Letter Eight “The End”

As we move ahead into the light of transformation we ask ourselves how this change of species will take place. Will Conscious Evolution first rid the planet of this confused humanity and start again? Perhaps other dimensional beings will seed this place as we have been told happened in our past.

I think that we are the true pioneers of this journey and our conscious awareness will make this transition a most beautiful experience. Imagine waking up, out of the illusion created by our egos, into a new attunement to life. Imagine changing the distorted vision that we see as living, by dissolving the residue of ego that covers our minds lenses.

We have been laughed at in the past when we dared to imagine a world so ideal, so utopian, that the concept of conflict no longer exists. And now, the laughing has died down. The vision has moved out of the dream and into the streets. We are conscious enough today to make it an actuality.

“So, as much as I’m afraid to ask this, how did we die? How did it happen, and what was it like for us in the end?”

The good news for you is that, in the midst of the death of your species, the new species is being born, directly into you. This is not something that any of you are left out of, or will miss out on. Yes, humanity all dies! But you, the truly conscious being within, live on! It is a life much more abundant in spirit and sensitivity and richness than any of you have ever experienced before.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

It is so good that it has to be true! It is the Source of all goodness in life. It is the arising of that Source into your full and direct awareness. It is so good that truth can no longer be denied by your minds. The ego of the species, in the face of this truth, becomes silent and transparent, perhaps for the first time in the lives of many suffering, fear-ridden souls. It is goodness incarnate, within the presence itself. You can feel it right this moment, as I speak, because the goodness is flowing in and around the words I give you.

“My God! I do feel it. How is this possible?”

It is the truth, already latently living within each of you. As it comes welling up, flooding your personality, you find that you can no longer resist true consciousness. You find that you can no longer put resistance into the path of this flood; or if you did, such resistance would be swept away in an instant. Your desire to resist is gone. This is the great surrendering that accompanies your internal turbulence. It had been predicted by spiritual wisdom for ages.

All the changes I speak of in these letters happen within you, within the wholeness of you. No one is excluded from that wholeness. This internal movement has such momentum that it cannot, eventually be denied. Ego was capable of the denial for so long because the other awareness slumbered. But it was only having a dream, a bad dream. Now that you are awakening, the dream is over.

You can see ego dissolving away on all sides, now that you have the eyes to see. At first the ego falls silent, just for brief periods; then these times stretch into longer ones. Finally, you begin to notice. Noticing is one of the great universal solvents. It is the simple, humble opening of the attention that directs the focus of consciousness. Once this begins, there is no stopping it. This innocent noticing opens the flood gates.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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