Awareness on a Cloudy Day

Did you ever wonder why, with all the time spent at spiritual practice, your human dynamic still takes preference over your inner life sensibilities? Anxieties, frustrations, depressions, all are mighty exhibitors in our life’s struggle for perfection. And even more so for those who strive for this spiritual perfection, as a test so to speak, or maybe a means for the ego to keep us bound to the structure of its realm. The truth is, with the exception of a few who have seen through  the veil and are able to balance in both worlds, the rest of us are just pilgrims on the road of experience.

I’m trying to be realistic in knowing my own rumblings. I see them as part of the expanding plan of the universe. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to maneuver through these turbulent waters without feeling trepidation along the way, always in hope that you will wake up one day with a newness that eradicates all the gross malevolent spirits that haunt your soul with such determination.

It is time to share these misgivings with one another and hold to the truth that, in the end, the soul will shine through with its glorious exalted SELF. With all the pain that we have experienced, through these trials and tribulations, nothing can compare to the imbued state of Bliss that touches our heart when our Loving SELF blesses it with waves of Divine Presence.

And so it is Love once again that rings true in this journey of ours. Unconditional in its formed and formless state. I wish to bring you an excerpt from Book Three, Letters from 500 – Amen. It’s from the epilogue “Why Souls Love the Earth.” We do love it you know. When you think about it, there can be no better journey than  living through the world of the unconscious self and awakening into the world of the Unconditional Lover.


“Love is God. It is divine nature. Source. Love is everything you can name and not name. It is everything you can do and not do. It is all there is! In duality, love is seen to be just an aspect, a mere face of the deity, or an energy presence. But these are only perceptions. We can describe love in many ways, even in terms of its opposites—fear or hatred. However, no description or perception can contain all of the true essence. Love is the ultimate, perfect, formless ‘container’; it is also that which is contained. It embraces all creation. Love attracts and merges all, binds all in its boundless domain. We talk of love, trying to capture an understanding of it. We say it is this or that, as I am doing now. We try to place it into a form, to put conditions on it. They do not fit. They never can.

“Love is Oneness. It is the Void. Paradoxical to what I just said, there is no ‘container’ for love. There is no form or separation of it into this or that. Love is not separate from truth or beauty or God. Love is not separate. And yet we treat it as though it can be differentiated. We must, if we are to use our minds in this world—in speaking and writing and imagining.

“Souls love the Earth because they know their place—in both realms. They also know us, the projection, as we are. They embrace the two—from the One. This is true love—embracing duality from Oneness! We, on Earth, are forms incarnate. We have broken off into the Illusion in order to be projected here, to perform roles and functions in the great game of evolution. We cannot do this without a base from which to live and move and have our being. That base is love. It is soul. In its bridging and form taking, soul comes to know duality. It takes on a dual nature, which bestows its twin quality, wisdom.”

Excerpt from Letters from 500- Amen copyright ⓒ 2012 Robert Lee Potter

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