“How can you vigilans do without names? I just don’t get it.”

That’s quite true. [You touch my shoulder gently. My body
suddenly remembers a more intimate touch from you. But you stare
firmly at me.] You don’t get it. You cannot get it. Humans could
not understand this without awakening their deep appreciation. It
simply would not make sense to the mind-rooted awareness.

As I explained, the practice of not-naming, began in my grand-
parents’ time. Over the first few centuries, vigilans gradually found
themselves wanting to use names less and less, even though we pos-
sessed them. Finally, the practice was simply discontinued all to-
gether. Using the deepened sense of appreciation, we innately know
who we are meeting or referring to. It is a spontaneous function
that we don’t even think about.

“But how do you refer to one another? What if I wanted to ex-
plain to you that I just met this old guy in the year 1001 AI? How
would I name him to you?”

You would not need to name him. You would only have to in-
troduce me to his presence, the image of his soul that lodges within
your own aura, and arises as you speak of him. I know this is most
confusing to you. There is really no way I can explain it to your
mind. You will have to read between the lines for this, once again.

“But you yourself have used the names ‘vigilan’ and ‘human’ to
refer to our respective species.”

True. Normally, we would not use these labels amongst our-
selves. I have been aware that you would need them for your com-
prehension in these letters, however. Just the same, I have not ob-
jected to your giving me the name ‘Orange’.

[Our new friend speaks up.] “While vigilans in your time, found
it useful to drop naming. In my time, we find it quite disagreeable
and even repugnant. When you name someone, you reduce him or
her to an object. It would take the soul out of us, and block the im-
age of presence. If you don’t use names, you get to know people so
much better. Of course, this assumes you are also actively applying
direct consciousness. Naming stops you in your mind, and keeps
you there. It is a box the spirit has trouble climbing out of, once it’s
been put there.”

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

“So, it was our destiny to come to the center of the galaxy? Tell
me again, why is this energy of change coming from here? Why isn’t
the Great Storm just a planetary issue?”

This Storm is indeed of concern to the whole galaxy. The Black
Hole is where the life energies of the star system are most concen-
trated and original. It is the beating heart of us all. The Milky Way is
a living organism, vast as it is. Most humans did not conceive of it
that way; nor did they even view the Earth as being alive. For vigi-
lans, such distorted thinking seems preposterous. Of course it’s all
alive, not just humans, plants and animals! The whole Cosmos is alive!

The heart of the galaxy is also where the interplanetary energies
are most dynamic and severe. I should have guessed that this is
where we would find all the dualities most intensified. It is the ulti-
mate in compression and explosive force. We had it all bound up,
mashed together and hammered hard.

“To put it mildly!”

“But why does Earth’s transition have to be so stormy? Why
couldn’t it be a more peaceful transition?”

The reason for the storminess is that the local universe is awak-
ening to its reality. It is realizing how long and how deeply it has
been asleep. That’s what is so tumultuous. And the birth of a new
species is always going to have its pangs.

“That certainly makes sense. It could make one a little irritable,
I guess.”

Indeed. That’s what you’ve got in your time, an irritable planet!

“Yes, sadly. The planet is in distress.”

Now here is my perception of why we were drawn here.
“I thought you just told me.”

No. It goes much deeper than that. Our soul has been orches-
trating all that we’ve done together. It has involved three major spe-
cies, at least, and two universes now. Who knows what other spe-
cies may be affected or engaged! I know for a fact there are many
extraterrestrials at work in this. The whales and dolphins are, of
course, in on it too.

“The awakening of evolution is a big deal, eh?”

Yes. A very big deal! And we just happen to be smack in the
middle of it. By the union of our two species, we can demonstrate,
in a small psychic space, the whole great transition. We can play our
part in shifting very large principles on the galactic stage.

I’m a bit chagrinned to admit it, but vigilans have always looked
back upon the human species as a kind of necessary darkness, a boor-
ish phase of evolution. We have, unwittingly, fostered a separation
between us that has held vigilans back, as well as humans. We have
not risen to our full appreciative destiny as a result of this. Angelans,
for their part, have known all along what was happening, but they
were waiting for the right moment, when revelation would be most
helpful; and that would be the Great Storm.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

“Are there any diseases or imbalances, that cannot be cured?”

There is no imbalance that cannot be balanced by Source. Source is the central generator of Life force, of all expression and experience. It is the architect of all forms in duality, and therefore, the creator and essence of balance. All forms of alignment ultimately point to Source.

“So, you’re telling me that all human illnesses are the result of an alignment problem? Following this theory, it’s no wonder that hu-man disease is so rampant: The average human knows next to nothing about alignment with Source or Life force.”

I understand, of course, that this was the case for humans. You did not possess such sensitivity. That situation is almost unimaginable to us. You did have meditation, prayer and positive thinking, which helped. But unfortunately, it was not enough in most cases to correct very serious illnesses.

“I can’t escape the feeling that it’s our fault somehow when we get sick, like we did something wrong to be out of alignment.”

You had, in fact, created your illnesses and misalignment, but there is no fault or blame in your predicament. You had not devel-oped the power of awareness that we have. Humans did not know the truth lying right inside themselves. But you did have access to Source if you chose it. The suggestions I gave you earlier are all di-rected toward assisting in this: Notice; do not use your energy for resistance; find your authenticity; expand your awareness beyond mind; accept the moment as yourself; and only take action upon inner alignment.

“So, to cure any disease, all we need to do is figure out how to align with Source! That’s what you’re saying?”

[Our new friend speaks again.] “It is not a matter of figuring out—that is a mental function. But in essence you are right. Simply take the mind out of that equation.”

This is not a trivial issue, however. [You quickly interject.] The alignment we’re talking about is nothing less than the profound awakening of spirit—that which humans never achieved as a whole species. Without the awakening in each individual and in the whole population, true alignment was not really possible. Humans suffered greatly in many ways. Illness of the body was bad enough. But the greatest of all, was the suffering caused by ignorance of true consciousness within. That is, of course, what misalignment with Source really means. This became the driving force in the ultimate mutation into homo evigilo.

“Can we humans learn from what you’re sharing with me? Can we be healthier by being more in touch with Source?”

Yes, indeed. Recall my suggestion to you regarding authenticity. If you reach within, to that true conscious being, you will find the power of any and all action. Healing is one of those actions. Authenticity is the health-giving connection, as I believe I said before. Authenticity is alignment and identification with Source.

“Yes. I do remember. Thanks. What about death then? Why do you die if you don’t have to have serious illnesses?”

[The old man does not answer, but looks serenely alert, hands folded in his lap. He is participating with us through his silent gaze.]
Remember another thing I told you about evolution. Death is an important function in evolution, just as important as birth. When it arrives, we embrace it with the full vigor of the soul.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

…It’s all about timing. I don’t want to hide things from you, but I must finish telling you about the transition times before it will fit. And besides, I thought you were not going to believe this story anyway. I will tell you this: I am seeing that you and I will be work-ing together on this project in a way I had not anticipated. For now, let me return to my account of the beginning of my species.

Shortly after your time, people found themselves no longer operating out of pure self-interest. The norms of society were chang-ing rapidly. You found increasing sensitivity to others’ feelings. People began to help each other more. This was not indiscriminate do-gooding; it was deliberately guided from the heart, joined with the mind, merged with the appreciative awareness. It is budhi, manas and atma at work again.

Not only had society at large suddenly become non-aggressive, it had become simultaneously much more intelligent and fearless; there were no longer walls of defensiveness and fixed opinion! The absence of fear opened us to new approaches and fresh ideas. The leaders who emerged were profoundly connected to the deep psy-chological needs of the groups they were serving.

Each individual vigilan or human being has a calling, a destiny. Look around you now at the true leaders in your human world to-day. You can tell who they are, and are not. There are many impos-ters. It is all about destiny. There were many who desired to be leaders, but who were not; they were mistaken as to their own des-tiny. Sadly, their desire was taken over by ego. These so-called lead-ers captured control of the populace through inauthentic means; they led themselves and everyone else astray. Of course, this turned out to be beneficial in the end—confronting inauthenticity hastened the awakening.

In contrast to the false leaders, the true leader balances the pre-rogatives of the individual with those of society. She or he repre-sents the Source energy, the beneficence of universal integrity. Look alertly for these ones, and give them your commitment, your blessings, your appreciation. They are few in number, in my time as in yours. This has a reason: Leaders are vectors around which many diverse followers must gather and move together. If there were too many leader types there would be too many different directions to follow at any given time.

“Well, I see many different directions in the world to-day—many religions, political systems, philosophies. Are there too many?”

Yes, relative to the needs of the people. There was much re-dundancy in human systems. The awakening is a revelation into the simplicity of the life force, of Conscious Evolution. All is simple, as I mentioned when we started these letters. The mind is a wonderful aid to exploration. But it does not possess the capacity to truly synthesize what it analyzes. It makes things much more complicated than they really are.

In reality many teachers in your time are saying the same things, only with different words and different cultural overtones. Some redundancy is not a bad thing. That there are many avenues to truth is wonderful. It is always important though to realize that they do in fact lead to the same point. They are all empowered from the same Source.

As the new consciousness unfolded, thinking began to simplify and slow down. We began to take time to ponder and reflect. We found that we did not need thinking nearly as much as we thought. Our new sensitivities allowed us to replace thinking with feeling into space, as we say. Whenever we have a question, we go first into that space, for clarity and inspiration. Once we enter that, we are able to engage the mind more efficiently and then set things into action. During the transition, all this was happening spontaneously within each a person. However, our leaders and helpers were endowed with the greatest measures of this clarity. They demonstrated the path, through their example, and the people knew when it is right…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

“Here we go again. I’m seeing stars! And I don’t mean like in the old cartoons. These are real! I’m getting images of quickly flowing lights, streaming gases, chaos. I feel like there is a bubble of light around me. It seems to be alive! Suddenly darkness. But this is not ordinary darkness. This is infinite blackness. No hope of light anywhere. I sense great fear, intense resistance. I can’t help but fight against it; it’s pushing on me so hard from all sides. It’s like this darkness is thick with its own presence, its own essence of fear. The sense of confinement is unbelievable. It is living death, totally alone. What on Earth is this?”

I feel that it is not on this Earth!

“Yes. It’s somewhere else. At last I feel a small degree of relief around me in the darkness. It’s hardly a glimmer, but something is there, a tiny glimmer of light; and now it’s gone. It’s all gone. God, I’m shaking all over. What was that? I don’t like it at all.”

It makes me think I must invite you more quickly into an open understanding of our project. I will initiate that upon completion of this next step.

“What do you mean, ‘next step’? Why do you keep delaying your explanation of these visions?”

Because the visions have their own explanations embedded within them. They must speak to you for themselves. You must listen. I can help, but the realization can only come from you.

I will say this, however. The visions are prompting our conversation to now move into a new phase. It behooves me to reveal some order in all this. I will give you some specific advice on how to live through the times you’re in.

“Great! That sounds right to me. I think we all have our heads spinning these days. Please help. Not that I’m giving up my right to raise tough questions, mind you.”

Of course not. OK. Let’s dive into it. There are three suggestions I’d like to offer. You need not take them as gospel truth, but they exemplify vigilan attitudes toward life. They can help for humans as well. Many of you may already practice what I will say in some form or another. First, simply notice; next, do not increase resistance; and lastly, act in accordance with your own authenticity.

1) I’ve already extolled the virtues of noticing, as the single-most powerful step you can take into consciousness. This is because it is so humble and unassuming an action, so quiet and discreet. Yet it can go anywhere you go; it can reveal anything. It can show you great universal truths. It can connect you to the presence in yourself. It seems so inconsequential to the mind. The mind dismisses noticing as a simplistic diversion, certainly not anything that could make much difference in the advancement of consciousness.

Notice what the mind would dismiss. It will tell you about everything the mind is not. Some of those things are very valuable, such as consciousness itself. The mind would have you believe that it is consciousness. It will say, you need look no further, I think therefore I am. But who is this I? It is the total you, the greater part of your awareness. It is the I that is directing the thinking, the living, and the evolving. Notice this, and the world will open up to you.

As you find yourself thinking, stop once in awhile and notice. Notice that you are thinking. Then look at the space you are in. Are you indoors, outdoors? What is your body feeling? What is happening to the thoughts you were absorbed in? What new thoughts are coming up? What do they feel like? Do you recognize your own ego in any of this? Do you actually want to be thinking these thoughts, or would you prefer to be thinking something else? Exercise a choice here, any choice.

You may choose to continue with the thoughts, or to let thought drop away. Awareness gives you that choice. Where is this awareness? What does it look like? Is it inside you or outside you? Is it clear or misty, or nothing at all? If these questions generate new thoughts in your mind, just notice. Notice also the space between any of these choices. How deep is it? How large? What else is in this space? Go exploring. As you go, notice what you find.

“That sounds interesting. I’ll give it a try.”

2) Now let’s talk a bit about not resisting. Whenever you resist or feel uncomfortable about what exists in the moment, you are adding resistance to the quality of your experience.

“What do mean? If we didn’t resist bad experiences, we would never make any improvements in our lives. I think resistance can be a good thing sometimes.”

Resistance, directed at the moment, is always unhealthy. It poisons your psychic environment. Resistance does not produce change; action does. If you decide to improve your situation, that is commendable. Act on it. Resisting that situation, however, undermines any improvement you seek to perform. It disempowers you.

“I think that’s a matter of semantics. Resistance is change.”

But it is not. Look more closely. Resistance is an attempt to keep something from existing, whether it is an action, idea or emotion. In an electric circuit, resistance slows the flow. Your word ‘resistance’ comes from Latin, sistere, meaning ‘to stop’.

When you inject resistance into a situation, you are negating it. You are refusing to participate with what is. Do this often enough, and you build one negation after another into your life experience. This is called negativity. It makes you miserable. It is unhealthy and harmful to you as a conscious creator in the world. What’s more, your creations become unhealthy and harmful. Then your resistance is magnified all around you. It is no wonder humans have such a mess on their hands!

Resist not lest ye be resisted. ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged.’ I am not talking here about non-resistance, which is fine in its place. That is pure passivity. I speak of actively not resisting. Do not put your energy unconsciously into action to deny what is. Use that dynamic energy consciously to enhance your own creative presence.

If you are washing dishes and you would rather be walking in the park, you may feel resistance to the washing. You may try to rush through it, or fantasize already being somewhere else. You may feel anger at having to do such a menial task. Whatever it is, you want to escape where you are at the moment, to stop this moment from existing! The problem is, there isn’t any other moment! There is only one moment, the one you’re in—the one you are! To negate this moment is to negate Life itself, all that unfolds from within it.

As another exercise, notice some situation in your life, in which you feel resistance, great or small. Imagine that feeling to be a fluid. What do you choose to do with that fluid? Do you pour it on? Do you hold onto it or repress it? Whatever you do, notice the motivation behind your feeling. Is it anxiety? Is it your inner judge? Is it your ego telling you this moment isn’t good enough? If you are pouring resistance into the mix, feel what it’s like when you deliberately pour in a little more resistance. Then feel what happens when you intentionally ease off on the resistance. Just feel it, and notice.

Realize that you have a choice to use this fluid of resistance or not. That fluid is your own emotional energy. This energy can be sent out into a situation or it can be recycled back into the system of your being. Also, it is easier to deal with resistance before you apply it than after it has gained a foothold. If you choose not to send it out, remarkably you will feel less burdened and less resistant.

Feeling resistance, either around you or within you, is the clue to recognizing that ego is controlling your perception. Resistance may be thrust upon you in powerful and threatening ways, or it may be subtly disguised within your thoughts and emotions. The outer forms that come are more easily recognized. However, resistance may also come in quiet feelings. It may be a plain lack of inspiration, or perhaps a stranger who speaks irritably to you; or it may slip in when you look askance at another person.

Notice that underneath this feeling is always a reference to yourself, as the standard for correctness. That reference is guided by a defensive posture. Notice, at these times, the feeling you have inside. Great or small, this is resistance to what is. Always look at your own resistance if you wish to awaken. Ego wants to continue to exist. Therefore, it will resist your awakening in every way it can.

“What about the other side of ego, the pushy, over-confident type? Is this connected to resistance too?”

Yes. That’s intuitive of you. When an ego assumes arrogance, it is looking for a strength it feels is missing. Ego always feels it is losing or missing its identity. It continually tries to re-create its own existence by identifying with things. It craves form and fears formlessness. It wants to deny the formless reality. Denial is resistance. The arrogant ego wants to deny the soul itself.

“I feel resistance in myself sometimes from a basic lack of trust in this world. Sometimes I’m just plain lost, like there’s something going on, but I haven’t the faintest idea what it really is! This is different from my common worries. It feels like some kind of root, existential fear. Is it my ego clinging to form, denying the formless?”

Yes. The ego is actually correct here. You are lost, my friend. Accept it. It is the state of being in a homo sapiens body-mind. I don’t mean this to sound glib or hopeless. Rather take heart from recognizing the reality of your species. This is ego feeling the truth about its lack of power. It cannot be avoided. Feel it directly and fully whenever you encounter this.

Take it as a high opportunity and gift. Feel it all the way through. Do not let it dominate your awareness. As you notice fear, regard it as a doorway. Accept it as a portal into the Now. Then walk on through. This is your true salvation from fear. In this Now, all energies and powers arise.

You do not have to find your way out of being lost. Finding is a function of thinking; it cannot get you out. At best, thinking provides only a distraction. It puts wallpaper on a crumbling wall. Let the walls all fall. Let the consciousness rise up. Rather than finding your way, allow your way to find you. Be ready and alert when it arrives in your presence. That means practice your presence. To fully acknowledge your feelings is to open the door to acceptance and empowerment. This is destiny in action. When destiny comes clear to you, I guarantee, you will no longer feel the slightest bit lost.

“Can we use techniques like this to become more like you?”

You guessed it. These are steps into the transmutation of your genetic structure. While you cannot make it happen through mental or physical action, as I have said, you can get ready. For each and every one of you it surely will happen when your time comes.

“How can time come, if there is no time?”

Time is a form, part of the flowing stillness. It is a manifestation of our lives in this world. As we create forms of any kind, time is generated. All forms change continuously, but the Now never changes. It is always the space where action happens, the space into which forms come and go. Time is a way of measuring the change of forms within this space. If you do not look through the forms, you will come to identify with them and make yourself like them—always changing, always restless. Awakening is about disentangling from form, and finding peace.

3) The third suggestion I’d like to make has to do with your presence and authenticity. Being in the moment, without resistance, noticing all you can, you come eventually to a still, small voice within. This voice whispers very softly. Typically, it makes no sound whatsoever. But don’t deceive yourself; it is speaking to you at all times. It is telling you who you are, both in the world and out of it. It is letting you know, subtly, what is right and appropriate for you in any situation, at any moment. This is your authenticity!

The Greek word root, authentikos, means ‘principle’. Your authentic being is your principle Source. It is what comes first— your genuine being. But for ages, most of the human race knew nothing of its Source, its first cause. Greek philosophers first gave you the idea that such a thing existed.

As I’ve discussed before, the human stage in evolution created a wall between itself and Source. But there were always cracks in that wall. There were always those who strove to see through and beyond; sometimes they found ways to climb through the cracks, to come back and tell what they found. These were the most authentic of all humans, your awakened ones.

Often these visionaries spoke of a still, small voice within. That voice was said to be a spark of God, an open doorway into divine guidance. From its centermost place, it could reach out in all directions. In reality, this still, small Source generates every aspect of our being; and it generates the Now! Absolutely everything comes from this tiny point. All we know and cherish, and even what we despise, arises here. It is the place where we come to comprehend our sense of self. It is the Cosmos, and yet it speaks directly to us. We may hear it if we choose to listen! For long ages, this Self looked out through the clouded eyes of your species, into a world that rarely wanted to hear what it might be saying.

I ask you to feel your authenticity right now; you can recognize it by coming to a stop. Bring all your thoughts and worries to a halt, just for a moment. Look at the playing field you’re on. Step back a bit. Spread out your feelings. This field is what’s left after all the tumult subsides. If you can lay all the noise in your mind down to rest for one instant, there is an opening there for the still voice. Listen, even if ever so briefly.

You know by this voice what is right for you, what is true for you in this moment. There are no questions about it, not at the level of actually feeling your authentic self. Not a single question! It is pure simplicity. You know intimately that this is so. Take hold of this awareness, which paradoxically is to say—let go and let it take hold of you. Do not attempt to take it out of the moment, however. If you try to take truth out of the moment, you can at best only use it as a pointer.

These letters are in the same vein. I am speaking of my truth to you. But it is second-hand from my words to you; then it is already third-hand from you to any other audience. We must be frank about this. What we write here is not the Truth. It is only an interpretation of truth. Reader beware! Having said that, I now will be bold enough to say that this material, and likewise materials from any authentic Source, will stimulate the arousal of your own authenticity. It is for this reason that I repeatedly ask you to look beyond what I am saying and listen to your own heart.

From our truly genuine Source within, any action we take will be our destiny. Bear in mind though, each personal destiny begins small and, in essence, remains small. As it reaches out and touches the authenticity of other souls, it may seem to take on greater proportions. It may gather around it a resonance with other souls. But the destiny itself remains small, like the voice at its center. Any action or vision you create from this space will have an enormous power behind it. By virtue of the narrowness of the aperture, a commanding force will flow through you. But remember, even though the power is great, the destiny is still small. Reflect on that. Here’s a hint: greatness equals humility. Authenticity equals simplicity.

So, my suggestions are three: Notice, first and foremost, your own presence in the moment of Now. Do not add resistance to anything you are noticing. Follow your presence down into the space of authenticity within your being. From that Source allow the power of presence to return out, and create within your world. This is your destiny.

“That makes sense. But how does all this help us live through the Great Storm?”

Take small steps in the face of great challenges. Your world is an amazing place, even though it is in immense turmoil. Use these three suggestions to see through the turmoil to the peace and power that is always there. When something happens that disturbs you, as surely it will, remember what you are doing. You are moving into the state of faith.

“Faith? As in religious faith?”

No. That is generally a state of belief. Faith is not belief. Belief is a mental function; it is a bandage on top of doubt. It has no real substance except in the ego world. Belief will not save you. Doubts always remain repressed beneath it. You believe something when you might just as easily doubt it, with a simple twist of attitude.

Faith on the other hand is a substance. As Saint Paul wrote, it is the ‘substance of… things not seen’. It is also more than that. It is an actual being, a presence that will bolster you in the face of confusion and challenge. This is what the religions are actually intending when they talk about belief. Unfortunately, they usually do not know the difference. The mind chooses belief; and the followers of belief are left just holding the bandage. They brandish this about in the world, seeking converts to their opinions. Misery loves company. This is sad and pathetic. Belief covers over doubt; but it also covers over truth—and consciousness itself. Facing your doubts truly and authentically will allow you to see through their façade. It will give rise to your awakening, to a living faith.

Take active steps on behalf of your own salvation, your own awakening. Seize the opportunity to experience faith. Take hold of it down at your root level.

“So faith is a substance, and belief is an illusion. Interesting. What does this substance really do for us, though? What is its purpose? This still sounds religious to me.”

It can be. Yes. But it is more importantly dynamic and substantial. It is the Source, the principal and the origin of our being. To abide with it means we are immune to the harmful effects of the illusion. This is what I recommend for living through the transition times of the Great Storm. It will not eliminate your disturbing experiences; everyone must face these! All events are necessary to the process of evolution and to the awakening. Welcome what is with open arms. The state of faith sums up all three in one. It also adds the measure of its own integrity and life force.

Embracing faith adds a new measure of universal Life to your not-so-universal, personal existence. It is not faith in something, however. It is not thing-oriented. I’m speaking of faith without object—faith rather as a presence guiding every decision we make. This comes down to realizing who we really are, in the moment, in true deep consciousness, listening to that silent, small voice within.

Copyright _ 2009 by Robert Potter

…“So, why of all places, did you bring me to Jerusalem?”

Because this region, this city, more than any other, was in the eye of the Great Storm. Now it has become the center of our great sense of peace, both inner and outer. Why don’t we walk around a little more, and see some sites. Finish your drink and come with me.

[I take a last sip of the biting, anise liquid. Then I gulp some water and put down the small glass. You take my hand again, and I am a little apprehensive. Every time you do that, something hap-pens. Sure enough, as we touch, I feel a new kind of opening take hold of me. I’m being drawn into your psyche somehow. I feel my-self inside you, personally and intimately, like we are ancient friends, brother and sister, or even closer. I feel you opening to me.]

“What is this?” [I ask.] “What are you doing?”

I’m not doing anything at all, only holding your hand. [You say innocently.]

“But I’m feeling like I know you in a new way, and a very an-cient way at the same time.”

[You smile. The feeling is still there; and it is in motion, pulling me in deeper. I can hardly stand up. I stumble into you, and you offer me support. Now we’re off the square, moving down a nar-row, winding, side street. I regain my composure a bit, and survey the alley. My eyes are reluctant to focus, but I’m sensing that deep peace again. This place looks much like it has for several thousand years, I imagine. Pitted stone walls rise up closely on both sides, with small windows, adorned by flower boxes. The blossoms are colorful and cheery, even in the fading light. They revive me. Down the way is a crowded market area, with a jumble of wares hanging under awnings and piled on tables along the street. I’m still feeling myself drawn into you as you clutch my hand. I look at your face and your bright silver eyes with wonder. You stare back quizzi-cally.]

I don’t know exactly why you’re having this feeling, but it ob-viously has to do with our connection—as friends and long-time soul mates. It may be your visit to the threshold with Black, or part of your own awakening. That is something that will be accelerating in the near future, I assure you. It also may indicate that I am a kind of conduit for your soul, drawing you into your own destiny.

“Yes. That’s very much what it feels like. It just occurred to me that it also must have to do with this place. Doesn’t Jerusalem mean the ‘place of peace’ or something?”

It means many things to many people. You’re close. Shalom means ‘peace’, of course. But that is not the root word for the name of the city. The Hebrew word, Shalem, means ‘wholeness’; Jeru, means ‘legacy’. In the last 500 years, Jerusalem has come to be called ‘the city of wholeness’. But it is also appropriate to think about peace here. Jerusalem has become a place of profound peace today, after thousands of years of war.

In your days, it was the foremost center of contention on the planet. Jews, Christians and Muslims clashed over the city and the lands around it endlessly, each viewing the holy sites as their own in an intensely separative sense. The discord spread out in psychic waves from this center, and became the rationale for much friction around the globe.

“Jews and Christians clashed? I thought they were on the same side.”

As long as egos ruled, it was every side against the other. It might appear that the Christians were supporting the Jewish cause in Israel, but they were only doing so to justify their own beliefs and designs. This was, after all, the way of humans. It would not be any other way as long as you were humans.

Many great leaders struggled to resolve the conflicts over long periods of time, but they each represented sovereign perspectives on what a solutions might be. Try as they might, they could never reach accord among their core beliefs. Truly, there was no resolu-tion that would have satisfied the core beliefs of all the factions in-volved. This is the nature of ego-based psychology. Each side’s emotional attachments, religious certainties and refusal to yield, guaranteed in the Middle East that no one would ever achieve what they wanted.

The Jews and Muslims, as you know, went to war trying to ex-terminate each other’s beliefs as one solution. Another solution that was promoted over decades was a continuous cycle of attack, revenge, assassination and terrorism. Each of the religions, for in-stance, at the core of their dearest prophecies and doctrines, be-lieved contradictory destinies for the city we now stand in. This in-tractable state of affairs endured for many decades leading up to and through the Great Storm.

Most Islamic peoples felt that the Christian and Jewish behav-ior toward them was causing the problems and leading toward an-other world war. The Jews and Christians tended to feel it was all the fault of Islam. Each camp pointed to prophecies that foretold a cataclysm. Some Christians claimed to desire an ultimate war—Armageddon—because they believed it would hasten their religious objectives. Never mind that such a war would have de-stroyed the whole of world civilization.

“I had a vision of those clashes here, earlier. I can still see vivid images of fighting in these same streets we’re walking on.”

Passions rose to explosive proportions. There was great gnashing of teeth and spitting fire and brimstone from religious leaders and politicians. Mobs were raised, following the rhetoric of condemnation in many nations. Hatred, fear and irrationality swirled in the collective mind of man like never before in its history. It seemed there would be no stopping it! Every conflict in the world was either triggered or inflamed by what was occurring right here.

Yet there were events afoot, behind the scenes that finally manifested on the world stage. Leaders began to emerge in unlikely places, in unlikely ways. Subtle shifts happened that rippled out with enormous effect. Finally, here, something unprecedented happened. This holy city, in this sacred and magical land, gave birth to yet another one of its historic miracles. Here at the very center of the controversy, not far from where we are standing at this moment, a simple molecular adjustment began to unfold, way down at the tiniest levels of the human constitution, silently, unseen, shifting the balance in a totally new direction.

“Are you saying this is where the genetic mutation began? My vision, from before, showed me a state of profound peace de-scending on people here…”

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…“How do I find the Void?”

You find it, curiously, by not finding it, by looking where it shouldn’t be. It is revealed when all else is a-voided. I speak paradoxi-cally here, to loosen your mental grip. This need not be an exhaus-tive process. All you need is a firm and embodied intention.

“What’s that?”

An embodied intention is a desire that is embedded in your cellular being. You do this by directly sensing the tissues in your body. Once you find the Void, you will know it by its absence. You will feel like there is a very, very still space—a place of utter peace. It is electrifying, however. It defies understanding. It exudes a sense of bliss and profound energy, but it does not contain these things. It contains nothing at all. You cannot delineate the Void, or perceive it in any way. But you can identify with it. This is a fundamental paradox of the Cosmos—being without perception.

From there you simply allow, and infuse yourself with the magical stillness. Allow silence to come alive in you—she is a living being. For those who become accustomed to the practice, it only takes an instant to begin feeling the joy and the ticklish energy. Laughing and giggling at this point are the most natural reactions you can have. It is enhanced in the presence of others; there is an echo effect. Once the tiny spark ignites it will undulate upward and outward, through your body into the aura and air. It is like taking a warm shower of joy from the inside of your being.

“You’ve convinced me to try it. Thanks. By the way, a friend of mine has asked me to ask you a question.””

You are telling people about me?

“Yes. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

No problem. I just thought you would wait until we were fin-ished. But feel free to go ahead and talk. This message is intended for every human, eventually.

“Well, I have my doubts about whether every human will get this message.”

On the contrary, every human will get this message. Not from me and you necessarily. But every human is craving to know this message. You will hear it, most significantly, from within your own genes, as they mutate. This is, of course, the only place messages of truth can arise. This truth will help ease your transmutation. So, what is your friend’s question?

“She wants to know what your future looks like, from the time you’re living in? How do you relate to it? Have you tried to com-municate with it, like you have with the past? In other words, have you looked ahead as well as behind?”

This question is inevitable. The time project has indeed allowed us to look and speak into both directions. I cannot spend a lot of time right now relating an answer to this question, however, since it might distract us too much from my mission. Looking into the future has always been less clear than looking into the past, even before we created the time technology. This is because the past already has a layer of experiencing to it that the future does not. It has formal patterns that we can trace through the Now. The future, on the other hand, only has patterns of the unknown. But it too lies within the Now, and therefore, it can be traced.

In the case of this letter, I am moving into the past, even though I am coming from your future. I have you as a destination point to guide my trajectory.

Looking into the future does not relate to my project. Having said this, nevertheless we have made some tentative contacts with our year 1000.

“What have you found?”

Change continues to accelerate. Vigilans have, by no means, reached a final condition in the year 500. No age ever does, of course. Evolution is all about continuous and accelerating change. The beings of the year 1000 AI seem to have very little concern about us. We are just a given to them. They know we exist and that seems to be all they need to know.

These people are dwelling in the immediacy of their own mo-ment, using its divine energy as an inward propulsion system much more than any outward expression. They appear to be literally trav-eling within their own beings, and within the energy body of Con-scious Evolution. These people do not seem to have the limitations my world still has. They view their ethereal explorations every bit as real as any physical project might be for you or me. We would love to tap into their experiences more and perhaps apply what they have learned to our own inner research. Unfortunately, they have not been open to sharing much, so far…

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…”Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel very much alone, like there is no God, no spirit, nothing! It’s just me lying there, totally alone in the universe. I try to reach out to God or some spiritual essence, and I get nothing in response. I have to ask you, because you seem like someone who might have an an-swer. Why do many of us feel so lost and alone, even after a lifetime of seeking? Why would God, if God even exists, leave us feeling this way, without any direct communication? If God exists, why don’t we know it, constantly? Why don’t we really know when we really need to?”

First of all, God does not exist—not in the way you want him to. I say ‘him’, masculine, to emphasize the non-existent quality. God does not exist as an outside benefactor, some ascendant personage, waiting to attend your needs, ready to answer questions or calm your fears. However, as I’ve pointed out before, the creative, intelligent quality of the Cosmos does exist. It is Conscious Evolution, and it exists within the essence of your very awareness. Nothing exists outside of this awareness.

“But this is my point. I’m not aware of it when I want to be aware of it.”

Yes, indeed, you are not aware of it. But you know it. The prob-lem re-stated, is this: You are not aware of your own inner knowing. I’m talking about the essence of your awareness. This knowing is a deep instinct, hidden from your current waking mind. I understand your frustration, now more than I did at the beginning. The problem, for all humans, is one of alignment with your authentic being.

“I have recurring fears that I am not connected to anything. That is my real question. Is my sense of self and appreciation, to use your term, part of some larger consciousness that goes on after I die? Does that sense of self-awareness go on? Is there anything in me now that will continue, or go back into spirit? Has my life expe-rience contributed to that something? Or will it all just fade and dis-solve away into nothing at the end? This is my fear in a nutshell.”

The fact that you even have the fear of losing your awareness, or of being abandoned and meaningless in the greater sphere of creation, is evidence of the inner knowing I refer to. It is likewise evidence of your disconnection from it. Without the inner sensitiv-ity, the question would never be raised. Without the inner connec-tion you would not be having this conversation with me. I am an example of what you seek, right in front of you. But what you are really searching for is not assurance of your existence after death. You really want to know whether you truly exist at all, right now!

“That’s absurd. Of course, I exist!”

But you don’t, you see. You are just a figment of Cosmic imagi-nation. We all are. We are a projection from Source, out onto the screen of illusion that it has created to experience separation from oneness. We individuals are the embodied experience of divine de-tachment—a synonym for ‘projection’ in this case. The vigilan sense of appreciation is, at its root, this knowing of paradox; it is acceptance of separation in the midst of oneness, and individuality within an undivided whole. But understanding of this is hidden from the human being. That is why you ask about continuation of your awareness after death. You, the thinking individual—ego and mind—exist only ephemerally, as an illusion. The real you lies hid-den within the formlessness.

The awakening process of evolution is entirely about this ques-tion, the uncovering of your hidden awareness. Here is the way it works: You are God, my friend. We all are, universally, and in par-ticular. The energy of collective awareness that pervades and incu-bates the Cosmos in us, is what you are calling God. For the pur-pose of answering you, I will use your term God, though it is a name I rarely use.

God, if it’s any consolation to you, is in the same boat you’re in. The infinite divine intelligence took on aloneness and separation as a great experiment; Conscious Evolution has done this for the sake of its own awakening and feeling. That was a major turning point. God, as homo sapiens, broke off from its own divine being and sense of oneness to immerse itself here. The motivation behind this was a desire for feeling—the avenue into awakened presence…

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…“So, how does the new Earth work? Let me ask again. What kind of training ground is it now? What pushes forward your growth if you no longer have to struggle?”

Look at it from the soul’s perspective. For long ages, the means to gain practical wisdom, was to take on a separated physical, emotional and mental body. You, as a soul, were willing to do this, and to undergo great hardships and persecutions, lessons of life and death. At the soul level, you knew it would all work out in the end. All the pain and suffering, as well as happiness and satisfaction over many lives, would eventually produce enough experience to gratify the divine desire for wisdom.

As you, the soul, grew and matured, the weight of physical and emotional fatigue, plus upwelling spiritual lucidity to be sure, began to tilt the balance. The entrenched ego and mind now became more of a barrier to growth than a stimulus. The more experienced, older souls on the planet reached a critical mass, and the whole body of souls turned on its axis, swinging around collectively toward the paradigm shift.

“All right. I can see the way this was unfolding. But I still don’t see how souls can get the experience they need without the old system dynamics of separateness and forgetfulness.”

It takes longer; this is true; it is a gentler ascent now. Some souls, at all ages, prefer gentler learning experiences. These were the souls who remained together in the new paradigm. The learning curve we have now is more appropriate for those who remained. In spite of the dynamic changes, our new system still has much of the same structure as the old. The range of engagement is still about the same, from novice to graduate. We pack more experience into each life, and we live longer on the physical plane.

The major difference now is that the illusion associated with duality has been dissolved. Yes, we still live in a duality, form world. But we are clear that it is not our ultimate reality. Separative awareness is no longer part of the scheme. Ego, pain and suffering are largely gone. Awareness of Source, soul and repeated incarnation is a given. Importantly, the genetic structure no longer supports fear and ego inflation. This amounts to what I have mentioned repeatedly—a new system, a new species, a new Earth, founded on a deep sense of authenticity and appreciation. In a word: freedom…

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…”Oh My! I just had a thought. What you’re saying is that the ultimate goal of souls on Earth is not awakening or enlightenment. I guess I’ve always assumed that it was.”

You’re correct. Awakening is not some kind of divine end-point, as some might think. There is, in actuality, no end to soul growth. The goal is an ever-evolving maturity into wisdom and functionality in the Cosmic playground. As you grow, you will discover that the universe is a much more playful arrangement than humans were able to see on Earth.

“You’re saying that this world is created by us so that souls will develop experience? Well, for years now, I’ve been trying to do just the reverse. I’ve been trying to experience my soul! Is this counter to the flow of evolution? Am I working in the wrong direction, given my soul’s own mission?”

Not at all. Your question is one of the core paradoxes really. To desire to experience your soul, is actually to recognize a deeper process—that your soul desires to experience you. As you ponder and practice this, you are bridging into the union that is your destiny.

It is true that the Earth is a field for souls to gather life experience. But the Earth is also much more than that. It has a life and destiny of its own. The experience you are awakening to, in your desire, is the alignment with the whole of Conscious Evolution, both as a soul and as an earthly persona…

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