Photo Montage_5568ab(1800px)

[This montage image was produced with a series of photos taken with an iPhone while imagining nothing and beginning with no idea for the outcome. It was spontaneous combustion, through the sheer joy of experimentation and exploration. A photographic doodle of sorts.]

The world of form is enlivened by our senses, without which we would have no response to life. Those senses spark emotions inside us that play with the mind and move us to communicate responses. We are the experience of our perceptions.

With all the shuttering-in we’re a part of now I thought it would be nice to post back our “Journey to 500.” A guided meditation through time, it can be a salve and a calming for our jittered state. So put on the headphones, find a gazing point and get ready for your flight into the future of your mind, your body and your soul.


On June 5th Robert will be offering a presentation of Letters from 500 at the AHA Center [Association for Higher Awareness] in Morristown, NJ. We are inviting all of you who are available to attend this evening’s presentation. The admission fee is $10.00.

The AHA Center information is as follows:
(973) 627-8012 39 Maple Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

I hope to see you there.