It is with great sadness that we face another round of cruel and inhuman treatment by fellow human beings toward others. Nowhere in the mythology of divine gods and goddesses do we see killing for the sake of the Divine Nature.

It is placed within all scripture as a means for men to glorify their lust for taking of life. No God, in the true sense of the word, would destroy that which is made up of It. That which is a part of It and that where only It exists.

We are fools to think that we are separate and apart from the Divine Being. Each and every one of us is that Being, as each and every atom inside us, makes us whole and is truly who we are. And we are the atoms of Divine Being, experiencing that which is life, defined by that Divine Self.

The ego, in its Divine Form, is a splendid exaltation of Self. In its lower self, its human self, it is an experiment with dire consequences. Our evolution beyond the lower nature of things is a slow process. We are close to the breakthrough, but the last legs of ignorance still linger within us and we are in great need of transforming  it once and for all.

This last leg does take great courage. It means that we must release ourselves from the clutches of greed and selfishness, hunger for power and recognition.

This is the greatest challenge humankind faces at this moment. Once we breakthrough to the side of unconditional Love, the Wave that regenerates the Absolute Beauty of Life, we will be saved. Until then “Nous Sommes Charlie.”

With that said, I am reposting the Epilogue from Letters from 500 here. It certainly is food for thought.

Why Souls Come to Earth

“O, I’ve recently been reading about a theory that the Earth is like a training ground for souls. I have a question for you.”


“Hey, you’re picking up the lingo, aren’t you. According to this theory, we proceed through many incarnations, from the beginning as young souls, to an end-point as old ones.”

Indeed it is so.

“They say we have a hundred or so lifetimes on this planet, in which we gradually gather a full range of practical life experiences. Finally, we graduate out of the system and move on to something else. Well, when I thought about what I was reading, I began to have some questions about the future you’ve been describing.”

This is more than a theory to me. I am living it. I know the reasons we’re here.

“So, what are those reasons?”

The simplest reason for coming to Earth is to have practical, physical experience that is not possible in the soul realm. When souls make the decision to come here, they buy into a broad commitment to become wiser and fuller beings in the cosmic arena. The purpose is growth, engagement and adventure. For any given soul, however, it is really only one event. All the many lives are mere aspects of that one, overarching event. It’s not like the soul has to keep renewing its vows with each life. Every incarnation is seen as simultaneous by the soul. (more…)