Sebastiao Salgado – Tales of a Rejuvenating Planet

A Must See! This TED Talk by famed photographer Sebastiao Salgado is outstanding. Besides the most incredible photography to be seen, his message is food for the soul. If you walk away from this talk without getting the message then… well you’ll see. BTW, the movie, Salt of the Earth, which I have not seen as yet is getting rave reviews. It’s a documentary on Salgado’s journey. Here’s the TED Talk:


  1. Sebastião Salgado is an amazing man. I only recently heard him, for the first time, on the French TV Network, France/24. He lives in Paris. Sebastião was interviewed about his new film. I instantly knew I needed to know more about him and his work, his photography, his vision. The other night I had the opportunity to see the film, “The Salt of the Earth”. It is staggering in many ways, both dark and light, sad and hopeful. In my view he has proven that it is possible to reclaim the health and spirit of our species and the health of our planet. Though he doesn’t use the language of spirituality, his deeper message is about the necessity of “awakening”—for all the species of the world. Bravo!


    1. If we live in a house with holes in the roof, we fix them or else it rains on us. If we live in a house where the foundation is crumbling, we fix it or else the house comes down on us. So it is with our larger house, our planet. There are holes in our atmosphere, and that which rains down will certainly poison our bodies. We have dug so deep into its crust that the foundation is crumbling beneath us. Salgado’s approach is easy and rejuvenating. We think we’re so smart, but when the walls come tumbling down, then what?


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