A Time for Balance

I’d like to return to excerpts from the first book of Letters, for it is this information that has brought us together here. So much of our life has changed since the first postings. Time has sped up in quantum leaps, although we are unaware through our day-to-day activity, and the consciousness of human kind has progressed in gargantuan measure. There is more work being done by awakened souls and the light-workers have manifested higher vibrational states in their communities. The wings of change are rapidly becoming apparent in 3rd density yellow and the 4th density green vibration is being projected by our Logos. Whether we care to know or just want to be in for the ride it is a new world presenting itself to us. The original egoic Archetype that has dominated this recent octave of creation, and is punctuated by this Archetype’s “Service to Self” mentality, is moving in a new direction. It is welcoming the “Service to Others” Archetype that is typical of green vibrational existence in 4th density life. We are on our way and we can see the nature of balance taking place in our life patterns. I offer you this excerpt from Letter Eleven “After the End” and hope that  your resonant heart reaches out to the love that is focused in these words.

As I was saying, shortly after your time, people find themselves operating much less out of self-interest. The norms of society are changing rapidly. You find increasing sensitivity to others’ feelings. People begin to help each other more. This is not indiscriminate do-gooding; it is deliberately guided from Source—through the heart, joined with the mind, merged into appreciative awareness. It is buddhi, manas and atma at work again.

Not only has society at large suddenly become non-aggressive, it has become simultaneously much more intuitive and fearless. There are no longer walls of defensiveness and inflexible opinion! The absence of fear opens us to new approaches and fresh ideas. The leaders who emerge are profoundly connected to the deep psychological needs of the groups they are serving.

Each individual vigilan or human being has a calling, a destiny. Look around you now at the true leaders in your human world today. You can tell who they are, and are not. There are many imposters. It is all about destiny. There are many whose egos want them to be leaders, but who are not, in reality; they are mistaken as to their own destiny. Sadly, their desire has been taken over by ego. These so-called leaders capture control of the populace through inauthentic means; they lead themselves and everyone else astray. Of course, this turns out to be beneficial in the end—confronting inauthenticity hastens the awakening.

In contrast to the false leaders, the true leader balances the prerogatives of the individual with those of society. She or he represents the Source energy, the beneficence of universal integrity. Look alertly for these ones, and give them your commitment, your blessings, your appreciation. They are few in number—in my time as in yours. This has a purpose: Leaders are vectors around which many diverse followers must gather and move together. If there were too many leader types there would be too many different directions to follow at any given time.

“Well, I see many different directions in the world today —many religions, political systems, philosophies. Are there too many?”

Yes, relative to the needs of your people. There is much needless redundancy in human systems. The awakening is a revelation into the simplicity of the life force, of Conscious Evolution. All is simple, as I mentioned when we started these letters. The mind is a wonderful aid to exploration. But it does not possess the capacity to truly synthesize what it analyzes. It makes things much more complicated than they truly are.

In reality many teachings in your time have identical messages, only with different words and different cultural overtones. Some redundancy is not a bad thing. That there are many avenues to truth is wonderful. It is always important, though, to realize that they do in fact lead to the same point. They are all empowered from the same Source, as is each individual being.

As the new consciousness unfolds, thinking begins to simplify and slow down. We begin to take time to ponder and reflect. We discover we do not need thinking nearly as much as we thought. Our new sensitivities allow us to replace thinking with feeling into space, as we say. Whenever we have a question, we go first into that space, for clarity and inspiration. After we enter that, we are able to engage the mind more efficiently, and then set things into action.

During the transition, this is happening spontaneously within each a person. However, our leaders and helpers are endowed with the greatest measures of this clarity. They demonstrate the path, through their example, and the people know when it is right.

The ponderous systems that composed the old societies are no longer of any interest to us. We abandon them quickly and they decompose in their tracks. We then begin building new systems to match our temperament. The ego-civilization has been so pervasive, that a huge vacuum is left in its wake. In many ways we have a blank canvas to work with. We come to understand that we have a great work of art to perform—at the scale of a whole species, a whole planet.

copyright 2010 Robert L. Potter


  1. I respond to the comment that “our new sensitivities allow us to replace thinking with feeling into space.” As we go into this space, we may find clarity and inspiration and then choose an action. Then the concluding comment, “we have a great work of art to perform”…(my words) for the whole planet.
    This is so empowering! This day I choose to help a fellow resident to find more wholeness through using our community pool. (He recovers from grief from the lose of his spouse.)


    1. Your response to this post and your actions today are exactly the resonance that we are experiencing as we shift into the new archetype of Service to Others. This is not an ideal but a reality in the making. Have a joyous day Jean.


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