Walk the well-worn path of life with destiny by your side. A chance to alter that footprint sent down as a roadmap, and we take it. Notice that veil that obstructs our view? See through it. Yes! Those clouds of uncertainty gone with the breath of a trillion cells. “I’m awake, awake,” you cry.

Now, that once arduous path seems so clear of debris. The steps, a burden to the mind, nothing more. And, what wonderful laughter follows this glorious recognition. Was it that simple, all the time that simple? A fool would know it. No noise clogging those thoughts. And now, to see the light so clear, so pure.

Painful it was that life of madness. Childish, but not playful. Ignorance lacking the true bliss that it bemoans. You see, we come to play the game of consciousness. Play it in a field of challenging perfection. There is no guarantee. Life here holds none. To be sure, the rest is well worth the travel. Knowing our part of it gives glory to all that is. What more do we need to manifest that sea of silence? In that sea lies the truth.

© 2018 Stefan Bright

This voice has been quiet for some time. The silence exists out of the depth of the formless. Sitting with this state has energized the heart and settled the mind. There is no reason to voice when voicing adds nothing to the present moment and only disturbs the dynamic vibration of silence. There are no questions to answer for the time being, for the being rests outside time. This is the state of mystery that is cleared in a heart beat. I have passed strangers, in the strangest places, who have gazed back at me with the recognition of the One. We have been put in this place to rediscover our true Self. This discovery lies within the simplest understanding and it is no more than that. Close your eyes and sense the truth that vibrates closer than anything else. Closer than the breath that animates the form. Whoosh! We are One…