There is that moment showered in grief and sorrow when the center of your body seems to lose all feeling. Even that pit in your stomach is gone. The emptiness that prevails is both alarming and curious, for within that moment there appears a vibration that creates such a harmonic blend of light that you feel a tremendous sense of aliveness. If you are at all in tune with that vibration you are blessed with a feeling of love that transcends the mind-body experience. For all-at-once, you vibrate into that space where all things and no-things preside. You can feel it so deep in your molecular structure that taking flight is no longer a myth. You are there in that place between all worlds where the Divine touches the physical plane. It is wondrous.

Life is changing as we know it. Even if the ignorance, that lords over this planet, remains somewhat intact, the many who rise above the loneliness of separation from the one will be born into a new life of Gratitude and Grace. If nothing else, we will enjoy a life of empathy and compassion for our fellow humans.


This voice has been quiet for some time. The silence exists out of the depth of the formless. Sitting with this state has energized the heart and settled the mind. There is no reason to voice when voicing adds nothing to the present moment and only disturbs the dynamic vibration of silence. There are no questions to answer for the time being, for the being rests outside time. This is the state of mystery that is cleared in a heart beat. I have passed strangers, in the strangest places, who have gazed back at me with the recognition of the One. We have been put in this place to rediscover our true Self. This discovery lies within the simplest understanding and it is no more than that. Close your eyes and sense the truth that vibrates closer than anything else. Closer than the breath that animates the form. Whoosh! We are One…