Letter Forty-Four “Knowing the Oneself”

Do we really know our self? As close as we are to our physical self, the mind living inside this body that we feel all the time, what do we really know of our self? And how close are we to this body? The sensations we get when we touch, taste, see, hear; what are these sensations? Do they give us the truth about our real self? And is there a Real Self? Couldn’t this just be all an illusion, a vibration or energy emitted from Source and filtered through these carbon forms we call life? The mystery continues…  and yet, there is a knowing that lies deep within, so far within that we have to cease all will and thought to know this.

Before you read what follows sit for just a moment. Hands in your lap, mouth slightly open with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, breathing evenly through your nose, allowing the breath to enter the lower body and expand the stomach, gently. Feel this pulse of energy. Lose the sense of thought. Allow the moments to stop, frozen still. Blend into the space that surrounds you and …just exist.

And when you’re ready, read on.



[…We rush to the car and scramble to open the doors and slam them against the pounding rain.]


“Ah, at last, back to something familiar. That last trip was awesome, O. But very bizarre! I don’t know what to think or believe. What is all this adding up to? There are so many things I want to ask you that I can’t put them into words. I’m drowning with questions.”


That makes me happy! That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.


[I look out at the downpour.] “Well, drowning or not I have to start asking. What was I looking at in that last sub-d? How real was it? What was the symbolism? How does it connect with my real world?”


Hah! You still believe there is a real world?


“I have to believe something. Don’t I?”


Yes. I’m only making fun. You do in fact have to believe something—that is, if you choose to be on Earth in a body. A fundamental kind of belief creates all the illusion and projection we live in. That is the root thought about our collective incarnate world—the consensus reality, so-called. In my time, we still experience this root projection. But at the same time, we can also see through it to the underlying truth. We can believe and know simultaneously—seeing with both the inner and outer eyes.


To answer your first question, the Ends of the Earth is a physical metaphor, as I said. It does not directly depict the world you’re in, obviously. Yet it is telling a story that lies in each human heart, in the dense physical body of your times. Every element of it has its correspondence in the meaning and revelations of your day.


“Are there really avatars?”


Yes indeed. They are ‘real’ human beings, just like yourself, on Earth now. There are two of them—twins of the soul. They are not perfected beings or angels, however. They have, however, accepted a elevated mission in this life. It is their charge to embody the energy of transformation, for all, within themselves. They are representatives and channels of the inspirational force that shines into and beyond the Great Storm. It behooves you to recognize what these individuals stand for, in your own hearts.


[I put the keys in the ignition, but decide not to start the car yet.] “Can you tell me who they are?”


I have told you—in your heart! I will not say it in words. True recognition demands that you find them and hear their voice for yourself.


“All right. I get it. So, what will they accomplish? What is most important for us to know about their mission?”


You know that, at critical times in your species’ history, there have been individuals who stood out in leadership and inspiration. Their memories, and the goodness they generated, are carried down through the ages to you even now. But often, in their own times, they were misunderstood and rejected by the masses and authorities of humanity. Avatars are rarely seen for who they are at first. The word avatar comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘to cross over and descend’. Thus they embody an other-worldliness that is difficult for existing systems to accept.


Those who take on such missions, come to assist in the most severe transitions. They only appear when the people are in great distress, when there is a pent-up inner demand or prayer, rising up to the heavens. The heavens always answer that demand. Some avatars have been great, advanced beings. For instance, the Buddha was said to have been an avatar of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Some of them have been simple humans, with no claim to divine hierarchy. Such are the twin avatars of your time.


“But if this is the time of the Great Storm, why don’t we rate a god incarnate? Surely the need is great enough.”


Yes, the need is great. It is so great, in fact, that only a human soul can perform the most effective bridging. To make up for whatever they might lack in perfection, two of them have been brought into your world together. In the twinship, there is yet another powerful bridging function. Two pillars of stability; two visions of destiny—feminine and masculine, embracing all the consciousness of your species, inside the vesica piscis. Together, these twin visionaries are calling upon all humans to open their own portals into the next species—out of ego dominance, into the grace of freedom.


[Watching your face as you talk always puts me in a kind of trance. I feel a wave of appreciation, just being in the same space with you. I lean back against the door of the car and ask,] “What do you mean exactly by ‘twinship’?”


I will give you some particular information here then. This may appear a bit obtuse. Simply allow it to flow through your awareness for now. It matters not whether your mind grasps it. I will speak symbolically, for your heart to hear.


The vesica piscis, as you have witnessed, is formed from the intersection of two circles; the geometry is such that the width of the vesica is just the radius of each circle. This formation embodies the principle of identity between the two. It reveals that the two are actually one.


Twin souls, so-called, are one soul that has divided in twain for the purposes of life experience on Earth. It is a natural function of oneness expressing into duality. You and I are such a soul. All souls divide this way in some fashion as we enter the world, particularly at the level of the root vesica. Look into the macrocosm to see this same characteristic. A majority of stars in your universe are formed as binary systems; in the new universe, all are such. This expression has played an important role in many forms of human mysticism over the ages.


As we observed at the Ends of the Earth, the parentheses embody the presence of the vesica. The divine portal mystically divides itself during twin incarnations. All that is experienced by the two halves, over all their lifetimes, is contained and synthesized between them. Like a parenthetical phrase in literature, they hold specific qualifications within their arcs. These symbols are further revealed in your mathematics as binary commutators—self-contained co-mutational devices.


In body-physical terms, twin souls are moving in parallel through their incarnations, witnessing and recording all their experiences within their singular soul. From the perspective of the oversoul, it is the essence and origin of binocular vision. The expression of this, in the world of forms, is depth perception–the stereoscopic field of view.


“OK. I agree this is obtuse. Be careful what you ask about, eh? But I think I’m following you. How often do the two soul halves meet, while in incarnation?”


Not often. The point of the whole exercise is to be differentiated and physically separated. They spend the vast majority of their lives in very different places, different circumstances. But they are always bracketing an integral world view. When they do eventually begin to encounter each other on Earth, as you and I are, it signifies that the time of re-merging is approaching—the time of re-forming the vesica.


“We are re-merging, you and I?”


Not in either of our lifetimes, no. But soon enough from our soul’s perspective. The reason you and I have taken on this mission is that we are beginning to close the parentheses again. It suits us, therefore, to be transmitting and receiving these letters.


“That makes sense. I’m assuming that the twin avatars are likewise twin souls?


They are.


“Where are they along this path of re-merging?”


They had already come back together in their most recent lifetime, as one merged incarnation. They chose this new assignment from that awareness. They agreed to separate again, one more time, for this high calling. Since they know intimately all that is involved in reuniting, they are in a unique position to offer humanity a symbolic portal for transmutation and re-membering itself.


“Wow. This is deep. So, they are here to help move us into oneness?”


Into an awareness of our underlying oneness, yes.


“Thank you. I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be said on that subject.”




Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter


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