A Toast to Simplicity – When I’m Sixty-Four

How do we appreciate life? Do we feel simplicity in our lives enough that the natural things around us bring joy to our hearts? We seek things to attach ourselves to. More objects of desire make our world worth while. We relish things that have no meaning in the truth of appreciation because authentic appreciation is a lasting abundant feeling. Our attachments are momentary states of happiness and as we know happiness wanes when boredom sets in, and boredom sets in after the thrill is gone. Our thrills are centered in the mind and the emotions. But what if we centered our thrills in the heart? The heart cries for simplicity for it knows that it is the simple wonders of life that manifest the greatest joy. And with that said,  I offer appreciation to myself for yesterday, March 1st, I was 64. And what could be more simple than a toast to this year from the Beatles. Sing a long and smile.

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  1. Great post- appreciating simple things. On my dog walk this morning I noted the sound of the woodpecker and the music of the birds in the stark, dark branches of the winter-bound trees. I laughed as I foundered in the snow to retrieve a ball my dog refused to run after. These were moments of appreciation.


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