“Somehow I don’t think I’m finished with my exploration of death,” I sigh. “Especially given that insight about resistance blocking my finding it.”

“I agree,” V sighs back.

“But moving on for now,” I allow. “Let me ask something about what you just brought up. Is ‘isness’ exactly the same as ‘what is’?”

“It is more than what you might normally consider to be ‘what is’. It is the Now, the deeper quality of the moment. To know your isness is to apprehend the essence of all creation—the ‘Great Isness’, shall we say? Who you are is a non-separate, non-detachable fragment of that. Your persona is an eye-slit in the mask of the Great Isness. The eyehole, of course, is what consciousness uses to peer through into your particular incarnation. Human beings identify so thoroughly with the ‘eyehole’ that they cannot see themselves as otherwise. Imagine, for instance, what a blow it would be for the ego to suddenly have no way of seeing. ‘No,’ says ego, ‘I am my eyes!’ And ego also says, ‘I am my mind!’ Imagine what a blow it would be to go mindless!”

I smile. “I’ve often wondered if I was going out of my mind. Is that the intention of your messages? Must we become mindless in order to understand the Life of Source?”

V explains seriously, “Yes and no. The mind has been a great boon to the advancement of your species. But it has now become more of a limiting factor in overall evolution; it blocks you from bridging your awareness into consciousness. The mind provides a home for the ego—a hiding place we might say. The most important single thing you can do as a human now is to move beyond thought and evolve out of ego. The mind still wants you to be its servant, but you must become the master. Evolution proceeds ever thus: Advances occur; they serve for a season; and then they need to be transcended. At this stage, what was once of great value becomes worthless; and more, a hindrance.” (more…)