And 2018, Therein Lies The Hope

In my waking breath, I start again this day’s long pace. I have a choice to walk it right or throw the day to waste? I can stay captive to the mind-noise that yesterday I fought, or carry forth the truth set in unencumbered thought. I can busy myself in the deep ego-sea of me, or I can journey into a world of those around who are free. I can listen to nothing of importance and ignore beauty through my eyes, or I can linger in the sounds of peacefulness and see the splendor beyond the skies. If my heart is shallow I won’t hear the crying sound, I’m destined to the sadness of a horrid day gone down, And patterns that have made me Me, are repeating, repeating a losing strategy. The thing is we’re all built with truth and love and willing, it’s time to set a new stride and keep the dark from killing. It’s time to offer Gratitude and Loving arms that brace, it’s time to see that our lives are a wasteland but for Grace.


  1. The choices you lay down in your beautiful poem, CO, are the ones we each face, each day and moment of our lives—to live free or die, to appreciate our opportunities and gifts or see them as a chores.

    This New Year, about to be upon us, is empty yet. We will soon begin to fill it up. With what? Pray not the old, dead trickles of greed and fear and separation.

    My wish is that we follow your lead and accept the challenge of LIfe before us and within us. May we open deep our hearts and well up the “truth and love and willing” that we know is there—that you remind us.

    It is coming time now for us all to awaken—heart first.

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