V speaks in a more professorial tone, “Let me offer a theory for your consideration. In the progression from formlessness to form—spirit to matter—there is a gradual crossover from one to the other—from Oneness to individuality—and back out again. It is cyclical. There is a scale of gradated immersion into the material plane—varying degrees of physicality. The electron and other subatomic particles, for example, are less material—more formless—than the atom; the atom is less material than the molecule; the molecule less material than the cell. By the time we ascend outward to the level of our daily experience, matter is fully formed and as dense as it gets.

“Our individuated scale is the densest of all—the apotheosis of matter; conversely you can say we are the nadir of spirit. At the same time, we are in a middle range of dimensionality. If we ascend the scale up and outwardly beyond ourselves—to the planets, stars, and galaxies, the essence thins out and begins to return toward formlessness—away from the dense material manifestation. By the time you get to the level of the whole known universe, form begins to vanish again altogether, into formlessness. You can literally see this when you gaze out at the night sky. The indigo blackness of outer space is the infinite face of formlessness; it is the Threshold of the Void.

“In a similar vein, the neo-platonic philosophers of the Renaissance held that ‘man is the center of creation’ dimensionally—that is, equally small and large referenced to the range of cosmic and atomic perspectives.

“Consciousness frames all this progression of density and dimensionality, ranging to the outermost and innermost thresholds of formation. It both gives form to energy and receives energy back out of form. On the human scale, we live out our incarnate lives within the densest material level. But Life is not limited to just our level; Life exists throughout all echelons—great and small—throughout all dimensions.

“Your human sciences cannot accept that galaxies are alive, for instance. But they are. Likewise, Life is intimately present in the tiniest subatomic particles. You cannot tell these forms are alive, because you cannot measure Life. At these other—greater or lesser—levels, Life is much less dense, much more spacious; it is also more timeless.”

I shake my head, concerned. “This is a bizarre theory. I’ve never heard anything like it. I’ve heard of the involution of spirit into matter, but this size thing is a whole new twist. How can you say a planet is less dense than a human being?” (more…)

Thanksgiving is such a soulful holiday. Unlike all the religious holidays, with all the hoopla surrounding them, Thanks Giving is just that, the day for consciously Giving Thanks. For most of us, we are thankful for good health, good living, good friends and good times. Along with those, today I am giving thanks for the new messages that are coming from our brothers and sisters 500 hundred years in future time.

The stream is flowing once more and it is bringing us “Life of Source.” From the outset of this new information Robert has decided to post each chapter on the blog as it clears the physical plane.

So, Thanks for Giving us this amazing gift future selves. We love you as we love ourselves and look forward to your wisdom guiding us through the portal of transformation.

Life of Source


“Shall we begin then?” I murmur, still a little doubtful.

“Yes. There is no time like the moment.” This is a voice I know from my travels in the future dimensions. “I am the one you have called ‘B’, after the black robes I wear. But you know this color is only symbolic of something much deeper. Here, look closely once again.”

I feel, more than look, at the fabric she holds up to me. And yet I do see it; I touch it and press my fingers into its rich, thick texture. It is very dark, yet not a flat black. There is a magical depth in its color; it is streaked with occasional crimson threads. And the fabric sparkles; it brims with energy. I’ve always heard that black is the ‘absence of color’. But there is no ‘absence’ in this blackness. It invites me to search deeper into it, to behold a rare beauty and fullness. The cloth has a distinctive presence of its own—it’s alive!

The soft, strong feminine voice continues, “Notice the sparkles. Our scientists have developed a material that magnifies the true light of individual atomic particles. Thus, even individual electrons and photons register upon our vision. The point of this is not merely decorative; it provides us a direct, ocular connection into quantum reality. It leads our perception straight into essence.”

“I see what you mean,” I murmur, looking intently into the cloth. ‘The light is not reflective. I used to think it was picking up light from the surroundings. But no—it’s coming right out of the fabric—tiny, tiny sparks. I love it.”

B’s voice answers, “So do I. That’s one reason I wear it, of course. I also love the continuous reminder of the Void. These sparkles are symbols of the Threshold. They are more than mere symbols though, to be sure; in a physical sense, they literally are the Threshold.”

“OK. Are you saying the ‘subatomic’ is the Void? And the tiny particles are the doorways into that?”

“Almost, yes. You are coming to a new revelation. The subatomic field could be called the Threshold. And the non-locality, of and within it, is the emptiness.” (more…)


I awoke this morning wanting to write poetry.

I lay there thinking about how the stars in space continue to move away from each other—at unimaginable speeds. We are like them in many ways; we want togetherness—twin suns, solar systems, galaxies, limitless bands of galactic webs. Three quarters of all stars in the universe are ‘twins’. We all want to move closer. But in the same wanting, we push away. Wanting, is itself, a pushing away—against ‘what is’.


Aging is such an interesting, frightening, enlightening process. It’s an opportunity to really wake up—if we would—to be alert to the forces that hold us together with one hand and push us apart with the other.


The great teachers have said it’s an illusion that we are ‘separate’, they say the universe is all One, that ‘all this’ is Allah… or God or Source. We can even feel this force directly for ourselves at times. it is in our flesh and bones, blood and breathing. Yet we are held away, drawn away, to live and carve out our ‘individual’ lives for a few score years on Earth. How quickly it all dissolves back down to essence though!

Oneness is this. It is not a fuzzy, warm, smarmy thing at all. It strips us to the bone, to the atom down. Down. Down. Wake up! The message of separateness is that we must go beyond all form to find Oneness. We must crush all our atoms into mist to find Openness. That message will not cease to pound us in the ears (and hearts) as long as we are identified, in even the slightest way, with forms.



I can’t keep reiterating enough, that we intuitively know that the Oneness Choir resounds with the greatest sound of any other sound. I’m a sound guy so sorry for all the sound imagery, but you know what I mean. The form world is made up of multiple egos on every level, perhaps this is the Divine Ego in its greatest form, and the natural tendency of ego is to be separate from all else. Atoms to Galaxies to Universes there is a push-pull that keeps the mechanism working seamlessly. This is what gives us the ability to manifest in an evolving stream. I am sympathetic to all that is happening around me now and my tears are just as strong for the ‘bad guys’ as they are for the ‘good guys,’ however my devotion to truth makes my tears for bad guys tears of disbelief and for good guys tears of hope. this is a purely emotional, empathetic approach, not an approach that stems from the highest wisdom. But, I am human and enjoy the emotional catharsis it provides and when I am deep within my formless self I intuit that it is all good. 

Robert, as always you are right on point. I’m glad you stirred the pot a little today.


From V (the Voice of the Void, speaking through B):

“To know your isness is to know the isness of all creation—the ‘Great Isness’, shall we say. Who you are is a non-detachable fragment, an eye-slit, of the Great Isness. The eye-slit, of course, is what you use to peer through the mask—the persona—of your particular incarnations. Human beings identify so thoroughly with the ‘eye-slit’ that you cannot imagine yourselves otherwise. Imagine, for instance, what a blow to the ego going blind would be. ‘No, I am my eyes!’ And, from extension, ‘I am my mind!’ Imagine what a blow to the ego going mindless would be!

“The intention of this message is to aid you all to identify with your true identity. The one that lies beyond form, beyond Life itself even. Source. Source is the ancient of days, the ‘one about whom naught may be said’. To ‘say’ would be to put a form on it. It would then become ‘untrue’. Source has no form. It IS truth! It generates all form, yes. But the intention here is to connect you and transmute you, not to form you, not to give you another form to identify with.

“Begin again! This has been a relentless mantram and initiative for all the ages. Why? It’s not just that it keeps us moving, aspiring, inspiring, breathing. It’s not just that creation is always a beginning, unendingly. Beginning again is a pointer into how the dissolution and evolution of the universe operates beyond separation.

“As we truly begin again, we must shake off the baggage and chains of the past. And we must embrace the unknown. The ‘unknown’ presses every button in our psychic array. It makes us sit up, shake, and know intimately this moment, this Now. ‘What’s next? It could be frightening! It could take me far out of my comfort zone!’

“The most basic nature of our duality awareness—the heart and the head—demands that we feel alone, abandoned, separated off from the Oneness that we innately know we are. ‘What a cruel trick of incarnation and nature!’ But no. Not a trick; just another pointer. The head is one eye-slit; the heart is the other. To ‘begin again’ is to take off the mask. It is to find the merger point, the rising point, that brings the two together and mimics the One, the Source. The third eye is the first eye, the One Eye. Christ said “If thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light.” To ‘begin again’ is to focus your attention (light) in the single eye.”

Joyous New Year! A time when reflection and introspection can spark a conscious wave of awakening to the muddled mind, that has been sequestered from the true nature of existence, through the mental noise and visual distractions of the material plane. This is the world we live in, but we don’t have to abide by it. Now we are getting signals from our successors that the time has come for a more conscious drive toward waking up out of the dream.

The myth that we use only 10% of our brain power has been rightly reversed among scientific circles. Of course we use 100% of our brain function, else we would not be whole as human beings. What is now becoming a more important part of the conversation is the activation (turning on) of multiple strands of DNA, leading to a more awakened being. The question is who is doing the ‘turning’ on? Some over-lord that controls this part of the universe perhaps or maybe it’s the god that we pray to, the god created by man to serve man’s will. 

Okay. This is just part of the illusion we bathe in every second of every day, as we stay [dulled down and mired] in the waves of unconscious living. Now that the Mayan calendar has come to a close and the new cycle has begun, it’s time for us to get our molecules together and add some amperage to the currency of life. With the help of Conscious Evolution, which is an ongoing process of the Soul’s creative force, we can turn on some more light. 

I have excerpted this passage from Book Two – Portal, which describes they way we can start the process of seeing beyond the illusion. I hope you will take the time to try it out. After some  practice you will see a new world before you. One that has pure intelligence, living and breathing all around, and within our grasp. Here’s to Day One of the New Exploration…Happy Journey…

“Being able to see into the Void is the most urgent matter of all in the coming years of your time. Your illusion will be crumbling all around you in many ways. It obviously needs to. This is happening right now before your eyes—in your news media, in your politics, in your personal lives. Behind all the crumbling lie other illusions, ready to replace the one you’re currently in.

“If you do not comprehend what lies behind all the illusions, you will simply substitute one of these others for the current one. It may perhaps be fresher, shinier and more comforting for a while. But it will still be an illusion. The opportunity you now have, as a species, is to realize reality! To enter true empowerment, you must be able to touch the Source of your power. That means knowing the Void!”

“Would you please tell me, then, how can we see the Void more clearly in ordinary life?” (more…)