Portal of Karma

This was downloaded by Robert on November 11, just after the election. Not much I can add to this except … More

Come Together Right Now…Over We

Have you noticed that this election has produced a sentiment, not of extremes, but of moderation? Both parties made strides … More

Unenlightened Action Is The New Cool…

Is it our ignorance that seduces us, to always be unwavering about what we believe to be the truth? Isn’t it possible … More

Looking To Our Past To Navigate Our Present

In this most turbulent of times, protesting for civil rights, I wonder if those who sacrificed their lives and freedoms … More

Are We True Believers, Or Just Deceivers?

    “We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.” “Here is the true meaning and … More

Consciousness, Evolving Consciously…

How small we are in this thing of dreams, no Wonder to enthrall, How minuscule, how thinly masked, that grit … More

The Calm After The Storm

    No verse today to prologue this wire, No words, no thoughts moved in to inspire. The whispers, they … More

Deep Within The Road That Carries Many Lives Mantle…

  [The following is a repost from Letters from 500 “Three Suggestions.” Reminders are wonderful things, especially now, in a … More

Letter Eleven “After The Fall” (Final Installment)

(Memorial Day)   If all the flags that are displayed from house to house today could be but an energy … More

Letter Eleven “After the End” (2nd installment)

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