Whether or not you are following the marriage debate in the Supreme Court now it is interesting to see how the masculine energy has a specific agenda toward the idea of same-sex marriage and the female energy is more malleable to the concept of love between partners, and is not confused by the label that is so feared, marriage. The soul of our Constitution is crying for the lack of clarity we are expressing to its words. We are interpreting its concepts through fear and loathing. The Defense of Marriage Act and the right to Equal Rights as a human being, these are constructs of the Draconian CEOs of the human race. This holding on of old fears is the ego’s brilliant device for keeping us blind and bound. Ego is the task master of our plight here on earth, and It [Ego] is relentless in retaining its power. We could, of course, rise above this lower ego life and, like a good competitor, volley back and forth in a game of immense enjoyment. Since It is not going away, anytime soon, we could allow our egos to exist within our awakened self and lift it to our Soul’s desire for enlightened identity. 

The following is an excerpt from Letters from 500 – AMEN. The face of Ego, the need for Vigilance and the mis-understanding of Discipline and its divisive nature.

“I’ve observed enough of the way ego performs by now, to know that it takes much vigilance for you humans to slip out of its grasp. I did not mean ‘vigilance’ as a pun,” you laugh softly and stare into my eyes.

“You can look at this ego problem as a ‘battle’ if you want, or you can ‘play’ with it, like a game of hide-and-seek. Either way it’s quite a challenge, I’ll admit. My unintentional ‘vigilant’ pun, of course, reveals a truth behind the human dilemma. Basically, it’s a reminder of the need to be alert and watchful of your individual evolution. Your persona is gradually being unmasked.

“Yet the ego knows all your secrets. It flows along with your consciousness everywhere you go; sometimes it seems to sleep, sometimes it jumps into an opportunity to ‘defend’ you. Your human insecurities—not trusting the unknown—leave you vulnerable, available to be defended. When you feel uncomfortable, stressed or lonely, for example, ego looks around and sees a chance to help you escape and separate your mind from the moment. It wants you to keep relying on it, rather than just accepting ‘what is’. It offers you a distancing mechanism.” (more…)