“Nous Sommes Charlie”

It is with great sadness that we face another round of cruel and inhuman treatment by fellow human beings toward others. Nowhere in the mythology of divine gods and goddesses do we see killing for the sake of the Divine Nature.

It is placed within all scripture as a means for men to glorify their lust for taking of life. No God, in the true sense of the word, would destroy that which is made up of It. That which is a part of It and that where only It exists.

We are fools to think that we are separate and apart from the Divine Being. Each and every one of us is that Being, as each and every atom inside us, makes us whole and is truly who we are. And we are the atoms of Divine Being, experiencing that which is life, defined by that Divine Self.

The ego, in its Divine Form, is a splendid exaltation of Self. In its lower self, its human self, it is an experiment with dire consequences. Our evolution beyond the lower nature of things is a slow process. We are close to the breakthrough, but the last legs of ignorance still linger within us and we are in great need of transforming  it once and for all.

This last leg does take great courage. It means that we must release ourselves from the clutches of greed and selfishness, hunger for power and recognition.

This is the greatest challenge humankind faces at this moment. Once we breakthrough to the side of unconditional Love, the Wave that regenerates the Absolute Beauty of Life, we will be saved. Until then “Nous Sommes Charlie.”

With that said, I am reposting the Epilogue from Letters from 500 here. It certainly is food for thought.

Why Souls Come to Earth

“O, I’ve recently been reading about a theory that the Earth is like a training ground for souls. I have a question for you.”


“Hey, you’re picking up the lingo, aren’t you. According to this theory, we proceed through many incarnations, from the beginning as young souls, to an end-point as old ones.”

Indeed it is so.

“They say we have a hundred or so lifetimes on this planet, in which we gradually gather a full range of practical life experiences. Finally, we graduate out of the system and move on to something else. Well, when I thought about what I was reading, I began to have some questions about the future you’ve been describing.”

This is more than a theory to me. I am living it. I know the reasons we’re here.

“So, what are those reasons?”

The simplest reason for coming to Earth is to have practical, physical experience that is not possible in the soul realm. When souls make the decision to come here, they buy into a broad commitment to become wiser and fuller beings in the cosmic arena. The purpose is growth, engagement and adventure. For any given soul, however, it is really only one event. All the many lives are mere aspects of that one, overarching event. It’s not like the soul has to keep renewing its vows with each life. Every incarnation is seen as simultaneous by the soul.

One feature of this soul ‘training ground’, as you have called it, that is quite pertinent to human awareness, is the Veil of Forgetfulness. It only exists for humans. Souls, crossing into the Earth plane to be humans, agree to forget their origin and their true nature, their past lives and the greater system they are part of. The Veil results in feelings of isolation, separation and abandonment; that in turn generates the fear that lives in your genes. Of course, this is how the ego comes about.

This system produces a feeling of being totally on your own—survival of the fittest. The ego develops to protect humans from harm and from the system of fear; it also provides a precision tool for honing individuality and aspiration. Unfortunately, it also generates even more fear and pain, because what we concentrate on, we create; and we attract that into our experience. The ego concentrates on the need for defense. It, therefore, creates experiences where you must be defensive.

Earth, by the way, has also been called the ‘planet of pain and suffering’. At the very least, it has always been challenging. Through it all, the Earth system forced humanity to learn independence, self-reliance and responsibility. It taught human souls to be creative. They were thrown back on their own resources. They had to be inventive and rise to whatever occasion developed—or not; and if they failed to rise, the learning was all the more profound.

“So, you’re saying all the suffering and pain are a good thing?”

Yes, in the long run, from the soul-development perspective. I told you earlier that pain is a great teacher. Huge strides were made under this system. The lessons were often very hard and cruel, but they pushed humans through rapid development of consciousness.

“If this system of incarnation worked for millennia, why change it now, with a new species?”

First and foremost, individuated consciousness needed to survive. Humanity was heading down the road to self-annihilation, with its rampant ego. Bear in mind, that life on Earth evolves according to its own designs, with or without incarnating human souls. Ego was an Earth-bound development that pushed souls into ever-increasing stress. Eventually it became a pressure cooker, as the complexity, separativeness and mind-dominance reached aggravated states. Life on Earth, for humans, had gotten to this stage in your late 20th Century. These conditions drove the genetic mutation and the new species, as you now know. For your information, the same evolutionary pattern has been played out in other regions of the Cosmos many times before. It will, no doubt, continue to be a useful model for Conscious Evolution.

“What effect did the mutation have on the old system of incarnation that was in place? It seems to me that that scheme relied heavily on forgetfulness.”

Precisely, when the Veil of Illusion or Forgetfulness was at last removed—and in essence, that’s all awakening really is—the pressure was off. We could all see what was really going on.

“While that sounds like a wonderful thing, according to what you’ve just said, wouldn’t removing the pressure lead to a kind of complacency without the challenges, without the ego? Wouldn’t people lose their creative drive?”

There are other ways to stimulate growth and resourcefulness. True, vigilans do not have the urgency to evolve that you did. Thankfully, we are free from the fears and sense of separation humans had to live with. What has taken the place of separation, is appreciation, and the sense of wholeness. With this attribute we avoid complacency; the passion that arises from true, deep appreciation more than makes up for the loss of the Veil in our world. Of course, such an approach works more effectively in a more mature system, like the new Earth. And as for resourcefulness, we have something that works even better; call it Sourcefulness.

“So, for you, after the awakening, there is no barrier to knowing Source and soul?”

Correct. This is what our appreciative faculty is all about. But we are still incarnate life forms. There is a great difference between the soul plane and the physical plane. All beings are fully equal on the soul plane, because they are facets of the One Being. This is the truth behind your notion that ‘all men are created equal.’ On Earth, there are many inequalities, inherent in the nature of manifested forms. Vigilans operate much as humans did in this regard. We interact fully with the physical world, with nature and with one another. We are not equal while in earthly forms, but we know our deeper equality, thanks to soul awareness.

We do not and cannot behave here as souls do in their own realm, however. We have not yet fully evolved such power of consciousness. One way of saying this is that our incarnate awareness is not active on the soul plane. We are still on Earth to gain practical experience and mastery, just as you were. So, we have a clear distinction between the planes. Because of the distinction, the creative urge and desire to evolve is still with us.

“Oh my! I just had a thought. What you’re saying is that the ultimate goal of souls on Earth is not awakening or enlightenment. I guess I’ve always assumed that it was.”

You’re correct. Awakening is not some kind of divine end-point, as humans might think. There is, in actuality, no end to soul growth. The goal is an ever-evolving maturity into wisdom and functionality in the Cosmic playground. As you grow, you will discover that the universe is a much more playful arrangement than humans were able to see on Earth.

“You’re saying that this world is created by us so that souls will gain experience. Well, for years now, I’ve been trying to do just the reverse. I’ve been trying to experience my soul! Is this counter to the flow of evolution? Am I working in the wrong direction, given my soul’s own mission?”

Not at all. Your question is one of the core paradoxes. Desire to experience your soul, is actually recognition of a deeper process—that your soul desires to experience you. As you ponder and practice this, you are bridging to the union with your destiny.

It is true that the Earth is a field for souls to gather life experience. But as I said, the Earth also has a life and destiny of its own. The experience you are awakening to, in your desire, is the alignment with the whole of Conscious Evolution, both as a soul and as an earthly persona.

“Before we leave this topic, how did the Veil of Forgetfulness really work? There have always been a few humans who could remember their past lives, commune with angels and spirits, travel into heavenly soul planes, and so on. They seemed to really know what was going on. Why were they able to do this when most others could not?”

Yes, there were always some who could see through. Any human could, at times. However, the Veil affected everyone to some extent, even great avatars and prophets. They too sometimes felt abandoned by the Cosmos. Look at Jesus with his plea during the crucifixion, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” But the Veil was in constant flux. It was denser in some places and times than others. It was initially designed to be rather porous and transparent. But it became more hardened and brittle as ego and mental dominance took over. For instinctual animals and plants, no Veil ever existed.

Many shamans, saints and seers were able to reach across while still in their human bodies. Any human could be trained to intentionally see through the Veil; you yourself have done it numerous times. Yet, what you bring back is always subject to interpretation through mental and emotional faculties. The returning and closing of the Veil always reintroduced questions and distortions to the evidence from the other side.

Every living being crosses the Veil, back and forth, every night during sleep, when the individuated awareness returns to its original realm for refreshment. This is, in fact, the primary reason for sleep. When a human returns from sleep, the forgetfulness sets in again; this is why you forget even normal dreams so quickly. On the quantum level, the Veil is crossed in rapid oscillations continuously, billions of times per second. Consciousness flickers back and forth as part of its manifesting process, like an alternating electric current. This flickering results in oscillation of human appreciative powers. Without the Veil, vigilans do not have to contend with the continuous re-introduction of distortion in our sense of appreciation.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never heard that sleep was about crossing the Veil.”

Sleep is very much like that, like death itself, except that from sleep you reincarnate into the same body again when you wake up. For vigilans it is not a veil, of course. It is simply a field of emptiness between the soul realm and Earth incarnation.

“That’s a cool way to look at it. But it seems sad that humans have to keep forgetting every time we wake up, or are born again. Umm, I didn’t mean that in a religious sense.”

It is not sad at all, except from the perspective of a member of your species, cut off from your own truth. But this was the choice made by all souls before they entered the Earth system. It was by design. The collective oneness of souls decided that maintaining the illusion and separation from Source would be the best way for them to fully realize themselves, and to develop rapidly on the physical plane. And remember, the soul sees all the lifetimes at once, in the Now. For it, there is no frustration.

“That seems easy for the soul to decide. But in an individual human life, the suffering can be enormous. All we’ve got is a vague promise of soul growth on some invisible plane of existence. I still say it’s sad from our point of view.”

All right, I agree. But that sadness and suffering always triggered major awakenings. After each lifetime, replete with its sorrow and drama, humans would return to the soul realm for periods of rest, rehabilitation and the realization of whatever experience had been gained on Earth. As a soul, memories and awareness would return; with the help of elder souls, namely angelans, you would evaluate the recent life you lived. After sufficient processing, your soul would place you back into the physical world for another round of training. The nighttime visits are briefer versions of the same thing. Many of your dreams reveal this nature.

After the transition, not all souls chose to stay in our awakened, Veil-less system. A sizable proportion left the Earth chain to continue with the old, familiar approach. They preferred a training-ground that would speed their progress, namely by maintaining the Veil. Younger souls tend to see an advantage in this path; they will continue their physical experiences until, at a later time, they are offered awakening on the physical plane again, at a higher turn of the spiral.

“Where did they go?”

They moved into other systems. It is not hard to find such systems in the Cosmos. The souls who moved have resumed their progress under those similar old-Earth conditions. Their new locations retain the illusion of separation and the need for egos.

Since you brought up the idea of being ‘born’ again’, let me say, this Christian term has a particular significance for the evolution of consciousness. It connotes the beginning stage of transferring awareness out of the mind and into the presence. This concept is an early stimulus to the deeper awakening that was to follow.

“You wrote in one of the letters that all souls awakened after the transition. How could awakened souls choose to remain in a system that maintained the Veil?”

All souls start out ‘awakened’ before they begin a program of incarnation. Awakening is simply the removal of barriers to true soul awareness. The souls that broke off after the transition, chose not to accept their awakening on the physical plane at that time. In doing so, they were using a kind of slingshot effect: they held back awakening in order to propel themselves farther faster, eventually.

In the case of Earth, a climax was reached. The population numbers in your time forced the hand of destiny on this planet. The hardening complexity of mind, ego and the escalating sense of separation from deeper meaning reached a crescendo. It was the point of no return, the so-called tipping point. The Earth scheme was no longer fit to survive without awakening the human species!

“OK. I can see the need for an Earth change. But what happens to the soul ‘training ground’ here? How do souls learn and grow without being immersed in the illusion of separation?”

There are many models for learning. Some are faster than others. The immersion-in-separation model is a very intense and rapid one. However, immersion-in-appreciation is another model, more appropriate to Earth at this time—my time; and it is much closer to soul reality. It is a matter of maturity.

“What do mean by ‘maturity’?”

Earth souls in human form had gathered enough experience collectively to manifest a more open system. Maturity, in this case, can be defined as the level of dynamic soul presence the personal vehicle can sustain, whether it be an individual or a whole species.

As the soul population gathered experience over the millennia, hints were repeatedly given to humanity regarding the Veil that suggested an underlying oneness. However, these were always just brief glimpses of reality, not a removal of the Veil. Truth was never revealed in a totally convincing, provable way, because the Veil itself remained in place. Its presence would always re-establish doubt in human minds, nearly as soon as the revelations were given. That was always enough to reinforce the genetic human fear and to re-activate ego defenses, no matter what level of maturity a given soul had achieved.

There was a constant flux, within the duality system, between doubt and belief, illusion and reality, paradox and principle. As a result, humans formed religions and philosophies to try and understand the deeper essence of existence. This was an institutional means for peering beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness. These letters are the same kind of thing. We are peering once more through the Veil. As your species struggled with the paradoxes, you demanded ever-clearer revelations. The force of this demand from incarnate humans, over millions of combined lifetimes, was one of the factors that brought you to the threshold of awakening.

Without a quantum shift in the paradigm, however, the wholesale awakening would never have come. Religions, philosophies and dogmas always missed the mark because they could only ‘look through a glass darkly’. They had to contend with the ongoing ego and separative forces, ingrained everywhere. This reinforced the thickness of that glass, especially in dogmatic institutional structures.

At last, Cosmic forces came into play. The galactic waves, from the center of the Milky Way, Hunab Ku, arrived simultaneously with the inner demands and challenges of humanity. This was no accident, to be sure. The whole process of growth had been instigated in a previous galactic wave, some 26,000 years before. With all the furor, the consciousness of evolution could no longer slumber. It erupted into awakening. A new Earth was born. With it, of course, came the new species.

“So, how does the new Earth work? Let me ask again. What kind of training ground is it now? What pushes forward your growth if you no longer have to struggle?”

Look at it from the soul’s perspective. For long ages, the means to gain practical wisdom, was to take on a separated physical, emotional and mental body. You, as a soul, were willing to do this, and to undergo great hardships and persecutions, lessons of life and death. At the soul level, you knew it would all work out in the end. All the pain and suffering, as well as happiness and satisfaction over many, many lives, would eventually produce enough experience to gratify the divine desire for appreciation.

As you, the soul, grew and matured, the weight of physical and emotional fatigue, plus upwelling spiritual lucidity to be sure, began to tilt the balance. The entrenched ego and mind now became more of a barrier to growth than a stimulus. The more experienced, older souls on the planet reached a critical mass, and the whole body of souls turned on its axis, swinging around collectively toward the paradigm shift.

“So how do souls get the experience they need without the old system of separation and forgetfulness?”

It takes longer; this is true. It is a gentler ascent now. Some souls, at all ages, prefer gentler learning experiences. These were the souls who remained together in the new paradigm. The learning curve we have now is more appropriate for those who remained. In spite of the qualitative changes, our new system still has similarities to the old. The range of engagement is still about the same, from novice to graduate. We live longer and pack more experience into each lifetime on the physical plane.

The major difference now is that the illusion associated with duality has been dissolved. Yes, we still live in a duality-form world. But we are clear it is not our ultimate reality. Separative awareness is no longer part of the scheme. Ego, pain and suffering—as teachers—are largely gone. Awareness of Source, soul and incarnate forms is a given. Importantly, the genetic structure no longer supports fear and ego. This amounts to a new system, a new species, a new planet, founded on a deep sense of authenticity and allowing. In a word: freedom.

Experience, among all souls, within any incarnational system, comes from practical application of theories, desires and visions. This can be achieved in closed systems or open ones, illusion-bound or awakened ones. An advantage of the new, open system is the depth to which any experience can be felt and realized.

“So what happens to souls who graduate from the training ground? Is it the same in both open and closed systems?”

It is precisely the same result—return to the soul realm with a fully realized presence and a full stockpile of practical experience in manifesting love and wisdom. Both these principles have an identical energy signature, incidentally. This signature can be applied in all other dimensions and schemes of existence in the Cosmos.

The future vigilans we encountered in AI 1000, illustrate what generally begins to happen in a society of much older souls, in an open scheme. As we witnessed, they have all but abandoned the physical plane to live without so much corporeal interference. Bodies serve only to ground them in incarnation and experience. Most of their lives are spent in meditation and inner exploration. Still, they maintain a very harmonious relationship with nature.

What we learned of homo angelicus tells me now that they are, as a species, archetypal graduates of the Earth system. They have evolved, out of humans and vigilans, to the state where no further physical incarnation is necessary for their growth. They are focused entirely on lives of service and helping others move through the incarnational system. They help us, vigilans and humans, in the form of angels, spirit guides and muses, while we are gathering practical experience in the denser planes. If we are open to their guidance, we can ascend more rapidly, with peace and steadiness.

The whole of existence is embodied in our individual experience—of being born, living, dying, being born again, dying again, and finally moving on into greater awareness. This happens in one person’s lifetime, in the larger collective sequence of growth in a species, and in all the vast, vast Life of the Cosmos. The pattern is replicated even in a single day of ordinary, incarnate life. In all things great and small, in all that transcends form and manifestation, the patterns and cycles are integrated and harmonious. We are sharing one grand consciousness, one Life system, and one immaculate appreciation of it all. We are, indeed, truly one.

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