And so we come to the final chapter in Life of Source. It seems that life on this planet is getting more unwound by the events that are tearing this humanity apart. One can imagine a SciFi movie of a doomed future, with buildings in rubble and people wandering the terrain with no hope. This could be the way it will be if we allow the ignorance to flourish. Finding those who are more in tune with planting seeds of awakening is the way we must go. There are many around us. Let’s reach out and join our hands with theirs.

Today Robert sent me a new stream resonating in the voice of Omis who participates in this adventure of the future:

“These books are ‘irregularities’, both in the way they are written—streamed—and in the content they offer. They speak in paradox of the Now, the past and the future as one. They are artifacts from another time—out of time—sprinkling evidence of the unknowable, invisible, seeming impossible things ‘unseen, yet hoped for’, longed for in your new dream—the icon of your evolution. In a phrase, they are intended to stimulate faith in the soul.”

And so it is, for now, in the Epilogue of Life of Source.


I am sitting in my room. V is only the memory of an inner voice to me now. Nevertheless, she is real enough. I rest content that we are completing this work. I feel we have founded her project well. I wonder at what last words she might have. I don’t have to wonder long.

V speaks straightaway, “There is lineage to Source that I would have you contemplate. It begins, obviously enough, with Source. And then it climbs, for lack of a better word, into echelon after echelon, spreading forth into the world of manifestation that we know. I will quickly list the progression and then return for further explanation.

First, Source flows into Life; then it embodies the I am state. From there it becomes Presence and thence, Vitality and Sensation. From there it enters the Senses, then Feelings and finally it comes to Mind. Here is the progression in brief: Source: Life: I am:  Presence: Aliveness: Vitality: Sensation: Senses: Feelings: Mind.”

I ponder for a moment what I’ve written down and then ask, “Why is ‘mind’ last? The list seems straightforward enough to me, except that mind is last. The progression seems, for the most part, to be moving from formlessness into form. Wouldn’t the mind fit in before ‘senses’ then?”

“Indeed, it would so seem to the human mind. The progression, however, is not simply from formless to form. It is rather the relative density of manifestation. Contrary to common human thinking, the mind is the densest part of you, physical form and matter notwithstanding. The physical world holds much that is light and etheric—such as the ‘field’ dimension. The mind, however, has taken on, as its role in you, the concretization of essence. It analyzes the progression out from Source and believes that it must condense all understanding into a finite block of comprehension. It craves structure and hard knowledge—density.

“Comprehension, as Omis recently pointed out, takes its meaning from the Latin, ‘grasp together’. Your minds would grasp and bind it all into a fixed system of logic and completed revelation. Mind represents the opposite of Source. Source has no ‘completion’ in its intention and destiny. Source is forever open, unfolding and realizing new realities—it begins again endlessly, instantaneously. Human minds insist on endings, answers and closure of understanding.

“Thus does mentation end the progression—or so it would seem to the mind. Reality, however, is not linear; the straight line exists only as a concept in the mind. Reality is curvy, open and endless.”

I sigh. “V, can you tell me where you’re going with this? What’s the objective here?” (more…)

Suddenly the world seems to be closing in, smaller and smaller it’s becoming. The lands are getting closer too, as though they were reforming into one land mass, as in the beginning. Cultures are clashing with each other as they try to assimilate, but they remain too far apart in their thinking and the movement is not harmonious. I seem to be floating above this fray and I look back in fear. Am I a part of all this and still tethered to it? So many are trying to shift the patterns that have kept us locked in darkness for so long. And yet we struggle with uncertainty. I am being pulled back by my own self-centeredness. Freedom is but a present moment away and I can sit there only slightly. I keep getting lost in that magic that would be the future. But there is no future, except in my mind. I exist only here, and now. If I could only re-mind my being of this moment and this moment and this moment…my future would be nothing and my being would be all that matters.

In short time, we will be releasing on this blog Robert’s new book, “Life of Source.” I hope you will stay with us for this exciting adventure. It is new information on the evolution of our humanity. Peace!

Life of Source

Thanksgiving is such a soulful holiday. Unlike all the religious holidays, with all the hoopla surrounding them, Thanks Giving is just that, the day for consciously Giving Thanks. For most of us, we are thankful for good health, good living, good friends and good times. Along with those, today I am giving thanks for the new messages that are coming from our brothers and sisters 500 hundred years in future time.

The stream is flowing once more and it is bringing us “Life of Source.” From the outset of this new information Robert has decided to post each chapter on the blog as it clears the physical plane.

So, Thanks for Giving us this amazing gift future selves. We love you as we love ourselves and look forward to your wisdom guiding us through the portal of transformation.

Life of Source


“Shall we begin then?” I murmur, still a little doubtful.

“Yes. There is no time like the moment.” This is a voice I know from my travels in the future dimensions. “I am the one you have called ‘B’, after the black robes I wear. But you know this color is only symbolic of something much deeper. Here, look closely once again.”

I feel, more than look, at the fabric she holds up to me. And yet I do see it; I touch it and press my fingers into its rich, thick texture. It is very dark, yet not a flat black. There is a magical depth in its color; it is streaked with occasional crimson threads. And the fabric sparkles; it brims with energy. I’ve always heard that black is the ‘absence of color’. But there is no ‘absence’ in this blackness. It invites me to search deeper into it, to behold a rare beauty and fullness. The cloth has a distinctive presence of its own—it’s alive!

The soft, strong feminine voice continues, “Notice the sparkles. Our scientists have developed a material that magnifies the true light of individual atomic particles. Thus, even individual electrons and photons register upon our vision. The point of this is not merely decorative; it provides us a direct, ocular connection into quantum reality. It leads our perception straight into essence.”

“I see what you mean,” I murmur, looking intently into the cloth. ‘The light is not reflective. I used to think it was picking up light from the surroundings. But no—it’s coming right out of the fabric—tiny, tiny sparks. I love it.”

B’s voice answers, “So do I. That’s one reason I wear it, of course. I also love the continuous reminder of the Void. These sparkles are symbols of the Threshold. They are more than mere symbols though, to be sure; in a physical sense, they literally are the Threshold.”

“OK. Are you saying the ‘subatomic’ is the Void? And the tiny particles are the doorways into that?”

“Almost, yes. You are coming to a new revelation. The subatomic field could be called the Threshold. And the non-locality, of and within it, is the emptiness.” (more…)