Absorbed in deep contemplation, down beyond the chatter of life, I find that space where silence reigns and darkness turns to light. Where peace moves in, on golden threads, caressing my numinous heart. The current of multi-dimensions rushes through, dancing eternity’s infinite beat. I’m lost, away from the world I’ve known, and rapt in the newness of the world I’ve been born out of, from the beginning of time. Where time never exists.

And then a voice peeks through, with a hushed whisper of recognition. Not a sound it makes, but a silent nod of familiarity. It speaks in realizations, and I can understand every meaning, though those meanings come with no words, it’s knowing just the same. It plays with my heart, and the strings pluck magic from the air. I am complete in this silent conversation. All manner of things unfold before me. It is beyond awe. For awe has never felt a thing like this.


Forty-seven years ago I started down the road of meditation practice. It has taken me on many journeys and has saved me from disillusionment, depression, anxiety, and the like. It has been a close friend, especially in those times of need, but most certainly in all times. One of the benefits of meditation, as teachers will tell you, is the place of peace that it can immerse you in. Though a quieted mind is one of the benefits of this peace there also arises a voice out of the silence that has no sound and no thought. It is an intuitive connection to the higher essence of you, that has animated the physical being of YOU. As we are now, this essence sits behind a veil of unknowing. This unknowing keeps the physical and mental constructs of your being from seeing the truth behind the veil. Meditation can lift that veil and introduce you to the Source that animates you and knows all that is. Of course, there are many teachings and practices that are part of the cornerstone of this connection with Source, but with some gentle love applied to yourself and the information given below, we can start the journey of removing the illusion of life and fulfill our Soul’s dream of immersion into the reality of Source. Let’s all start to have a conversation with our All-Self. 

Robert’s Conversation with All-Self #33 – 05/15/19

Space for Healing

RP: Good afternoon, AS. It’s comforting to know that you are present at any time I want to contact you. In fact, I am motivated to have these conversations largely as a form of comfort for me—at least today. I’m feeling rather fragile right now. In part, it has to do with my credit card being hacked, having to deal with a bunch of fraudulent charges, and all the complications that go with that. In any case, thank you for being there.

AS: Wouldn’t you be disappointed if I was totally silent all of a sudden—but no. … just ‘messing’ with you, as they say. I’m happy to be here with you—any time. Bear in mind that for many of your compatriot humans there is no recourse such as you have. They do not know they could have access to their own soul. It is a sad thing. You are blessed, friend, to have come to this awareness and connection. I am blessed by this connection as well.

RP: Wow. I never thought about people in general not having access to their own souls. Is that just because they don’t know and haven’t tried?

AS: Yes. There is a lot of disbelief out there, along with all the ‘beliefs’ people have. In fact, the two are intimate twins. If you place your mind in the hands of a belief system, you immediately take on the spectrum of everything opposite to it. In the thrall of any belief, you are also subject to doubt and fear—to wit, that the contrary condition may exist. Belief is designed—by the mind—to counter disbelief.

And so, there is ‘no soul’ for many individual minds in the world today. Science generally disallows its existence. Philosophies and religions do not offer much solace either. For many of them, the soul is a remote or ephemeral ghost that plays no active role in their lives; it comes to account only at the time of death, if that. And Buddhists take any expression of ‘self’ or soul as a mere temporary assemblage of memories and impressions upon the surface of living.

There is much misunderstanding about the soul. You have studied this subject a great deal and I’m sure you know what I’m telling you. For the vast majority of humans, ‘soul’ is nothing much more than a word, like ‘god’ or ‘spirit’. It does not carry the sense of a living identity that can participate, say, in a dialogue. It is often seen as just a quality of being that may provoke some small degree of curiosity, but it does not move the person to investigate within himself or herself.

RP: Well, that is indeed a sad situation. Why am I so privileged to have this special relationship with you? Am I just lucky? Or, in my more pessimistic attitude, am I just deluded to think I have you talking to me? I may just be volleying words back and forth in my mind. (more…)

Thanksgiving is such a soulful holiday. Unlike all the religious holidays, with all the hoopla surrounding them, Thanks Giving is just that, the day for consciously Giving Thanks. For most of us, we are thankful for good health, good living, good friends and good times. Along with those, today I am giving thanks for the new messages that are coming from our brothers and sisters 500 hundred years in future time.

The stream is flowing once more and it is bringing us “Life of Source.” From the outset of this new information Robert has decided to post each chapter on the blog as it clears the physical plane.

So, Thanks for Giving us this amazing gift future selves. We love you as we love ourselves and look forward to your wisdom guiding us through the portal of transformation.

Life of Source


“Shall we begin then?” I murmur, still a little doubtful.

“Yes. There is no time like the moment.” This is a voice I know from my travels in the future dimensions. “I am the one you have called ‘B’, after the black robes I wear. But you know this color is only symbolic of something much deeper. Here, look closely once again.”

I feel, more than look, at the fabric she holds up to me. And yet I do see it; I touch it and press my fingers into its rich, thick texture. It is very dark, yet not a flat black. There is a magical depth in its color; it is streaked with occasional crimson threads. And the fabric sparkles; it brims with energy. I’ve always heard that black is the ‘absence of color’. But there is no ‘absence’ in this blackness. It invites me to search deeper into it, to behold a rare beauty and fullness. The cloth has a distinctive presence of its own—it’s alive!

The soft, strong feminine voice continues, “Notice the sparkles. Our scientists have developed a material that magnifies the true light of individual atomic particles. Thus, even individual electrons and photons register upon our vision. The point of this is not merely decorative; it provides us a direct, ocular connection into quantum reality. It leads our perception straight into essence.”

“I see what you mean,” I murmur, looking intently into the cloth. ‘The light is not reflective. I used to think it was picking up light from the surroundings. But no—it’s coming right out of the fabric—tiny, tiny sparks. I love it.”

B’s voice answers, “So do I. That’s one reason I wear it, of course. I also love the continuous reminder of the Void. These sparkles are symbols of the Threshold. They are more than mere symbols though, to be sure; in a physical sense, they literally are the Threshold.”

“OK. Are you saying the ‘subatomic’ is the Void? And the tiny particles are the doorways into that?”

“Almost, yes. You are coming to a new revelation. The subatomic field could be called the Threshold. And the non-locality, of and within it, is the emptiness.” (more…)