This is the 5th Volume in the group of books by Robert Lee Potter. In a time of deep peril around us, we can move into a greater expanse of consciousness with this read. Although hope for a better society seems unimaginable with the actions of today’s humanity, we can begin a new dream inside these pages. It’s worth a look. Who knows what resonance may stand forth.

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A Great Storm rages within the psyche of humanity. It is a climate change inside our species. Colossal social and environmental challenges threaten us, blazoned fiercely in our media and in our lives. If we could step back and peer through a lens of greater order, we might see that humanity is actually transforming, moving doggedly toward a ‘clearing’—beyond the storm. ‘Clearing’ can mean ‘dissolving’, ‘cleansing’, freeing’, and ‘opening’. All around us today, we find freedom stirring, even amidst alarming ignorance and repression. Could there be unseen opportunities on the horizon for our species? Bruce Tuckman, in 1965, defined four phases of group development: “forming, storming, norming, and performing.” Might we apply this scale to the overall course of human evolvement? Might we use it to explore what lies ahead for us? In this book we are being asked to use intention and imagination to consider ‘performing’ the next stage in our evolutionary drama: Awakening!