Daily Musings 2/27

I find it interesting that the predictions, by biblical prophecy or the seers of our past, are happening now before our very eyes. Earthquake upon earthquake, storm after storm; the electromagnetic field is suffering the ’slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.’ It has changed its pulsation to a more violent experience. Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 it seems that Earth has passed through a field of disharmony and this field has restructured the atoms of life. The more that denial of our fate is being promulgated into our society the greater the negative field of transformation is entering. The planetary shift, whether polar or cerebral is happening at a rapid pace. Time has leapfrogged  itself and we are looking backwards instead of ahead. Are we ready for this crack in the fabric of creation or is this anomaly the passageway for our next adventure? Soon we shall see. I think heeding the seat belt sign is the way to go. Hold on tight because the next phase is going to be mind-blowing.

For you see, on the other side of the door lies a state of exaltation and harmony unmatched by anything we have known to date. Whether the naysayers like it or not, Conscious Evolution is taking us by the scruff of the neck, swallowing us up and spitting us out onto a new field of dreams. I can already feel the rush.


  1. I read this post and ponder my response. It came as I listened to a CD and sang with the song “How Can I Keep From Singing.” There is one line that says, “No storm can shake my inmost calm.”
    So the strength we may find from the faith we live by can sustain us in the midst of the great changes. That may be the seat belt referred to in the musing.
    There is an affirmation in the song that comes from a Christian foundation in which one knows that there is a rock to which we may cling in the midst of much upheaval. That has been my ground upon which I have been sustained through four major surgeries in five years and three moves to new places.


    1. Jean,
      In all the world’s religions, beyond the standard passages that fill the books, there is a state of mysticism that whispers the secrets of God. There are few who are touched by this call for this is a place where faith resides. And this faith goes deeper than any Sunday mass or evening bible study. This is the faith that pierces the heart so deeply that tears of knowing stream down your face. It owns a level of surrender so empowering that you feel you are in the presence of the Divine Lover. Perhaps this is what you have felt in those moments of trial. This is the only thing that will carry us through the Storm of transformation into the Light of a greater day.


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