…“I know you don’t mean it this way—and I also recognize it’s my ego asking—but the way you refer to yourselves as ego-free sounds almost proud to my ears, speaking for a human of the 21st Century. It sounds a bit preachy. I just thought I should put that out on the table.”

Yes. I understand. Please accept that I speak as objectively as I can. It is a fact that we are largely egoless beings. But all things are relative. We have by no means reached an end point of awakening; there is no perfection in our outer countenance. There are varying degrees to all abilities in a duality world. The distinctions that are important to see here are the ones that are driving the evolutionary change in your time, the Great Storm. The ego and the relative unconsciousness of humanity are those driving factors.

“I keep coming back to the… well, I guess it’s a fear of mine… that this awakening could never happen in reality. On the one hand it sounds like wishful thinking. On the other, it sounds like an avoidance fantasy for the psyche. I know we’ve covered this before. But I still feel it. I’m sure others of my kind would too, again and again.”

Again and again, I assure you that you are moving into a realm in which all things are changing dramatically, fundamentally and thoroughly. You all can feel this in acute ways. You do not know where it is leading, but you do know that the world will not ever be the same again. Many of you feel that it is getting worse by the minute, and that it will result in complete meltdown and disaster at some point. Evidence in your news every day seems to confirm the worst fears. All of this adds up to the greatest fear, collectively, that humanity has ever faced. This you all can observe. This you know.

“What is that greatest fear?”

It is the ultimate loss of control, death of your species, destruction of all you hold dear upon the Earth. That is what you fear. It is a well-founded fear. Your egos are reading the future. They don’t know how this information is coming to them, but it is. It is the impending doom of mankind. The stakes are enormous: it’s all hell breaking loose, going for broke, the last showdown. Whether people can articulate it to themselves or not, or whether they are willing to admit it or not, this is what they are feeling, every man, woman and child on Earth!

What I am here to tell you is that there is more to the story than you can see. I see it because I am looking back at it from 500 years. I know what happens. There is truly only one thing that can happen: It is evolution. The tensions and pressures are so high in you right now that nothing is going to stop your destiny. That destiny is to awaken, to become like us, to indeed become us!…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

Note on Chapter Changes: In preparing the book for press there has been some condensing of the chapters, hence chapter numbers have changed in some cases. Letter Fourteen was ‘The House With No Roof’ and  is now ‘Sides of Oneness’.

…I’ve mentioned the term evolution a number of times, and for good reason. If there is a God in the universe, it is Evolution, Conscious Evolution. And why shouldn’t there be a God? There is plenty of room for everything in All That Is.

Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.

“This is rather boggling my mind. Maybe the mind is supposed to be boggled by all this! You’re saying, We are the Cosmos?”

Don’t worry! It is a simple matter. What else would we be, if we weren’t the Cosmos?

“I can see being a part of the Cosmos, of course. But not the whole thing.”

The Cosmos is wholeness; if you’re part of it, you’re all of it. In essence, it is not really a thing. You are not a thing either. You and the Cosmos are the consciousness inhabiting things, like a galaxy, or like your mind and body. You are the essence of creation, existing beyond and behind forms, beyond dimensions, beyond concepts, yet also inhabiting a small, seemingly insignificant form. The true you, the consciousness that has no boundaries, is limitless.

“All right, I’ll work on that! The biggest question, right now for me, is what do you mean we are not the same species? What happened to humanity? Where did we go? Where did you come from? How did it come about?”

This is a large story, the underlying purpose of this whole communication. I would prefer to wait until Letter Three to begin it. Suffice it to say, for now, that my species evolved out of yours. The transition was tumultuous for a while. The old ways usually do not pass away without a fight. This was a classic struggle for supremacy, but not in the way the world had ever seen before. The new species was emerging from within the old, into a truly conscious being. The ego-mind was being turned inside out, even as it fought to survive and maintain its structure. Ultimately, it was a battle for who would appreciate reality more…


Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

Take a moment. Close your eyes and imagine a world where there is harmony and oneness amongst all beings. Send that feeling down to the center of your heart. Now let it expand outward beyond the boundaries of this earth, into the deepest parts of space. This is our dream, whatever we dream is possible . Happy Thanksgiving.

The journey that the author and O have taken could be an allegory for our continued advancement in our present species and the next. The truth behind this story is the truth in all consciousness – ever expanding, ever re-creating, ever evolving. The Source from which this truth emanates offers gratitude to our warrior souls for their effort and persistence. We must take this challenge of life, face it square and stride forward.

excerpt from Letter Thirty “Finishing”

…The Cosmos is remaking itself in us. We are being born here as a
new universe.

We are merging with the future. The future is merging with us,
in this eternal moment. Awareness of it will grow within each and
every being on the planet. You and I have only been one set of its
messengers—a couple of seed planters. From now on, every being
is her or his own messenger. Every being is one being at the Source,
filling up with inspiration and appreciation, and carrying those mes-
sages out into the thirsty, waiting world. This is where it’s coming
from, and where it’s going to.

The message is emerging out of the center of each conscious
being. That is where it’s returning, renewed and exalted. There are
as many different forms of this message as there are individuals.
Our letters have been just one of these messages—forming, re-
forming, shifting in the wind, opening a window on the wonders we

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

How can I Appreciate more the the magic of living and life;
when every day seems to bring more
chaos and worry and strife?
How can I Appreciate more the gifts that my soul has in store;
by living the heart instead of the mind I now can Appreciate more.

This blogger’s thoughts on Appreciation.

more from Letter Twenty-Two “Appreciation

…One more important thing I must add: Appreciation is the
source of all joy. Joy is what appreciation feels like. Joy arises only
from within, as distinguished from happiness, which is an outer
emotion. Appreciation is the source of feeling abundance in our
lives, indeed in yours as well. Happiness is a fleeting condition, de-
pendent of situations and events. It arises through avoidance of its
opposite, sadness or disappointment. Appreciation and joy embrace
all—even so-called opposites. As soon as you link with objectless
appreciation, there is a joy and gratitude that wells up inside you,
limited only by your own openness to accept it.

“You said appreciation is the value of awareness. What does
that mean?”

Appreciation is a qualification of awareness, a quality of being.
As I’ve pointed out before, there are infinite forms of awareness,
from subatomic to inter-galactic. Our vigilan sense of appreciation
is just one more. But for us it is the defining quality of our species,
as the ego was for you. These functions are the gateways of feeling,
the ways we reach into our experiences on this Earth. They are the
value of our lives.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“As much as I agree with your premise that ego is the biggest problem humanity has, it seems an absolute necessity to me. How could we have become a creative and inventive species without it? How would we ever have developed genius?”

These are good questions. They are mental, logical questions though. Let me explain a little about genius. All a genius is in a species, is an individual who can see and understand more, and do it faster than the population at large. We continue to experience this phenomenon in my time as well. There will always be extraordinary members of any species. Humanity recognized and celebrated genius due to its mental pre-occupation. The rest of evolution had always just taken it in stride.

How can we be creative and inventive without ego? This is another excellent mental question. The source for creativity or genius, however, is not the mind. The Source of creation is much deeper than that. This force arises from the deepest intuitive levels of knowing, those infinite pools of the unknown. For poets, artists and musicians, it is the muse, the inscrutable being of inspiration and divine presence. What the ego and mind did accomplish was to give Source an efficient vehicle for expression.

“But I can’t get away from questioning what you’re saying. Ego seems to me to be a very important psychological function. What about the value of pride, taking pride in something you accomplish? Isn’t that essential to building confidence in oneself, to standing on one’s own? Without self-confidence, how could we accomplish anything, or make a contribution to the world?”

Confidence is very important. I agree with you. But it is not solely a property of the separated self. For the ego, it is just one more arrow in the quiver of self-defense. True confidence is being connected to the essential awareness within. It is the basis of trusting in the world we live in. This is the confidence that lasts, unlike the passing bravado of ego.

To have confidence without ego means to be in the embrace of integrated awareness. This is the real knowing of one’s place in the universe, one’s destiny in relationship to the empowerment—that which comes only from Source within. This is humility, self-knowledge and divinity…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…We, you and I and the others involved in this project, are playing with high stakes. We have attracted the attention of Conscious Evolution itself. I am beginning to see. I might be tempted to say I’m sorry for bringing you into this, except I know now it is way beyond me. It is your destiny.

“What is this Conscious Evolution up to? Does it meddle in our individual lives? Does it actually think and plan out events?”

Not in the way that a human mind would approach solving problems or scheming about the future. No. Its ways are much more advanced than any of us can hope to understand. After all, it’s been evolving its form of intelligence since the birth of the Cosmos. Any Earthly mind is too limited to comprehend the scope of such a vast and delicate process. In evolution, the intelligence is built into the substance of creation itself. This is what many have called God, without knowing the half of it.

During the Great Storm that lies in the dark gulf between you and me, destiny rose up rampant. Conscious Evolution offered up a grand event that shook the foundations of our world. The ruling species—humanity—had to be replaced. The pressure from within evolution moved mutation forward. Survival was the need at hand. As Darwin saw, the survival instinct was always Life’s most active tool of progression.

“Is there a grand plan behind all this then?”

Conscious Evolution does not think or plan or design. It does not use intellect, except through very localized phenomena, such as our own minds. Rather, it works organically, within the intelligent essence of Life, giving impetus to creation. While it is impersonal, it is also profoundly intimate.

This is not satisfying to the mind that wants to have targeted outcomes. The intellect seeks guidance from without, not from within. It always looks outside itself for support, reinforcement, and dare I say it again, defense. Nature is pragmatic and direct. It always looks within to Source. It needs no plans to achieve its destiny.

“What do you mean by destiny? Doesn’t that imply a goal in the future?”

Destiny lies only in the immediate moment. It is the beginning and the end of all things, and everything in between. It is the essence of authenticity and the truth of our being. Destiny is what guides us through life and provides the resonance to know who we are, why we’re here. To act in accordance with destiny is to be God in action…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…“What is this Void?”

The Void is the ultimate reality. It is not remote or inaccessible. It lives within the fabric of time, space and matter intimately. It is the Matrix from which we come, to which we return and within which we live, move and have our being. It is the space in which we can find the Source.

“How can the Void be reality?”

In and of itself, the Void is nothing. It is the zero dimension. But out of this comes all creation, all things. As the threshold between the Void and the form world is consciously and energetically breached, creation happens. When we look at this happening and point to it, we are attributing qualities to it. It looks as though the qualities are emerging from the Void. But they are coming from the consciousness in us as it embraces the Void. Creation is always in the eye of the beholder, as is beauty.

Humans did not know, generally speaking, that they possessed this power. Isn’t it strange and ironic that the species that wanted possessions more than any other would not recognize its own most precious possession—the power to create reality! Humans always saw reality as something outside themselves; they generally thought they could manipulate it, but not create it! When you realize this in-herent power, everything changes. All your perspectives on the world change, and your genetic structure changes! Your sense of self transforms into an alignment with Source…


Copyright _ 2009 by Robert Potter

And we can make that change a more beautiful prospect. All you need to do is to be Conscious, to Notice all within your space and to Appreciate. Appreciation emanates from deep within the Heart Center and radiates out to the far corners of the Cosmos. Imagine it and it will be.

from Letter Twenty-Two “Appreciation”

…To repeat, enhancing your appreciation, requires only that you desire it and ask for it. But this desire must be clear, crystal clear. You must know exactly what it is you are asking—and what you will become when the request is granted. That is the reasoning behind all my long discourses with you.

To increase appreciation, you must set yourself on the path beyond ego. Your ego will not like this. It will fight you, in both overt and subtle ways. It will meet you head-on, and it will sneak up behind you and pull the rug out from under your feet. It will infuse itself into your subtlest reactions and perceptions. It will enter any form you identify with, including those you call spiritual.

If you truly, clearly desire appreciation, however, you will persist. If you persist, you will open the door to mutation within your own body and soul. Here’s my advice: When ego engages you in the battle of Kurukshetra, do not fight back. Do not put resistance into the equation. Resistance, coming from you, is coming from the ego. It is a graphic sign that ego is still in control. The only way for you to proceed is through surrender—something the ego will never understand. It cannot follow you there. It cannot fight that. It has no weapons to fight against surrender.

Surrendering to Source means that you consciously desire to transform your being, your connection and alignment with being. Whenever ego presents its face, or you notice it slipping in the back door, choose the path of surrender. You will be giving to your ego the absence of resistance. You will be showing it that you mean it no harm and that you are not defending against it. Again and again the ego will assert itself. Again and against, this is the way of ego. It is always ready to slip back into control in the slightest instance of unconsciousness.

Persist in giving your gift of surrender to the ego. In essence, you are allowing the ego to be within your presence. You are giving the ego freedom—the gift of conscious free will…

Copyright _ 2009 by Robert Potter