Letter Thirty-Six “Body” (part two)

When I posted this final segment of Letter Thirty-Six this morning I did so without my usual introduction. I was about to leave for a short stint in Vermont and wanted to get this post up before I left. And then I received an email from Robert regarding the first segment posted two days ago. His alignment with my words was uplifting. He does comment on my posts from time to time, but his response this time was heartfelt and empowering. I want to offer him gratitude now for the messages he has selflessly brought to the surface of the mind. I know that some lives have changed because of it. I also know that Robert would find this gratitude wasted if I did not give proper due to the real author of these words -“O.”

We know she is watching and listening to every beat of our heart and every voicing of our words. So thank you O, for this, and all that you bring to a new world filled with our authentic selves.

There is a silence now. I wait, absorbing what you’ve said. I can actually sense my future being very close. Then an intuitive spark pushes words to my pen. I ask, “I’m feeling it, O. And, no doubt, the second suggestion is related to non-resistance.”

“Yes. Obviously, there is plenty of opportunity for resistance to creep up in the example we just used.”

I answer, “You could say the whole thing started with resistance. Isn’t irritation a form of resistance?”

“Remember that the root of the word ‘resist’ is sistere, ‘to stop’. It is energy directed at stopping the existence of what is—that is, energy directed at negating itself. Irritation, on the other hand, is a reaction. In its direct, pure form, it is simply an excitement of the system. It does not imply a negative response until the mind is engaged and judging. The answer, thus, is yes and no. For the mind, irritation is separating and polarizing. But for the body there is no separation. And there is an opportunity here to expand awareness in the encounter. Irritation opens the awareness; resistance closes it down; it cuts off appreciation.”

“All right. But I think we’re getting a little abstract here again.”

“Yes. Excuse me. Let’s stay with the body then. The body takes in the irritation and begins processing it. You, as the body, have the opportunity to observe yourself in this process. You can see the environment prompt activation. You feel it viscerally. The mind comes in. You can observe this too. It immediately desires to take control of the situation, and to dictate an analytic, separative reaction. It sends its judgment out to the body system by means of emotion. Listening to the sudden barrage of noise, the mind could easily send out signals to the body to defend itself, complain about the intrusion, or flee from it in disgust. These are all separative reactions.

“This may all happen within you in a brief moment, a few seconds. But if you stay with your body, with wholeness, you can observe the parts in action holographically. Your awareness—beyond the mind and body—can be called into alertness here. It is always ready to cooperate with the wholeness in you. The greater awareness, at one with your body awareness, can move you through any situation with calm and order, with little or no resistance.”

I wonder, “Is that so? How does it work?”

“My suggestion here is to allow the greater awareness to assume priority. Allow it to dissolve the tendency to waste your resources, pouring vital energies down the ‘resistance drain’. Resistance is a waste of energy. It fights creation and evolution. This is the origin the battle you feel inside yourself—as uneasiness, negativity and disease. These negativities result from separated factions within your awareness. Small parts of you, namely the ego or mind, have taken prominence over the whole being.

“You do not have to allow this; and you certainly don’t have to accept it. Acceptance, as I’ve said, is the conscious affirmation of allowing. To engage this process of dismissing resistance, you must reroute it through the body of wholeness. Acceptance of ‘what is’ is the rerouting. It reclaims the parts into the whole, and is the key to being in the moment, the awakened state.”

“Yes. I get it. I like the idea. I’m not sure I can actually implement what you’re advising. But I’m sure it’s worth a try. So what about the last leg on this stool? What about authenticity?”

“Body wholeness is again the link. Being authentic is being whole.” You pause to let me reflect.

I question, “What about a physical body that isn’t whole, say it’s lost an arm or leg, a tooth or whatever. How does your notion of ‘body wholeness’ relate to that?”

“Wholeness remains integral to the body in any case. It is an infused hologram at the microscopic and etheric levels. This is literally authenticity incarnate. And believe it or not, I’m going to say that even your mind can be whole!”

“That does surprise me. What do you mean?”

“The mind is a part of your personal expression, part of your body experience on the physical planes. But it is also a part of a greater mind—higher manas. It holds within itself keys to wholeness and Oneness that have remained largely hidden throughout the evolution of homo sapiens. Feeling the body, as a means of holistic awareness, opens channels—portals again—into the higher, non-dual functions of mind. Mind can be awakened to these portals as you evolve. This is wholeness of mind. It will happen!”

“And what about ego? Is there a higher correspondence there as well?”

“Yes, indeed. It is the spiritual Ego—the super-conscious oversoul. It has also been called the monad. The word ‘ego’ is Latin for ‘I’. The higher, deeper Ego—the ‘I am’—is the center of directive force for a wide group of incarnations. It wields the powers of will, love, wisdom and action. The Ego sets the initiative for creation and is the origin of your sense of individuality-in-duality. In its own domain, it is not separative, but it affords your little ego its illusion of free will; and from this does spring the ego’s separation impulse.

“The oversoul works at the duality threshold with will, love and wisdom to manifest the image of Oneness in the duality worlds. This is the realm some of your spiritual teachers and interpreters are referring to when they say we are moving out of duality into Oneness. Let’s save further comment on that subject for later. There is much confusion in the dualistic mind about that.”

“I must say, I’m confused about it too. You said ‘Oneness does not manifest’. I assume that’s what you were talking about.”

“Yes. I will address that in a future letter. For now, let’s return to the subject of lower mind and authenticity. As the mind attempts to separate itself and dominate the body and emotions, you can catch it in the act. You can sandwich it between the body sensitivity and the greater awareness. This will stretch it out of its habituated conditioning. You are doing such a thing right now, and in fact throughout all these letters.

“You are taking the deeper, intuitive awareness and presenting it as understanding to the lower mind—from two directions, from above and below. The mind, of course, is just a tool. It does not have to react as it has been programmed to. It can be freed! It can be redirected to its true nature—an instrument of evolving awareness. This is greatly facilitated by bringing your body into resonance with your being and bridging that resonance through the mind and heart.

“The mind, employed as its destined function, takes its place within the holographic body. All together, the system is a marvelous instrument of wholeness and authenticity—which is to say, Oneness. Within its sensitivities reside all the elements of true being. But alas, by the nature of human incarnation, these sensitivities can be turned to the will of the lower mind and emotions, and separateness. They can become the instruments of regression and devolution instead of evolution. This is Black’s definition of evil, if you recall.”

“Ah, yes. Evil.”

“Bear in mind though, even evil and devolution have their rightful places in evolution. They generate the contrast necessary for conscious recognition and realization. The so-called ‘fall from grace’ forms the platform for the ‘rebirth to grace’ into a higher, transmuted state. This is all part of the unfolding story—the great game—that is playing out in the Earth scheme.

“In spite of, and by virtue of the digression into ignorance, there have always been avenues of enlightenment available. The prime avenue is as close to you as awareness itself is—that is the body. The true value of your physical and etheric vehicle can easily be overlooked in the search for awakening. My third suggestion here then, is to return to the authentic wholeness of your body.

“The body holds within itself the power to move you toward goodness, Source, and divine manifestation—that is to say, authentic action. It has the ability to unite all opposites inside you, and bring harmony among divergent forces. You can feel this in the chakras of your body. Take the heart in this case. It is a singularity among the seven main chakras. It could be said to be the One Chakra; all the others are functions of it. All the chakras, when properly aligned and activated, function as one.

“The very purpose of authenticity, with its subsequent action, is to foster evolution on Earth, in your world and in your body. This creative action goes out from you, and it comes back into you. Energetically, you originate the world and the universe that you experience. You send out your presence. It separates from you and then comes back to act upon you, as the ‘other’. It is a cycle—out and in, forth and back—in a never-ending spiral of spiritual unfoldment.

“When the environmental self presents you with any situation, you have the choice to see what’s authentically happening or not. You may choose to see through the projected forms, or you can react unconsciously, engaging lower mind, ego and resistance. What’s really happening, though, is you the soul are moving through the extrapolated world toward your destiny. It is always an upward-inward spiral, a methodical, paradoxical expansion of awareness. It can come swiftly or slowly; it is your choice.

“Now is your time, humanity, to make this choice of expansion in consciousness. The first step is to feel the wholeness of your own physical vehicle, and then, using the energy of that feeling, to leap into the wholeness of awakening. This will acquaint you directly with the true vehicle—Oneness—and the path toward a new Earth.

“Let me summarize then, as we conclude this letter. Your body and your awareness are inseparably linked. They are complementary presentations of one purpose. The body is physical and earthy, easily seen to be ‘real’ in the materialistic sense. And yet, within it, are contained all the miracles of spirit and transcendence you could ever want to imagine. Using your body as a foundation for spirit enables the reciprocal process of your soul, grounding itself into physical action. This is the fulfillment of all the previous suggestions I’ve given you.

“Take care of your body and its presentation into the world. Allow it to be natural and giving, receiving and active, exploring and at peace—all in simultaneous harmony. Listen to it with all your senses. Learn to read your own ‘body language’. You need no other source to tell you what’s exactly right for you. No other individual or institution can tell you exactly what that is.

“Allow yourself to be fully in your body, as you would also be fully in your soul. You cannot be the incarnate whole without moving in both dimensions consciously together. Let this wonderful vehicle hold your awareness and your destiny on Earth. Realize it and accept it as it is—however it is. Take its blessings and challenges without resistance or judgment, and allow it to flow gracefully from one expression to the next. Let it be the portal for you, the unique individual, into the true and beautiful presence that stands at your profoundest depth.”

A bothersome question rises in my mind. “O, speaking of bodies. How could both you and I have had lives at the same time in Atlantis—both Levaticol and Beneth?”

“There is no limitation placed on souls in that way. We may incarnate multiple bodies in a given time period, if we deem it to be useful. It is rare, but not difficult to perform. In Atlantis, our soul needed to have the powerful dynamic balance—clear dark and light—in order to fulfill our destiny.”

I shrug. “Just thought I’d ask. Destiny. Yeah. I guess so. Don’t think I’m not noticing that you got the easier assignment there.”

“Hah,” you retort. “Not so. I had to put up with the likes of you in that Levaticol body, remember. And, seriously, in the end, you and I have all the same soul memories. Don’t worry. It’s a complete balance there.”

copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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