Letter Thirty-Six “Body” (part one)

Over and over the clanging, the noise of “Redundancy” within the voices of change. I present to you bodies, standing aimlessly before the masses, selling outmoded solutions against the mighty wave of dissolution. As we near the vortex of  transformation we are confused; and unenlightened minds, with their need to hold on to ego’s door, cannot find the way through this morass. WE ARE STUCK, WE NEED HELP, the cry bellows forth. And yet, those who accept the new winds of change can move so easily up and about. For we are neither stuck nor in the need of help. We have put on our headsets, turned up the hemi-sync and floated to a space and time that reads nothing but the truth. The Portal that is open between worlds has always been there, just to be found. It lies within the mind of awareness and the heart of understanding. It is felt so deeply that we need not move through it, from one side to the next, because we are always in its midst. It is so a part of us that feeling it is all we need to be there. It is not a walkway, just a way. It casts no shadow for the light is all around it. It is the profound light of knowing that draws all else into its embrace. The following is a segment which will explain. And as the days pass I will excerpt more of this gem.

My mind has been running non-stop, flooding me with strange feelings and questions. Somehow I’ve remembered the silver marble in my pocket. I finger it absently as I think. Just what is a portal anyhow? Is any of this real? If not, what part of me is generating the fantasy? Who can I trust? Does the future really exist already? Am I receiving real messages or am I deluded? Where is the truth?

“It is right inside you, friend.”

“Uh-oh. O, you’ve been listening to my thoughts again! I thought you wouldn’t do that.”

“Well, the way your mind is these days, it’s hard not to listen. I don’t want to pry into your private time, but I am aware that you are injecting a lot of resistance into your life right now. You’re broadcasting it in all directions.”

“Yeah. I agree. I don’t seem to be able not to.”

“Would you like some help with that?”

“My first reaction—admittedly an ego reaction—is to say ‘no’. But now that I’ve said that, I know I don’t mean it. Resistance just keeps forcing up inside me. I do want you to help. I just don’t want to believe it’s possible.”

“What’s possible? Do you mean my help, or me?”

“Both, I guess. This is so strange—talking to someone I can’t see and whose existence I can’t prove. And it’s doubly strange to be explaining all this to that person.”

You respond, “I’d say it’s triply strange because, in addition, you feel comforted by that person’s communication. You feel soothed by my presence. Am I right?”

“How did you know I was feeling that? Are you reading my emotions now too?”

“Yes. They’re actually much easier to read than thoughts. I can feel your relaxation and calm when I help you.”

“All right. Yes. When you come through into my writing, I always have a feeling of warmth and truth. I mostly don’t know if what you’re saying is true or not, but I know that it feels right. In fact, O—and I’m not saying this to flatter you—just now as you interrupted my thoughts and started speaking, I felt that deep peace inside. Just having you paying attention to me makes it better, like there’s some order again that was missing.”

“I understand. You asked the question, ‘where is the truth?’ The answer is ‘within’, always. Bear in mind it is your truth, not necessarily that of others. To go within and feel that truth, you need some calm and order. So, I’m supplying that. My observation of the human condition has shown me you cannot always supply that for yourselves. It’s hard for you to stop reacting unconsciously and resisting what is, even when you realize you’re doing it.”

“Ain’t that the truth!”

“Well, let me commiserate a little. I am feeling what you’re feeling right now, and it isn’t pleasant. The energies of the galactic crossing are very intense in your time. It’s no wonder so many humans are frenetic and self-destructive under the pressure of it. The forces streaming out from the galactic center, and pulling back in, are irresistible now.”

“So, tell me something, Madam O,” I interrupt. “What can we do about it? I’ve heard this stuff before. But we seem almost powerless in the face of it.”

“That’s what it wants you to believe. But beneath every powerless situation there is a vacuum that accesses the deep recesses of power, Source power.”

“What do you mean ‘it’ wants?”

“The forces of disempowerment have taken on a vast, complex personality across your world. They have become an individuated ‘self’.  It is a body of intense negativity and selfishness, to be sure. Nevertheless this is, collectively, manifesting the energy of divine resistance.”

“Wait,” I react. “Now resistance is divine?”

“All things are divine when seen with ‘divine’ vision. All contrast is divinely designed. Step for step the darkness and the light must dance. Both have summoned up the emergency together, in response to the awakening of evolution on Earth, and by the surging galactic tide. The interplay of it all is gargantuan. It is sending out psychic-etheric waves, far beyond little Earth. The Great Storm of your world is becoming a grand, multi-dimensional attraction, cosmic ‘high entertainment’. Species of many, many stripes are being drawn to this vortex, to witness the passing of the age. This has been such a potent event that it echoes strongly still in my time.”

I rub my forehead. “All these waves and subtle influences, webs and streams and nets, crisscrossing one another, falling into vortexes, these things are making me more than a little crazy. How much can humanity take?”

“You will be able to take just what is given—just that, nothing more, nothing less. Remember, you are giving it to yourself in essence. What is to be done, will be done, is being done, as we speak. Destiny Now. The great game of Conscious Evolution is afoot in the Earth system. The waves from the Cosmos are provoking excitement in every individual and object in the entire solar system, great and small. They impact every planet, every nation and people. They touch deeply to the Oneness level, where you are all one people, one presence. These forces and fields, particles and waves, will continue to impact you mightily for some years to come.  This condition happens for our planetary system only once in twenty-six millennia. So, it is a big deal!” Your smile is evident.

“Yeah. I hear you. But you’re not the one having to live through these times.” I smile back with a glower.

“Very few can maintain continuous balance amidst this kind of onslaught. The pressures aggravate the emotions and sensibilities of all creatures. This is the case for humans in particular, because you are the species most in need of evolutionary transfiguration. Time itself is caught in the energy flux and will soon be spinning in free fall. What can an individual do to maintain some equilibrium in the maelstrom? In the first book I gave some suggestions. But since then I’ve noticed it is not so easy for you to follow them, as simple as they are. The galactic forces are too disorienting and distracting for you.”

“Well, maybe the suggestions were too abstract as well,” I proffer. “It’s not that they don’t make sense. They do. But in the moment when I get distracted, or submerged in the tumult of daily life, I find it hard to put them into action.”

“With this in mind, I’d like to give you three more suggestions, designed to address the situation you describe. I’ll do my best to bring them down to Earth and make them more resonant with the forces you have to contend with right now.”

“That sounds good. I, for one, could use some grounding. Will this help us understand portals better too.”

“Yes. That’s using your intuition, my friend! It leads directly there. You will see in a moment. All right. Let’s start with the first tier again—noticing. Notice, this time, with your feelings. Feel them. Really feel them—just as they are, whatever they are! In any situation of difficulty, do this first. Then realize that your feelings are actually located in your body. Please give me one of your feelings to use as an example.”

“Uh, I’d say irritation at small annoying things around me. Is that what you mean?”

“That will do. Say you’re feeling irritation. Something is annoying you. Perhaps you don’t even know what it is. But you do feel the feeling. Go right ahead and feel it. Take it in. Don’t try to stop yourself. Feel it especially in your body. Let your discomfort be the trigger to feel; then let the feeling be the trigger to be aware of your body, your head, your heart, your gut. Let your body do the noticing. Tell me how you react to what I’ve just said.”

“Well, isn’t this interesting.” I look around myself. “Right now, I’m sitting outside with my keyboard. The neighbors’ lawn crew is attacking the stillness; they’re running multiple leaf blowers and lawn mowers all around me. They’re loud and distracting. I find it very annoying and disquieting!”

“So, tell me what your body is saying. Pause and feel your whole body and tell me what’s going on there.”

“My body is scrambling to adjust itself to its environment. It’s trying to find balance on the inside to counter this imbalance on the outside. Ah. Here’s an insight, I think. I’m noticing my body seems to be activated by all this. I could even say it’s using the noise as a means to enliven itself. Part of that is my irritability. One thing’s for sure—my body is noticing!”

“All right. Good. Now take this noticing, this feeling, and go a little deeper. You don’t have to intellectualize this at all. Go deeper into your body’s feelings. Look at the whole of it, in your environment and in your body. Don’t let the mind run off with itself, away from the feelings. Keep the whole package together. Feel holistically what is in this moment.

“If you feel annoyed, just feel it fully. Don’t feel it partially. In other words, don’t let the parts dictate the whole. The challenge here is to be your whole self, not a separated part, such as the mind or ego, or left foot. The annoyance is an honest emotion. Your system is being impacted in a negative way. Noise is a pollutant, a toxin in this case. Accept it as that. Acceptance is what happens when you stay whole. The whole constitutes full acceptance of what is!”

“Hmm. Is this some kind of trick?”

“Yes,” you reply with animation. “You are intentionally tricking your mind into remaining part of the whole. Your parts are what get you into trouble, not your whole. The mind is just a part of you! But it pulls you away from the body and makes a partition. The whole being stays in tune with the environment. It calls upon its parts to perform their appropriate functions together. That being does not separate you—neither you from your environment, nor you from yourself and your appreciation; quite the converse.

“It is a matter of appreciation. Your body knows how to appreciate and accept. It also knows how to draw the line when the toxins are too great. If you remain in the feelings of your body, you will know when to stay and when to leave. If the noise is too much, you can always pick up your stuff and move. Appreciation is the full knowing of a situation. It is feeling into the moment and determining what action is right for you.”

“It’s curious to say that. I was assuming you were implying I should zen the noise and find peace through my body in spite of it. You mean, I could have gotten up and moved?”

“Of course. There are always options. You decided to stay and allow me to give you the exercise amidst the noise. There’s nothing wrong with that. There would have been nothing wrong with your moving either. The noise gave us an opportunity to react and to see the elements of your irritation, however. So, in this case, for our purposes, staying helped more than leaving would have.”

“All right. This is an extension of the ‘noticing’ suggestion. Can you summarize it then, and put it firmly in our understanding?”

“Feel the whole of a situation. Use your body for this. Your body is the mechanism for all feeling and sensation. It is a wholeness. There is no reason why the mind should be the only organ for understanding. The hands, head, heart, arms, legs, endocrine network, belly organs, sexual system, each have their own form of understanding—their essential gifts, contributing to the consciousness of the whole.

“Each part is a hologram that is endowed with unique integrity. And yet there is an intricate and dynamic balance that links to the entire system, as one. All together, these add up to a miraculously functioning creation. Conscious Evolution has created this miracle of Life. We are each and all derived from this blessing while we live in the incarnate world.

“Wholeness defeats separateness. Disarming and defeating separateness is the evolutionary leap you are making. That is what takes you beyond ego. The more you can embody non-separation in your daily experiences, the closer you will be to your transmuted being…”

copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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