy of their own mo-ment, using its divine energy as an inward propulsion system much more than any outward expression. They appear to be literally trav-eling within their own beings, and within the energy body of Con-scious Evolution. These people do not seem to have the limitations my world still has. They view their ethereal explorations every bit as real as any physical project might be for you or me. We would love to tap into their experiences more and perhaps apply what they have learned to our own inner research. Unfortunately, they have not been open to sharing much, so far…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…”Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel very much alone, like there is no God, no spirit, nothing! It’s just me lying there, totally alone in the universe. I try to reach out to God or some spiritual essence, and I get nothing in response. I have to ask you, because you seem like someone who might have an an-swer. Why do many of us feel so lost and alone, even after a lifetime of seeking? Why would God, if God even exists, leave us feeling this way, without any direct communication? If God exists, why don’t we know it, constantly? Why don’t we really know when we really need to?”

First of all, God does not exist—not in the way you want him to. I say ‘him’, masculine, to emphasize the non-existent quality. God does not exist as an outside benefactor, some ascendant personage, waiting to attend your needs, ready to answer questions or calm your fears. However, as I’ve pointed out before, the creative, intelligent quality of the Cosmos does exist. It is Conscious Evolution, and it exists within the essence of your very awareness. Nothing exists outside of this awareness.

“But this is my point. I’m not aware of it when I want to be aware of it.”

Yes, indeed, you are not aware of it. But you know it. The prob-lem re-stated, is this: You are not aware of your own inner knowing. I’m talking about the essence of your awareness. This knowing is a deep instinct, hidden from your current waking mind. I understand your frustration, now more than I did at the beginning. The problem, for all humans, is one of alignment with your authentic being.

“I have recurring fears that I am not connected to anything. That is my real question. Is my sense of self and appreciation, to use your term, part of some larger consciousness that goes on after I die? Does that sense of self-awareness go on? Is there anything in me now that will continue, or go back into spirit? Has my life expe-rience contributed to that something? Or will it all just fade and dis-solve away into nothing at the end? This is my fear in a nutshell.”

The fact that you even have the fear of losing your awareness, or of being abandoned and meaningless in the greater sphere of creation, is evidence of the inner knowing I refer to. It is likewise evidence of your disconnection from it. Without the inner sensitiv-ity, the question would never be raised. Without the inner connec-tion you would not be having this conversation with me. I am an example of what you seek, right in front of you. But what you are really searching for is not assurance of your existence after death. You really want to know whether you truly exist at all, right now!

“That’s absurd. Of course, I exist!”

But you don’t, you see. You are just a figment of Cosmic imagi-nation. We all are. We are a projection from Source, out onto the screen of illusion that it has created to experience separation from oneness. We individuals are the embodied experience of divine de-tachment—a synonym for ‘projection’ in this case. The vigilan sense of appreciation is, at its root, this knowing of paradox; it is acceptance of separation in the midst of oneness, and individuality within an undivided whole. But understanding of this is hidden from the human being. That is why you ask about continuation of your awareness after death. You, the thinking individual—ego and mind—exist only ephemerally, as an illusion. The real you lies hid-den within the formlessness.

The awakening process of evolution is entirely about this ques-tion, the uncovering of your hidden awareness. Here is the way it works: You are God, my friend. We all are, universally, and in par-ticular. The energy of collective awareness that pervades and incu-bates the Cosmos in us, is what you are calling God. For the pur-pose of answering you, I will use your term God, though it is a name I rarely use.

God, if it’s any consolation to you, is in the same boat you’re in. The infinite divine intelligence took on aloneness and separation as a great experiment; Conscious Evolution has done this for the sake of its own awakening and feeling. That was a major turning point. God, as homo sapiens, broke off from its own divine being and sense of oneness to immerse itself here. The motivation behind this was a desire for feeling—the avenue into awakened presence…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“So, how does the new Earth work? Let me ask again. What kind of training ground is it now? What pushes forward your growth if you no longer have to struggle?”

Look at it from the soul’s perspective. For long ages, the means to gain practical wisdom, was to take on a separated physical, emotional and mental body. You, as a soul, were willing to do this, and to undergo great hardships and persecutions, lessons of life and death. At the soul level, you knew it would all work out in the end. All the pain and suffering, as well as happiness and satisfaction over many lives, would eventually produce enough experience to gratify the divine desire for wisdom.

As you, the soul, grew and matured, the weight of physical and emotional fatigue, plus upwelling spiritual lucidity to be sure, began to tilt the balance. The entrenched ego and mind now became more of a barrier to growth than a stimulus. The more experienced, older souls on the planet reached a critical mass, and the whole body of souls turned on its axis, swinging around collectively toward the paradigm shift.

“All right. I can see the way this was unfolding. But I still don’t see how souls can get the experience they need without the old system dynamics of separateness and forgetfulness.”

It takes longer; this is true; it is a gentler ascent now. Some souls, at all ages, prefer gentler learning experiences. These were the souls who remained together in the new paradigm. The learning curve we have now is more appropriate for those who remained. In spite of the dynamic changes, our new system still has much of the same structure as the old. The range of engagement is still about the same, from novice to graduate. We pack more experience into each life, and we live longer on the physical plane.

The major difference now is that the illusion associated with duality has been dissolved. Yes, we still live in a duality, form world. But we are clear that it is not our ultimate reality. Separative awareness is no longer part of the scheme. Ego, pain and suffering are largely gone. Awareness of Source, soul and repeated incarnation is a given. Importantly, the genetic structure no longer supports fear and ego inflation. This amounts to what I have mentioned repeatedly—a new system, a new species, a new Earth, founded on a deep sense of authenticity and appreciation. In a word: freedom…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…”Oh My! I just had a thought. What you’re saying is that the ultimate goal of souls on Earth is not awakening or enlightenment. I guess I’ve always assumed that it was.”

You’re correct. Awakening is not some kind of divine end-point, as some might think. There is, in actuality, no end to soul growth. The goal is an ever-evolving maturity into wisdom and functionality in the Cosmic playground. As you grow, you will discover that the universe is a much more playful arrangement than humans were able to see on Earth.

“You’re saying that this world is created by us so that souls will develop experience? Well, for years now, I’ve been trying to do just the reverse. I’ve been trying to experience my soul! Is this counter to the flow of evolution? Am I working in the wrong direction, given my soul’s own mission?”

Not at all. Your question is one of the core paradoxes really. To desire to experience your soul, is actually to recognize a deeper process—that your soul desires to experience you. As you ponder and practice this, you are bridging into the union that is your destiny.

It is true that the Earth is a field for souls to gather life experience. But the Earth is also much more than that. It has a life and destiny of its own. The experience you are awakening to, in your desire, is the alignment with the whole of Conscious Evolution, both as a soul and as an earthly persona…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…[So beautiful, this sunset! I feel it penetrating my skin. The warm, soft air of Jerusalem is on my face; you are holding my hand as the vision fades.]

“Oh. I’m back at my computer. I’ve lost you once again, O.”

No you haven’t. I’m still right here. You have not lost a single thing. Look through the illusion, my friend.

“But the illusion is that I was dreaming of being 500 years in the future, with you in Jerusalem. The reality is that I’ve been sitting here typing at my desk all along. You say look through the illusion, but…”

The illusion is that you have an ego and a mind that are limiting your awareness. That is the only illusion you need to examine. Yes, there are dreams and there are adventures into the unknown; there are forms of things, some bright and shining, some dim and dusty. Let go the identity with all that, and see through their passing parade. Just simply see through. It is no illusion that you and I are together, here in this word!

“I like that. Together in a word. I’m not sure what it means, but it feels right. Is that appreciation?”

You have it. In the beginning was the Word. Let’s speak of the word appreciation now. It comes from Latin, meaning ‘to appraise, to set a price, value or reward’. In studying the derivation of words, we are reaching back into history to find clues to the moment. Let me use the words in the meaning I just quoted, to illustrate. When we appreciate, we reach deeply within our being to find the reward that is beyond any price. Appreciation always draws us fully into the moment of Now, into full alertness. When we practice this, we are identifying with the Now, in its formless space. There is no greater value than this identity. All derives from it…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…[We wander up the beach a short distance and over the dunes, back into the grasses. There is a building that looks like it’s made right out of the grass around it. It is light green and tan, grass from the field seems to be woven like fabric into the walls. It’s hard to know just what size it is. The shape is irregular with many edges and angular protrusions, like a maple leaf. There seems to be no roof. Walls rise up and dissolve into thin air. Very strange!]

“What a beautiful house! How can those walls dissolve into the air like that? I love the way it looks so natural. The shape is fantastic. It seems so alive.”

Yes. You’re right. The house is alive! Come inside.

[We are now walking to one of the walls and you part the woven material. A large interior space opens to our eyes. It’s an entryway, leading into a hall and a bright open room. I can see beyond out to a small pond. We walk—normally at last—down the hallway into the large, open area. In it there are soft chairs and cushions, and a few low tables.]

“What do you mean, the house is alive?”

We grow our dwellings. Isn’t that a wonderful development in 500 years? It only makes sense, really. The Earth is our Home. Why should it not give birth to the shelters we live in. The living qualities of the houses are very healthy for us. They provide all the heat and cooling we need, plus a fair amount of our food and beverages. They consume all our waste products and in return provide us all this. It is an excellent example of symbiosis.

“The ceiling? It’s all open. I am looking up into the sky. What happens when it rains?”

There actually is a roof. It can appear and disappear at will. Most of the time it is entirely transparent. It lets in plenty of light, but it is impermeable when we need it. It becomes porous when the house cleanses itself periodically. The roof can turn opaque if the sun is too bright, or dappled when this suits our moods. The houses read our moods and emotional needs almost before we know what we’re feeling ourselves. They generate an environment to match us. This is an example of the intelligence of nature, stimulated by conscious intent. From your perspective, I’m sure this seems magical. From ours, we have become quite accustomed to it. This symbiotic natural technology was developed more than two hundred years ago; it has gradually evolved since then to what you see around you now…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

..Enlightenment means that formlessness is taking deliberate form in you. It is giving you a profound sense of appreciation for the objects and essences around you. It is radiating out from you into other beings and objects, lifting them, energizing them and sensitizing them. It clarifies the understanding of integrated Life and wholeness among all creatures. This, incidentally, does not guarantee great intellect, but it does bring resourcefulness and vision.

“Can’t intelligence come out of ego as well?”

Indeed, it can and did repeatedly in human culture. Ego can be, and was a huge stimulus to creativity and development of increased awareness. By the way, intelligence is a universal; intellect is a local, human phenomenon. There is a great difference.

Let me take this opportunity to clarify what I’m saying about the ego. Your age was so dominated by it, both collectively and in-dividually, that it is the major feature we remember of your civiliza-tion. Ego conditioned everything you thought, and thought about—your entire identity. In my time, we still have vestigial egos, not unlike the appendix in your body, but it never dominates us or governs our identity. What it does for us is trigger early development, and later it spices up our lives, in small doses. We can see it quite clearly and turn it on or off, as desired.

Any time you live in a duality system, there will be at least rem-nants and semblances of separation from Source. In these letters I will speak of egoless or ego-free qualities, but nothing is absolute on the physical planes. Thinking, acting and speaking are always done in relative terms.

“All right. It’s good to know that. But how can your egos—any separative ego—coexist with holistic awareness?”

In vigilan society, we have a phase of our lives where ego plays a part, longer for some than others. It is in our youth, when we need to differentiate from the oneness to a degree. Even so, it is never dominant over appreciation. During this period, the ego as-sists in the development of individuality, in ways similar to humans. It is useful in giving us a face to the outer world—a personality, if you will. As part of this process, we establish our sense of destiny and desires for engaging Life. In youth we explore our passions more overtly and actively, as we explore our newly manifesting life form. A small amount of ego is very helpful in this…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“Can we humans ever hope to enhance our sense of appreciation? Perhaps it makes no difference now, since we’re doomed to extinction anyway.”

Hold on. Of course there is hope, especially now. That’s what I’m here for. It is not too late. To enhance appreciation in any situation, all you need do is ask. And you have asked.

To repeat, enhancing your appreciation, requires only that you desire it and ask for it. But this desire must be clear, crystal clear. You must know exactly what it is you are asking, and what you will become if the request is granted. You must set yourself on the path beyond ego. Your ego will not like this. It will fight you, in both overt and subtle ways. It will meet you head-on, and it will sneak up behind you and pull the rug out from under your feet. It will infuse itself into your subtlest reactions. It will enter any form you identify with, including those you call spiritual.

If you truly, clearly desire appreciation, however, you will persist. If you persist, you will open the door to mutation within your own body and soul. Here’s my advice: When ego engages you in the battle of Kurukshetra, do not fight back. Do not put resistance into the equation. Resistance, coming from you, is coming from the ego. It is a graphic sign that ego is still in control. The only way for you to proceed is through surrender; something the ego will never understand. It cannot follow you there. It cannot fight that. It has no weapons to fight against surrender…

Copyright Ⓒ 2009 by Robert Potter

…In order for this letter to be received in its intended way, you the reader, must suspend disbelief. Then go on, I might add, to suspend belief entirely. Belief is a mental-emotional construct that substitutes for what is not or cannot be known; it presumes to tell you what to know about the unknown, and how you may deal with what you do not actually know. But belief is the twin sister of doubt, which is the stepchild of fear. It cannot take you into the realm where we are heading. For you to receive this message, you must begin to cultivate the other awareness. This awareness has been called many things, by great teachers throughout the ages—intuition, insight, inspiration, knowing, prescience, to name a few. None of these words is totally accurate, however.

The other awareness is barely being awakened in most of you who will be reading these words. It is similar to thinking, only it is much more direct, faster and open. It does not meander or go in circles without purpose like normal thought processes often do. It is detached and yet intimate, and overall it is alert. It is the awareness of things as they really are—from the inside out. The ordinary mind looks at things from the outside-in; that is to say it regards the forms of things. It labels and manipulates them as objects. The other awareness looks out from the formless being that underlies everything; it views each from the essence of all.

This is where I ask you to center yourselves while contemplating my words. The other awareness lies within the very center of thinking itself. Thought is one doorway into this consciousness. Use it as a launching pad for this other. It will take a little practice, more for some than others, but it does actually come naturally to everyone, even members of your species. It is built into the evolutionary imperative. That which is destined to be, has its seeds planted within from the very beginning.

The recognition recommended here, to encourage revelation of the other awareness, is to sense the spaces between thoughts. Sense the background to thinking, the feeling. Feel the space around your thoughts and within them, even as you think—especially then. Those of you who practice some form of meditation will already be familiar with the sensation, though perhaps not with the active component of the other awareness.

The alertness I encourage here is not passive; it is always active—focused yet flexible, penetrating yet receptive. As this sensitivity becomes awakened, you will find yourselves experiencing over time, many more intuitive flashes, synchronicities, and direct knowings. This is the foundation you will need to receive the import of this letter.

Allow me to put the same message in a more poetical form. Imagine this other sensing like a stream of water, flowing over pebbles and stones in a rivulet, somewhere in a quiet, natural setting. You are sitting on a grassy bank beside it. Put your hand in the water and feel it swirling around your fingers; put your gaze into the stream and the rippling flow. The flow is moving from some unknown source toward some unknown destination. Stretch your feelings out toward the unknown in both directions. Embrace the totality of this moment and movement; it rests within the center of the unknown.

The unknown is actually the Source of all knowing. It is the matrix, crucible and cradle of all knowledge and understanding. The unknown is synonymous with Truth, Peace, and Beauty, Tao, Allah, All That Is, and God, to name only a few. The unknown is the alpha and omega, origin and consummation of all creation. It is this Source that generates consciousness and drives the human mind to evolve toward the other awareness. Unknown, however, does not mean unknowable. Enter into this appreciation and you will be receiving the real message I seek to convey…

Copyright Ⓒ 2009 by Robert Potter