Checking Out!

How can so many see so little? Does the I’s mirror reflect us from only 6 inches in front? Looking at our Self, mesmerized by illusion. Standing strong in our conviction to this life’s belief while our legs crumble into the sands of obliteration. Look at us. So smart, so sure of our valued self. But who are we? Dumbed up from generations long ago. We are passing on those centuries, ignoring those times, as though we learned nothing from the generations that turned the earth black with the fire of ignorance. Is enlightenment just a crossed-leg idea peddled in the intoxication of incense burned? Or, can we settle in for the long nap of transformation and finally bring this madness to a halt? One day the earth will say enough and belch us off like a soured stomach regurgitation. WTFAWT?

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