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Here you will find ‘Seed Links’ from this blog that will give you an understanding of the Letters.

The idea that someone can make contact with their future self and download information that is imperative to our continued success on this planet is at once startling and somewhat beyond our human beliefs. We ask that you approach this information with an open mind, and more important an open heart. As you read through the material  listed below you will hopefully find a resonance with it and have an interest in learning more. If so, please browse further into these stunning messages from our future.

If you can sit in the seat of your Divine Heart you will have access to the voice of your Soul. Listen deeply, you will hear the sound of silence and resonate in the home of truth.

Please click on any link below to read excerpts from Letters from 500.

To return to this page after reading a segment please click on ‘Access Letters’ at top of blog window.

Author’s Beginnings

Conscious Evolution

Three Suggestions

Three More Suggestions

Why Souls Come To Earth

Why Souls Leave The Earth

Why Souls Love The Earth

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