The blogger DivineGrace and her blog Soul Love has made a great point about Twin Souls and their relationship on the earth plane and beyond the veil. It is a perfect time to explore another excerpt from “Fierce Grace,” the Baba Ram Dass story after his stroke. I have watched this movie so many times, because it hits at the heart of love and compassion and the absolute knowing the Divine Heart has. There is no purer aspect of love then that which comes through this segment of the film. Every time I watch this it moves me to tears, with an understanding that is so great it will open the space for your soul to fly untethered, and the sense of freedom you will experience is that which we have longed for throughout this journey of re-membering.

This blog has recently gotten recognition from another blogger DivineGrace, whose blog is entitled Soul Love. She visited Letters and was kind enough, or interested enough, to  read through several of our posts here. Peaking my interest, I clicked on to her Soul Love and found that her posts elevate the consciousness of the reader and evoke a purity of love that is missing in so much of our lives. The title Soul Love pretty much sums up the essence of her writings and I would recommend a visit. It will brighten your auric field and delight your inner child.

Since there are no coincidences in life, it was surely synchronistic that the day I was writing on Why Souls Love the Earth I ventured into the world of DivineGrace and the door to Soul Love opened for me into another realm. This seems to be the pattern for Conscious Evolution, to move us above the spectre of our species self destruction and awaken the pearls from their beds of slumber. Now it is time to continue the discussion, as this is a celebrated weekend for remembrance and the Soul is ever more successfully chopping through the underground of our consciousness and exposing the dense fabric to the light of delight. While you meditate on the memory of your beginning let the following excerpt enhance your resonance and expand your field into Delight’s ever-loving embrace.

“How is wisdom a twin of love? I’ve always wondered about so-called ‘love-wisdom’.”

You answer, “Love is intimate knowing. So is wisdom. The distinction our minds perceive hinges on the nuances of ‘intimacy’. One side of this metaphorical ‘hinge’ swings into profound, personal closeness; the other swings toward the depths of integrated intelligence. Both definitions merge when we contemplate ‘intimate knowing’. Love places emphasis on the intimacy, while wisdom focuses on the knowing. As one, they employ an identical power in nature. Such is the duality of Oneness.”

I ask, “The soul has duality?”

“Ah, but of course. You know about ‘twin souls’. You know about the dark night of the soul, and the bright solar angel. You know that the soul is the bridge between two shores, linking heaven and Earth.”

“Well, yeah. I guess that means there is some kind of duality.”

“As love-wisdom—via the soul—approaches the Earth plane, it creates the game of yin and yang. Love’s presence encounters ‘objects’ of love. Wisdom meets particularized, objective knowing. Projected Oneness transforms into individualized duality. In terms of projection from Source, the soul becomes a lens for all sacred properties shining into us.

“So, why do souls love the Earth?” (more…)