Extraordinary Before Life and Past Life Memory

Our dear friend and “Letters” author Robert Potter has recently turned me on to this video of an amazing [Before Life and Past Life Memory] story. I’ve viewed it several times and each time have been brought to blissful tears. In my many years of investigation into spiritual practices, and those of my own making, I’ve occasionally come across those adventures that have made a profound impact in my journey. This is certainly one of them, and at the least, it will raise your vibrational state to levels of joy and delight. Of course, there will be those naysayers who doubt that something this provocative could be truthful or legitimate. That would be the ego mind at work and this video is not for them. It is meant to be watched from a place that is nonjudgmental, a place where the heart vibrates to a truth laid bare. I hope you will benefit from this viewing, and if so, you will pass this on to anyone you know that will see the light.

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