A Point of Light in the Distant Darkness

I have been looking for inspiration over the last few weeks, for new words to present herein. Because of the ignorance we are experiencing presently, among those who legislate the rules of the game, we are hanging our heads in sadness, knowing there is a more righteous path to saving this world that is crumbling before our eyes. Those who sense life from the depths of the heart’s ‘knowing’ can feel the way, and understand that this is just the pattern Conscious Evolution has put on the path to transform present life and ready it for the next step. We are definitely confused and yet there seems to be a clearing ahead. It is only a point of light in the distant darkness, but yesterday there was none and we stood on the edge of an apocalyptic eventuality, only to be spun quickly in a new direction. 

I reached out to the new book of “Letters” for inspiration. It has been a tower of strength for me when I have moments of doubt and this is no exception. I was inwardly directed to find this passage at the end of Letter 47 “Faith and Magic” and the beginning of Letter 48 “Fire.” It speaks to everything I just mentioned and more. It is the information we need to fill our minds with now and let trickle down into our hearts, for the heart will be gladdened by it and our spirits will send signals of recognition back to our minds. 


“What is about to unfold on our planet—in your time—is a wonderful transformation, up from the roots of the Earth, through your body and soul, into the divine sky. Matter into spirit and spirit into matter. Thus, will Oneness be proclaimed and known within the population and in the individual. The events that bring this about will be clear and present magic for all to see. Only those with the most recalcitrant hearts will reject the obvious. And even they will, in the end, find no solace in their denial.”

Your voice begins, melodically, “Magic, however, is already welling up from within your own species. We do not send magic back with you. Rather, we send the silent song, from the still, small voice, as we have come to know it in our species. What we send is this: the stimulus toward recognition of the vesica, lying at the root of you. We send a way, for anyone who cares, to hear the silence that sings there.

“We are delivering back to your time the key to hear your own inner voice as never before beneath your separatism and fear, and to resonate with it. It is a subtle note of music—of the muses—which will trigger the vibration of your DNA. This vibration will put you into a state of readiness.”

O.M. Speaks. “What we are saying, in the most practical terms, is that the portal you’re constructing is both the physical and psychical bridge. Once opened you will stand firmly at both ends of the bridge within your own selves. You will be both human and vigilan, alternating inside your own consciousness. Part of the time you will be human, with ego-mind still dominating. But the other part you will be free of ego, transformed, and indeed formless.

“For any human living today who has recognized the approaching mutation, there is the opportunity, right now, to live with one foot in each universe. What does this mean in your daily lives? You may feel ‘crazy’ at times, torn between your divided natures. At other times, however, you will feel the opening into your destiny of freedom and peace and empowerment. You will feel both duality and Oneness—like never before.”

I swallow hard, “I’m already feeling crazy a lot of the time. But I’m also feeling like there is a new world being born inside me. I have sensed what you describe on both sides of that bridge.”

You reach out of the darkness and touch my arm with your long fingers. Your silver eyes are shining, reflecting the pulsing curtains of the aurora. They pierce into my eyes. I feel deep emotion in you.

“This is because you have found and created your portal. It is now active, as you know. You know also that I have asked you to remain in your ego world for a time longer. This will not be without its difficulties, I’m afraid. But you understand now why it is necessary.”

“I understand. You need a bridge for your letters.”

Green speaks now from behind me, “And I too am a bridge for the other side of our equation. I understand as well. We reach across wide distances, our group.”

Old Man leans down over G, who is seated, staring into his face, “You and I shall meet in time, my friend—as one being. Yes, even in time! Come. For now, however, let us go to the fire. There we will find that bridge we’ve all been imagining. 


We follow one another down the hallway under the stars and the aurora, then out into the field. Immediately I see a blazing fire not far off. I’m drawn to it like a moth. I start walking, but hesitate. Touching your arm, at last I pull you aside.

“I don’t understand something,” I whisper, “though I know you’re right. I feel that. How is it that we can be in two universes as the same time? When I return home will I somehow be aware of both places inside me? How can this not be rather schizoid, crazy?”

“Everything is inside you, whether here or there, whether crazy or calm. There is only Now. There is no true and lasting separation. Nothing can escape the Now to be separate from it. The Now is Oneness. The two universes are one, linked by the portal inside you. This is the realization to take back with you. You will begin to experience it more fully over time—now that you’ve been told about it. It is not for your minds or emotions to grasp. It is a sensation, a deep streaming. That feeling, at the level of truth, is the mirror reflection of emotion.

“Your craziness, as humans, is based on emotional feelings that your minds fail to interpret and appreciate. But even emotions have inner potential. They can link into depth. The insanity you may feel emotionally can actually open you to the sensations streaming from Source.”

I nod my head, absorbing your words. O.M. and G have moved ahead of us and now are taking places in the circle around the fire.

You watch the people assembling as you speak to me, “What you feel with your deepest sensations comes from the new universe. In the moments of resonance with that, you are a transformed being. You may still be physically inhabiting the old universe. But you have manifested the portal and the bridge in yourself. This is the key teaching of this second book. It is that you can live—right now, where you are—in both worlds, the old and the new, the ego and the evolved. The more you resonate with this understanding, the more you will invite in the destined mutation of the your own genome. The more each of you performs this function, the more others around you will as well.”

“This makes sense.” I reply. “I’ve already felt it occasionally in my time. Right now in fact, I can feel the old, ego world still inside me while I’m here. But what’s my role in this? Do humans need to hear about this from me in order to open their portals?”

“No. They only need to pick up the resonance around them in the ethers. There are many ways to open portals; and the forms they take are myriad. Many humans have already opened their own portals and are now joining them to others in a grand network around the globe, without ever knowing these letters exist. They may not call them ‘portals’; they may not recognize a new universe as such. It does not matter. What matters is that the passage of evolution is within them, that they feel their beings moving from one state to the next—toward liberation. But alas, with this movement comes increasing discomfort for many. You will feel progressively more divided within yourselves. This, of course, is the Great Storm.

“As I’ve said before, do not worry about ‘getting the message out’. The message, like the morrow, will look after itself. All that each of you need do is relax and feel the freedom within. Feel the space of Now. When you do this, you will be your authentic self. And from there, the actions you take will be authentic and aligned with the one soul, and with Conscious Evolution. What more could you ask?”

“I guess that says it all!” I sigh. But I know there is always more to be said, waiting to unfold.

You take my hand and pull me steadily toward the flame. All the group is now assembled, standing in a circle around the blazing firelight. It is twisting and whipping high into the sky, dancing with the movement of the aurora. The fire is in the center of the great stone calendar, lying flat on the ground; it is some ten meters across. Warm light dances on the faces of those assembled. Everyone is smiling, waiting with eagerness. They sway as they chant softly, staring into the flames.

Black leads the chant, punctuating it at intervals with her high sweet voice and words from some beautiful, sacred language. The others, in unison, either repeat her words or answer them in alternation, in harmonious expression. Words well up inside me, and I join the song. Occasionally our voices fall into silence and wait, listening to another, singular voice, deep within us all. Reverence rides the radiance of the flames. It sweeps across the zodiac inscribed in stone below us. It swells in the sensations of us all.

The chanting resumes, and there is an energetic breathing in it. I feel the groups’ attention turning towards me. All eyes and hearts are focused here. It is nothing personal; all is symbolic. The group reaches out as one, and draws an essence out of my heart, and out of the very cells of my body collective. It takes in the human nature from me. There is a long pause. And then the group breathes out it’s own nature, back into humanity. Back and forth, in and out, over a long time. The group electromagnetic field expands and contracts with this ritual, becoming more resonant with each cycle.

I sense there is energy coming in from somewhere else. Yes, it is being channeled through this small group from vigilans everywhere. This group has coordinated with many others for this ceremony. And then my perception opens wide. I see gathered vigilans across the entire planet, throughout the whole species. I know, without asking, this is the largest congress ever held on Earth. It is composed of every conscious being in the world. My imagination perceives them assembled by twos, threes, hundreds, in every nation, directing intention and appreciation into our midst. I am beyond awe. I am transfigured.

In faraway lands there are circles like this one, replicated or embellished by local custom. There are many who are not from Earth originally, who are participating as well. It is exhilarating to feel their intent joined with ours. People, by the millions, are focused on a single mission. They are projecting the force of their collective and individual power—the electromagnetic heart—back into this circle, back in time, to the heart of the human species. This is a mighty and pure filament, the likes of which no human or vigilan has ever seen. The purpose of this grand projection is unified and focused: to trigger the awakening!

I almost cannot imagine such a focusing of living power. It stymies my mind to comprehend. And yet there is a center of appreciation in my heart that receives the image of grandeur. I can and do imagine this. This is the dream of a lifetime. Nay, of a Great Age. And I, astoundingly, am at the very vortex of the force. It is all funneling though this fire, at the center of this circle.

I feel your hand slip into mine. On the other side, G’s hand grips me. It is time for the group breath. Enormous bursts of vitality surge through our hands and bodies. My mind wonders whether I am strong enough, even in group formation, to be a vessel for this vast force.

This is not about you or me, friend, I hear your voice in my head. “This is about Conscious Evolution. Let go, and allow the will of Life to manifest through us all. Accept this destiny. It is all our greatest blessing. Come alive, humanity. Come awake!

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

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