… Into The Void

… Into The Void

You know it’s a difficult time when “The Void” becomes a place of refuge. But today, there’s so much psychic turmoil and pollution—in politics and religion, in government and in people—that we just want to escape into emptiness.

But what is the Void? Is it ‘dark matter, dark energy’? Is it where we all go when nothing is left for us, when we’ve finished our lives, our battles , our civilizations? Is it a place at all, a state of mind, or spirit? Or is it the negation of all things, including mind and spirit? Is it oblivion? Is it just what happens when we mess the world up so totally there is nowhere else to turn. Is it the end of our awareness and all of creation?

My answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes! It is the end of all things!’ But wait. There’s more to the Emptiness than just negation. There is an endless fullness, as well. My experience is that the Void is a source of profound beginning, inspiration and nurturing. By virtue of its ‘no thingness’, it can embrace and fulfill all ‘things’.

Why is this important? Because our world civilization is collapsing. It is reaching the end of its grand cycle. “All things must pass”, George Harrison reminded us. We are passing—into a new epoch and a new world, a new species if you will. Before we can fully pass, however, the old world must crumble and disintegrate. I refer you to Peter Kingsley’s work on this subject. A few years ago, he wrote a most profound tome called, “Reality”. His latest audio presentation is entitled, “The Elders”. In these works he implores us to acknowledge and fully honor the ending of the cycle.

With the end of civilization in mind, all the tumult, divisiveness and irrationality actually starts to make sense. This is the end of the ego period of our species. It stands to reason that the collective ego would resist with every bit of fire it can muster. Ego has always been an irrational beast. We are fully engaged in “Beast Mode” right now, all around the world. (I mean no offense to Marshawn Lynch.)

Ego has done a fair job of pretending to be rational, but in the end—as in the end of civilization—all pretense is dropping away. Ego is using whatever means it still has, to try and put a halt to the awakening of our species. Naturally, it is turning to irrational ranting and ravaging; this is what it perceives as the opposite of enlightenment.

But the awakening presence has some tricks up its sleeve that ego doesn’t understand: The emerging consciousness is all-embracing. There are no separated opposites—only ‘poles apart’ along a unified axis of wholeness. In order for our awareness to merge with its Source—consciousness—and come into an awakened state, all opposites must meet and fuse together, especially the yin and yang, feminine and masculine. Ego is presenting us with its hardest, harshest opposite and thus, unwittingly, contributing to the greater fusion that is surely coming.

The world must fall apart. Ego must use up all its invective and finally crash. What this actually looks like in the end is anybody’s guess. My feeling is that there is a simultaneous collapse and rebirth happening right now within us and all over the planet. We do not have to experience a full Doomsday in order to honor the passing of the old civilization. Look at the countless books and films, internet discussions and news accounts of the end approaching—the post-apocalyptic visions of a destroyed world. Through these, we see and feel what Doomsday might be like. The magic of such stories—largely unbeknownst to the audiences—is that they expiate the worst scenarios; we do not have to go there fully once we have seen the possibility of them.

Through the destruction of our old world, we are moving into the creation of a new one. As our species anxiously dies to its ego-self, it is generating a new character and a new vision of the way of the waking world. The two, seemingly opposing courses, are working together, fusing the shadows and the light into a full soul trajectory of love and communion. Look for the signs of simultaneous falling and rising around you. And you will have hope.

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